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We are always excited to welcome a new author/writer/content creator in our community. If you have some burning ideas that you think can be beneficial for the finance & investment community and make value addition to it, we would love to hear from you.

If you want to write on any kind of the topics related to money & finance, just send us a complete draft we will present it to the readers through richbrite.com.

It’s our honest advice, if you are writing or going to write for us (richbrite.com), we want to make sure your article is the best piece of information that can add value.

If the article or piece of information you want to submit to publish, check it multiple times to make sure it’s the best content and really stand out the crowd.

Researching and writing a great piece of information is rewarding. Many of the people read your work/creation and you will learn something in the process. Even you might feel you know very well about a certain topic, you will learn something new while creating content after research.

What we’re looking for (Write for Us)

Sometimes you may submit a raw draft, a short draft or not relevant pitch (single paragraph, or a few lines argument) with unnecessary things. Kindly understand that the more valuable your submission is, the better we can understand and give feedback to you.

One thing to make sure, we only accept the fresh and unique (original) content. We do not accept the article/content that is already published elsewhere including your own blog/website.

Please don’t send us press releases or sales pitches. They make us feel really sad inside.

If you are starting to write an article or content, we suggest you check our recent article for a better understating of the way of our writing. Also make sure your submission:-

  • Has detailed information instead of just a few tips & tricks
  • Should be interesting and human-centric
  • It must be aiming for information like finance, money, and business, etc.
  • There should be facts and reference for the information rather than just opinions, check facts twice before submitting
  • You should follow our writing style

Important Topics Notes for “Write for Us”

We are looking for the below type of informational content.

  • Asset types
  • Banking Information
  • Business
  • Cash flow
  • Credit cards
  • Finance
  • Finance terms
  • Financial Analysis
  • Financial institutions
  • Financial markets
  • Financial modeling
  • Financial Products Reviews
  • Financial risk
  • Financial software tools
  • Foreign direct investment
  • Frugal Living
  • Fundamental financial concepts
  • Gap financing
  • Investments
  • Life Insurance, Health Insurance, Auto Insurance
  • Liquidity
  • Market Trends
  • Money creation
  • Money Management
  • Money savings
  • Money-Saving Tips
  • Mutual Funds
  • Pension Plan, Retirement Plans
  • Personal finance
  • Raising capital
  • Return on Investment
  • SIP
  • Stocks
  • Tax Planning, Income Tax
  • Trading

What we publish (Guidelines for Content)

We publish articles or guides around 1000-2500+ words, basically depending on the nature of the subject. Articles or guides around 1500 words is considered as average content.

The writing style may be causal to advance but the content must add value, it should be well written, edited, and structures with the graphics. Graphics are great to make the concept easier to understand.

After all the articles/guides should be written on the trending and best-suited information within the finance and money domain.

As a content creator, your content must be well written, fresh, unique, and high quality. Write creative and information-rich content.

We accept only content related to our website/blog theme. Kindly do not submit the same pitch multiple times.

You should use graphics to make content more usable and easy to understand the concept.

Check your topic already published on our website/blog before sending it to us for publishing.

If you are working individually or work for a digital farm and sending the articles for the marketing purpose or sole purpose to link your pages to boost SEO, we are really not interested in it.

You can link your blog/website or social links in the author bio section. We suggest not increase author bio more than just 2-3 sentences, not more than that.

We have all the rights reserved to edit the content to meet our publishing guidelines. If the article meets our guidelines and gets published, you cannot use it to publish elsewhere.

Each and every piece of content published on richbrite.com may be shared on our social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.

How to submit (and what happens next)

You can send us an email at therichbrite@gmail.com or use the contact form. You should submit your articles as word documents, Google documents, plain text files, and HTML documents accordingly.

Once you submit your article to us, please have patience, we will review it and get back to you as soon as possible.

If there are changes required, we will let you know feedback and you need to work on the feedback so that it is easy for us to publish it.

We cannot promise a specific date or time for the content publication. Getting published articles must be as per our content guidelines.

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