Business Ideas – Best Small Business and New Business Ideas (In 2023)

If you are someone who believes that business ideas can only work if it is supported by big finance or investment.

Business Ideas

Nevertheless, we will discuss here many of the businesses that can be started with a small amount of investment or initial funds.

Are you searching for business ideas in India that can be started with a small investment or zero investment?

Keep reading to unfold the truth

Starting and growing a business provides you with the freedom to be your own boss and enjoy learning from the process. There are many types of small business ideas uncovered and success depends on many factors such as market, demand, demography, etc.

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Future Business Predictions

  • Due to COVID-19 and social distancing measures, working with physical presences like business cards & brochures, etc. will decrease.
  • All the existing and new businesses will surely adopt the digital marketing approach over traditional marketing.
  • It will be easy to create a customer list with relevant information
  • This will be a great advantage to add value in the customer’s life through the business & services
  • The remote working environment will be supported by most of the business
  • Small businesses will be getting more exposure over time

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Top Small Business Ideas in India

App Development

App Development Business Ideas
  • Investment:  INR 0 if working alone
  • Earning Potential: INR 25K to 3 Lakh per month
  • Business Requirement: Understanding and knowledge of programming languages used to develop mobile applications. Able to learn new techniques to keep up with the latest app development trends.

You can start mobile app development small business alone or with your colleague, there is a huge potential for growth. In the current time, mobile devices are more accessible, and with each and every business becoming mobile-friendly, there is a high demand for experienced app developers or professionals.

If you are willing to learn new things, you can start this business even if you are not tech-savvy. You can work as a freelancer mobile app developer and give your services to any organization in need.


Blogging Small Business Ideas
  • Investment: INR 0 If working alone
  • Earning Potential: INR 20K per month (Initially)
  • Business Requirement: Excellent knowledge of any field, you can share your knowledge with people through blogging.

It can be a great small business (business online) if done with passion and good sense. There are small businesses that need a blog post on the specific category of products, and services. You can sell your blogging skills to a business in need.

There is a huge potential for making money through the blogging business (business online). This is the best way to start an online small business (business online).

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Coaching Classes

Coaching Classes Small Business
  • Investment:  INR 10K & above (to rent the space)
  • Earning Potential: INR 20k to a few lakhs
  • Business Requirement: Should have good knowledge of academic subjects and be able to speak fluently in the language you wish to teach.

Demand for great teachers in the need of time. If you think you are the one who can teach something to others this can be a good option to start a small business.

The education system is modern the traditional way to teach are not feasible, so the Morden way of teaching is necessary.

Moreover, education is adopting the digital medium post-COVID-19 pandemic and there will be a demand for tech-savvy teachers. If you are ready to adopt the technology then go ahead and start your independent small business as coaching classes.


Consultant Small Business Ideas
  • Investment:  INR 0 If working alone (Renting an office and working with a team, you have to take care of the expenses)
  • Earning Potential: INR 50K per month (Approximately)
  • Business Requirement: Excellent knowledge of any field that people need advice on. You can sell your knowledge for the exchange of money.

Suppose you have a good understating of how to invest or how to do something you can advise people the same and charge a fixed amount for the same.

If you are good at managing business expenses, you can help small business owners to adjust their finance for good and help them to achieve their business goals, you can charge a fixed amount for the services.

Content Writing

Content Writing as Small Business
  • Investment: No investment if started as a freelancer, but if you have a team you are responsible for the expenses.
  • Earning Potential: INR 10K to 60K or more per month
  • Business Requirement: Good understanding of the language you are about to write in and strong written knowledge

Content writing is one of the best small business ideas that can be started from scratch and have huge earning potential.

The demand for fresh and information-rich content increasing, so it can be a good idea to start as a content writer.

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing as small business
  • Investment: INR 0 If working alone (Working with a team you need to take care of expenses)
  • Earning Potential: INR 8 Lakh per annum
  • Business Requirement: Passion for digital marketing and the internet. Able to learn new things by experimenting and can promote websites and apps through available online mediums (business online).

It is said that digital is the future. Traditional marketing like radio and TV advertising does not have as much capacity as it used to, now digital marketing is more feasible because businesses and organizations have more control over the data.

