10 Tips to Successfully Run an eCommerce Site

Run an eCommerce Site

Ever since shifting to online mode, small, medium, and large businesses have been brought into a leveled playground.

So, now, an escape room in Bangalore has the scope to reach the exact size of a global audience as a globally known brand such as Disney.

And with this rapid digitization of every industry in the world, e-commerce websites have taken center stage in the global economy.  

While e-commerce sites have made operations easier for many business owners, running the site itself is not so much of an easy task. 

Tips and Strategies to Run Your e-Commerce Site 

Amidst all the competition out in the market, here are a few tips to keep your e-commerce site ahead of the game:  

1. Know Your Target Audience Well 

Defining and knowing your target audience well enough is the key to running an e-commerce site successfully. You can do this easily by creating buyer personas. Buyer personas act as fictional representations of your truest potential customer. By doing this, you will be able to target your efforts to the required objective.  

Working on buyer personas can help your company in focusing its marketing strategies towards the right target. It also can help you to define your tone and voice as you further work on your e-commerce site.  

2. Creation of Proper Product Descriptions 

Working on producing effective and factual product descriptions is very necessary to establish reliability. Your customers need to know what they are paying for!   

Keep in mind that these product descriptions must properly highlight the benefits and features of your product neatly and clearly. It should be such that any customer who reads it can understand everything easily.   

3. Offer Exclusively Fast and Free Shipping Opportunities 

When a customer is browsing through products on an e-commerce site, they are automatically compromising the opportunity to directly see or feel the product first-hand. If you can compensate for this inevitable disadvantage of online shopping with some kind of a perk, it will put you ahead in the personal preference of your customer base. 

Providing your customers with fast delivery of their paid products can be a great way to go about it. Any customer will always be pleased (and also a little relieved!) when they receive their products ahead of the estimated delivery date. Further, if your viewers find that you are offering free shipping services to all, irrespective of the bill amount, they are most likely to buy from your site!   

4. Use a Simplified and User-Friendly Interface 

The most sought-after advantage of online shopping is the convenience it offers to customers. People these days have very little time to spare. So, the simpler your processes are, the more like it is for customers to engage with it.  

The best possible way to assess the ease of accessibility of your website is to go through it entirely as a customer. Customers may like your products but might not buy those from you if your checkout process is far too complicated. Saving billing addresses and payment options can be a way to make the checkout process easier for them.  

It is also equally important to ensure that the return and refund process is also simplified as much as possible.  

5. Spread Some Joy to Your Customers!  

Keeping your customers in a jolly mood is the crux to growing your e-commerce site. Come up with ideas to make your customers happy so that they again come back to you. This can include offering free shipping or a 20% discount on all first orders, providing personalized packaging, depositing redeemable reward points after every purchase, and so on.  

6. Indulging in Upselling and Cross-Selling Opportunities 

Upselling refers to the idea of providing your customers with the details of a premium version of the same product that they are opting for. To do this, you need to provide customers with the details of the premium version alongside the added benefits that it entails to persuade them to opt for it. 

Cross-selling, on the other hand, refers to a different sales technique, which is used by several known e-commerce sites today. Customers are provided with the details of another product that might be related to the one that they are currently buying.

The commonly found “Customers who bought this item also bought this” or “Frequently bought together” and others are examples to employ the cross-selling technique. Using such techniques can help immensely in boosting up your sales and growing your e-commerce site.   

7. Keep Mobile-Shopping Options  

You are likely to get more customers who would scroll through the site on their mobile phones rather than on a PC. So, while you continue to grow your e-commerce site, keep in mind that people using their mobile phones should also get an uninterrupted experience.  

This can be done by introducing mobile apps to make the entire process easier for those who access your site via mobile phones. Optimizing your e-commerce site for people using their mobile phones is thus quite essential.   

8. Provide Good Customer Care Services 

Establishing good and healthy relationships with your customers is important for the growth of your company. As you run your e-commerce site, it is thus crucial that you also look into providing good customer care services.  

Without the presence of a responsive and high-quality customer care service at your disposal, it is quite difficult for your site to grow. Providing unsatisfactory customer care services to your customers will make them turn to other websites soon.

Thus, if you wish to build good relations with your customers, which is essential to growing your business, providing proper customer care services is quite mandatory.   

9. Work on and with Your Brand Ambassadors 

No matter how much you hype up your product by exclusive advertising techniques, using a satisfied customer as a testimonial to your product is much more effective. You will also notice how your customers seem more valuable to you if you make them your brand ambassadors!  

Through your brand ambassadors, you can easily share product reviews, both written and as small video clips, to attract the attention of more viewers.   

10. Collect Information About Your Customers 

Collecting information about your customers and maintaining a proper database can go a long way. This can help you to easily cross-promote and sell other products or maybe to upsell your products to these customers!  

Further, you can send email or text notifications to customers when their repeat purchases are upon sale or are again in stock. These techniques act as a win-win for both you as the seller and the customer.  


Keeping these essential tips and strategies in mind, you are now ready to make your e-commerce site soar high in the sky of success! The competition is tough, so make sure to curate a foolproof strategy and execute them consistently.

Good luck!

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