With the availability of data, businesses are able to correct decisions at the right time and can target the audience that they want. This may be certain age groups, specific locations in the whole country, or a city for the business.

The main services of digital marketing include promoting a website, and social media handles, creating great content for users, and many more.

eCommerce Reselling

eCommerce Reselling Small Business
  • Investment:  INR 1K Onwards
  • Earning Potential: INR 25K per month (initially)
  • Business Requirement: Great understanding of the process of how buying and selling work in digital spaces. Able to manage to buy products in bulk and sell to end-user.

eCommerce is one of the great ways to start small businesses with the initial investment. The eCommerce is growing rapidly more and more people prefer to buy things online instead of offline.

The COVID-19 pandemic has given the rise to eCommerce because of social distancing and other safety measures people are afraid to step out of. So they are buying products and services through eCommerce or digital mediums.

You can have a great margin if working in the right direction with passion. There is huge potential in this business.

Graphic Designing

Graphic Designing Small Business
  • Investment:  INR 0 if working alone (Working with a team can occur cost, you need to take of that)
  • Earning Potential: INR 20K per month at the beginning
  • Business Requirement: Good understating of the latest graphics design trends and requirements. Creativity is the key to success in the graphic design field.

It can be a beneficial business, if you have learned graphics design and have a great understating of designing, you can start your small business.

Businesses and big organizations even small businesses required professional graphics designers to design mailers, images, website icons, and many more.

In the time of digitization graphics, designers/professionals have a good chance to make more out of their skills than ever before.

Professional Photography

Professional Photography Small Business Ideas
  • Investment:  INR 0 if working alone (except the cost of equipment)
  • Earning Potential: INR 390 per hour
  • Business Requirement: Good sense of photography and love to spend time taking photos and editing. Passion for photography can make you successful in this business.

There is a high demand for good and professional photographers in India. People like to hire professional photographers for the party, picnics, marriages, and other occasions.

You can work alone or work with your team, even you can start a website to sell your work and make a good income.

Businesses and big organizations are always in search of a good photographer for their social media handles and other functions within the organization.

Translation Services

Translation Services & Small Business
  • Investment: INR 0 If working alone
  • Earning Potential: INR 3-4 Lakh per annum
  • Business Requirement: Excellent knowledge of languages you are speaking and required translated language. Passion for learning a new language and a happy attitude.

There are so many types of use for translation services like video translation, business translation needs, etc. You might hear of subtitle that is also a work of translation services.

Now businesses work across the border, so there is a huge demand for a translator who can explain the local language in the language business wants.

Even big organizations need these translators to make their products and services accessible in the local language.

Profitable Manufacturing Business Ideas with Low Investment

Starting a manufacturing business needs strong determination and confidence. Also, you must be very confident and clear about your business ideas in India before starting your journey in the business world.

To make things easier, we have listed some of the best manufacturing business ideas in India that can be started with little investment.

Buttons – Requirement of Garments

Buttons - Requirement of Garments
  • Investment: Approximately INR 30K to 40K
  • Business Requirement: You can start from home (business from home) or rent a small space as per your business requirement with essentials

It is one of the widely used items in the garment industry and has huge market potential. There are different types of buttons available in the market like plastic buttons, fabric buttons, steel buttons, etc.

Coconut Hair Oil

Coconut Hair Oil
  • Investment: Approximately INR  1 Lakh and above
  • Business Requirement: Need raw materials and separate spaces with the necessary equipment.

As awareness increases about health & beauty, people believe in natural products like coconut hair oil. There are people around us, who do pay a premium for high-quality natural products.

Starting a coconut hair oil business can be a good option for you. It is a highly profitable business.

Cotton Buds

Cotton Buds Small Business
  • Investment: Approximately INR 20K to 40K
  • Business Requirement: Need raw materials and automatic cotton buds-making machines and other essentials.

Increasing awareness about the hygiene and rising population created a huge demand for cotton buds. This type of small business has huge potential for growth.

This can be the easiest and simple small business that can be started with a small investment.

Designer Lace – The Fashion

Designer Lace - The Fashion
  • Investment: Approximately INR 25K to 50K
  • Business Requirement: Need bobby machines, or fully computerized machines as per your business need.

Designer Lace is widely used in craftwork and garments. It is also, a traditional business that has huge potential.

In the current time fashion become a trendy thing, so starting a designer lace business with a small investment can make big difference. There is a huge demand for laces from other countries.

Disposable Plates & Cups

Disposable Plates & Cups
  • Investment: Approximately INR 50K and above
  • Business Requirement: Essential raw materials and disposable plate-making machines with other required items.

Disposable Plates & Cups are widely used in India during any festival, function, picnic, etc. There are street vendors that use disposable plates & cups on a large scale.

You can start disposable plates & cups-making business because there is always a high demand for this in India.

Envelopes and Files

Envelopes and Files
  • Investment: Approximately INR 1.5 Lakh to 11 Lakh
  • Business Requirement: Raw materials such as paper, gum, glue, etc. & Envelope-making machines with other necessary equipment.

In the current time, communication is increasingly adopting digital mediums but even though demand for envelopes and files increasing in schools, colleges, and corporates, etc.

Various types of paper can be used as the raw material for making envelopes and files. You can start this as a small business. It is a good option to start a small business.

Handmade Candles

Handmade Candles
  • Investment: Approximately INR 20K to 30K
  • Business Requirement: Raw materials to make candles such as wax, modules, wick, thread oil, and other essentials. Some candle-making equipment like the thermometer, pour & melting pot, weighing scale, etc.

Handmade Candles are always in demand, this is the one reason you can start this business, and with some value. The demand for candles is higher during the festival seasons.

Meanwhile, there is a demand for candles from restaurants, hotels, and households to make environment more pleasant. Demand for candle form the religious purpose, so this can be a profitable business if worked in the right direction.

Handmade Chocolates – Sweet

Handmade Chocolates - Sweet
  • Investment: Approximately INR 40K to 50K
  • Business Requirement: Need raw material and essential items.

India is one of the top countries in chocolate consumption. It is said that the chocolates are mood fillet and stress buster.

If you want to start something interesting, handmade chocolates can be the best option to start as a small business in India.

Ice Cream Cones – The Food Item

Ice Cream Cones - The Food Item
  • Investment: Approximately INR 1 lakh to 1.5 lakh
  • Business Requirement: Need separate space with essential machinery and raw materials.

Almost every people love ice cream, it is one of the widely used deserts in the country. Increasing demand for ice cream has increased the demand for ice cream cones.

If you are starting out this (ice cream cones) business can be profitable if done with care and determination.

Incense Sticks (Agarbatti)

Incense Sticks (Agarbatti)
  • Investment: Approximately INR 50K and above
  • Business Requirement: Need bamboo sticks with essential oils and fragrances like sandalwood, jasmine, rose, Champa, etc. These all the required raw materials easily available the market.

Incense Sticks made in India is in demand in the country and abroad. It is also, growing market. Incense sticks widely used in India for different purposes.

You can start your incense sticks as a small business in the country and it has huge potential to grow over time.

Jute Bags – Golden Fibre

Jute Bags - Golden Fibre
  • Investment: Approximately INR 50K to 1 Lakh
  • Business Requirement: Need separate small spaces to establish this business.

Jute Bags is widely used reusable ‘golden fibre’ in India. The demand for Jute Bags is increasing day by day in the country. In the current time, plastic is being banned to use commonly the Jute Bags business can be a good option to start with.

There are different kinds of jute bags available in the market, the making processes is simple comparatively.

Noodles – The Fast Food

Noodles - The Fast Food
  • Investment: Approximately INR 40K to 1.5 Lakh
  • Business Requirement: Raw material like wheat flour, salt, sugar, starch, spices, vegetable oils, etc. noodle-making machines (semi-automatic & fully automatic) as per your need. You can start from home (business from home).

Noodles – fast food is most famous across the country (rural and urban markets). It is a simple process to make Noodles.

You can start this business and make a profit from it. There is a huge demand for Noodles in the country.

Organic Soap – Herb Soap

Organic Soap - Herb Soap
  • Investment: Approximately INR 1.5 Lakh to 2 lakh
  • Business Requirement: Need raw materials such as glycerine, herbs, essential oils, molds, microwaves, etc. Also, required small space and knowledge of the soap-making process.

People are getting more awareness about hygiene and healthy lifestyle, demand for Organic Soap is increasing. There is huge potential in this business because billions of people use organic soap on a daily basis.

You can start this small herb (Organic) soap business and growth potential is very high if you work with passion.

Papad – Thin & Crispy Food Item

Papad - Thin & Crispy Food Item
  • Investment: Approximately INR 30K to 40K
  • Business Requirement: Need basic raw material like wheat flour, spices, and oil, etc. You can start from home (business from home).

Papad is a widely used food item in India. It is thin and crispy that is fried or roasted food consumed across the country. Demand for Papad is always high, any parties, hotels, restaurants, etc use this (Papad) as crispy food items.

You can easily start this business in India. There is a variety of papad available across the market.

Paper Bags – Requirement of Time

Paper Bags - Requirement of Time
  • Investment: Approximately INR 5 Lakh and above
  • Business Requirement: Raw materials such as paper sheets, ink, printing chemicals, tags, etc. & automatic paper bag-making machines with other essential equipment.

As awareness about nature and the environment increasing people are using more and paper bags because is eco-friendly.

To pack shopping items, food items, medical items, jewellery, and many more items, you can use paper bags. This is beneficial for the environment.

Paper Making

Paper Making
  • Investment: Approximately INR 2 Lakh to 2.5 Lakh
  • Business Requirement: Need raw material and paper making machinery with other essential items.

Paper Making or manufacturing business is one of the low investment business ideas in India. Many businesses and organizations use paper on a big scale.

There are a variety of papers available in different sizes like A2, A3, A4 sheets, etc. The location matter most in this business to avoid extra transportation cost.

Pickles – The Food Item

Pickles - The Food Item
  • Investment: Approximately INR 20K to 25K
  • Business Requirement: Required raw material as per the kind of pickle want to make. Start from home (business from home) or hire a small space for the work

It is a kind of traditional food items that is most popular in India. There are a variety of pickles available in India, wherever you go, might find a certain kind of pickle. Pickle business can be started as a small business because it is safe and easy to start.

Indian variety of pickles are the most demandable product across many countries around the world.

Shoe Laces

Shoe Laces
  • Investment: Approximately INR 25K and above
  • Business Requirement: Essential raw material and shoelace braiding machine with other necessary items.

India is the second-largest footwear manufacturer in the world. There are different categories of shoes like sports shoes, formal shoes, casual shoes, etc.

The demand for shoelaces are high and you can start as one of the best small business. The shoelaces are usually made by cotton, polyester, nylon, polypropylene, etc. with plastic aglet.

Staple Pins – Necessity of Staplers

Staple Pins - Necessity of Staplers
  • Investment: Approximately INR 3.5 Lakh and above
  • Business Requirement: Need raw materials with automatic staple pin-making machines and other essential items.

Premises (business) where there is paperwork involved like schools, colleges, offices, government institutions, etc use staplers widely.

Staplers have no use without Staple Pins, so starting a Staple Pins business can be beneficial.

Tempered Glass for Smartphones

Tempered Glass for Smartphones
  • Investment: Approximately INR 75K to 1.5 Lakh
  • Business Requirement: Need raw materials such as silicon, additional protection, glue, etc. Required tempered glass-making machines with the essential components of manufacturing.

The smartphone market in India is increasing as the country has one of the largest smartphone user bases in the world. The demand for tempered glass for smartphones is increasing, too.

This is one of the new types of small businesses you can start and earn a steady income. There is a variety of tempered glass for smartphones available in the market.

Hope you like some of the business ideas mentioned above. Let us know what types of business you would like to start.

15 Best Business Ideas for Everyone (In 2023)

It was never an easy task to start a small business and establish it until the involvement of digital media and the revolution in information with the help of the internet. The strong desire to do something in the field of your choice compels you (entrepreneurs) to set up your own business and so on.

In the current time (The age of information), it is very essential to identify the right business choice and the best & new business idea that can work tremendously and grow rapidly, if worked in the right direction.

To make your work a bit easier below are some of the ideas for starting a small business on your own.


Best Business Ideas for Everyone
  • Business Requirement: You should have knowledge of accounting, bookkeeping, and financial management background.
  • Earning Potential: The earning potential is huge, depending on you and the type of client you have.

Money management is a crucial part of every organization that plays a vital role in business growth. Businesses and organizations need to keep their finance in order with the help of an accounting professional.

You can start your business in the field of accounting and offer your services to small and medium-scale businesses and individual professionals.

Air Conditioner Repair/Maintenance

In the Morden time, air conditioners become a necessity for businesses, organizations, and individuals. Air conditioner repair/maintenance is crucial to work efficiently because of the extensive usage and the increasing number of users day by day.

Setting up your own air conditioner repair/maintenance business is one of the best ideas to consider at the current time.

If you got the contract from bug organizations or from society for air conditioner repair/maintenance, your business can grow to the next level in a short period of time and your earnings will be increasing over time.

  • Business Requirement: Start with a small investment in equipment and the necessary skills to repair the Air Conditioner.
  • Earning Potential: A decent earning potential. It depends on your service quality based on your skillset and working professionals.

Automobile Repairs

In India, individuals who all use cars and bikes need to wait for days or months in order to get their car or bike repaid for good. There are new services like doorstep repair services which are great for vehicle users and they love this type of service.

For example, you can take an e-commerce service that delivers products to the doorstep and this industry is growing very fast in India.

You can also use smartphone apps to reach the new potential customers and help them to fix the issue of their vehicle.

  • Business Requirement: If you have car and bike repair skills (Skilled mechanic), you can start with mobile auto/vehicle repair services to your doorstep. Need to invest in repair equipment and skills (If you are a newbie).
  • Earning Potential: Descend earning potential that will be increasing over time as your business grow and your trust.

Bake the Cake

Bakery product demand is increasing day by day because it is widely used in celebration that adds value and happiness to people’s life.

There are different types of products in the bakery that has high demand in India like cookies, muffins, and cake, etc.

If you consider this as the best small business idea, this business has the potential for growth and expansion in India.

  • Business Requirement: Essential equipment for baking bakery products and knowledge to do so. It required minimal investment in space and equipment.
  • Earning Potential: Earning potential is broad because of the market is increasing for handmade bakery products in India.

CCTV & Surveillance

Digital era, people’s awareness of personal security increasing, which makes the high demand for CCTV & Surveillance equipment in India.

Surveillance is required to keep ahead of threats like security vulnerability, theft, and a similar incident at the residential and office premises.

 Due to the potential threats, people are opting for personalized CCTV surveillance systems, and the demand for such products and services (with advanced technology) is on the rise.

  • Business Requirement:  CCTV & Surveillance business requires a decent investment to start, but the profits are huge in this business.
  • Earning Potential: Huge potential for earning depends on society and the client. The earnings will increase over time as trust is established.

Clothes and Accessories

A new type of trend in the current time, people are renting clothing and accessories rather than buying it at a much lower price compared to the original product price.

You can start it just as simply as renting services and establishing the business. There is growth potential in this business as renting services attract more people.

  • Business Requirement: Passion for fashion and essential skills to start over the business.
  • Earning Potential: A decent earning scope can increase over time depending on you.

Custom Gift Store

Many of us struggle more when it comes to selecting or making creating gift ideas. It is much desired if there is professional help while making a creative gift.

These days, corporate gifting becoming a more fashionable and essential part of the organization, so they need the right person for gift suggestions and ideas. The perfect gift leaves a good impression on the recipient.

  • Business Requirement: Pasion for new ideas. Able to suggest creative gift ideas based on the requirement and budgets
  • Earning Potential: A decent earning potential.

Educational Mobile Apps

If you are able to create teaching material, mobile apps are a great hope for you. If you have a great understating of any type of teaching technique, you can start your own educational mobile app.

If you do not know how to create mobile apps you can hire a professional mobile app developer, who can create good apps as per your requirement.

  • Business Requirement: You must be able to create great teaching stuff that can be distributed for the benefit of students.
  • Earning Potential: Decent earning potential.