How much does it Cost to Make a Video Streaming App like Netflix?

Video Streaming App

With Netflix and other video streaming services gaining in popularity every year, there is no surprise. It has expanded rapidly since 2020. Not only are streaming services popular, but other categories have also been highly sought-after.

You can have any video streaming app idea, but it doesn’t have to be about fitness, education or cooking. Everyone is wondering what the cost of building an app like Netflix is. It relies on a myriad of factors that determine the cost of an app like Netflix.

How to Develop a Netflix Like Video Application?

You can either build a video streaming platform from scratch or modify an existing video streaming app. It is important to consider the timeframe, budget, and requirements before choosing a development process.

Pick a Niche

Prior to creating a video streaming app, you must identify your niche. You don’t have to use streaming services only for movies or TV. It is important to decide what your users want to see.

Select the Ideal Platform

Launching mobile video streaming apps like Netflix can be a complicated task. The best thing to do is to create a minimum viable product that you can modify as needed. Developing cross-platform applications is a better option if you wish to go for a wider user base. You can create apps for each platform.

Finding the Best App Development Company

When you’re ready to contact app developers for mobile apps, you’ll realize that prices can vary. In some countries, prices are lower, while in others, they are higher.

For this type of project, your Android app development team must include a UI/UX designer and several app developers. If you’re working on something simple, you might not need as many people. However, you may need more if the project is more complicated.

This will generally be your team. While the front end may appear simple and straightforward, the backend is complex and requires a team like SDI that is skilled in building a streaming service infrastructure.

App Design

Research has shown that a quality UI/UX design can increase conversion rates by 300% to 400%. If you believe that spending too much time and money on the design of Video Streaming App Like Netflix is a waste, think again. The ultimate goal is to give users an exceptional and flawless experience.

Ready & Custom Made Choice

Your streaming service can be completely customized, which means you can do what you want with your design & development. This makes it the best choice because you can provide your users with exactly what they need. The downside is that it tends to be the most costly option.

You can also integrate third-party APIs and integrations into your video streaming platform. This can reduce development time and make it cheaper. You can still use many of the parts you have created. There will, however, be a limit to how much you can customize some elements pulled from the APIs. This will incur a cost, but it is usually cheaper than customizing the entire thing.

A video streaming app builder is the third option. This makes it even cheaper because it is not customizable. Although you have the ability to customize some elements, it is limited in its ability to build almost everything. Although it doesn’t give your users an exclusive experience, it does provide most streaming elements at a lower price.

Quality of the Video

The type of video playback software used will also influence the cost of the mobile app development. You can’t afford a low-cost or free player if you want to provide a high-quality user experience. You should invest in a better service with great quality and support. This will make your users more satisfied. 

Number of Devices

Your mobile video streaming apps like Netflix can be developed for either iOS or Android phones, or both. Smart tv apps are available as well as a website. Your app’s development cost will vary depending on how many devices it is being used. It is cheaper to develop one device than it is to create five. SDI offers a package deal which makes it cheaper to develop multiple devices.

Create Your Content

Streaming video apps are based on content. It’s important that you decide what type of content you will use. Are they videos from other distributors? Is it your original content? Regardless of what you choose, you must consider your business goals. Authorized licensing is also required.

Gateways of Payment

To accept payments, the best online movie streaming app must include a gateway payment service. You have the right to decide what fees you will charge and if any. You may decide to make it free and have companies pay you to display their ads. Or, you can charge a monthly, quarterly or yearly membership fee.

However you choose to proceed, a payment gateway must be set up. This will also have a cost. Make sure your Android app development company considers this aspect.

Social Media Integration

The VOD app can be integrated with social media to help promote your app online. This allows users to share the links to their VOD app on social media. This will increase app visibility and encourage more people to download it.

Cost of Creating The Best Online Movie Streaming App

Several factors affect the cost of app development:

  • The Design of Apps
  • Stack of technologies
  • Features of the app
  • Rates of app developers
  • Timeline of mobile app development

In this case, developer rates are most important. The following are regional costs:

  • India: 12$ to 92$
  • Australia: 30$ to 140$
  • America: 30$ to 200$
  • Europe: 20$ to 100$
  • United Kingdom: 40$ to 170$

Last Words

Every online video-streaming platform that succeeds must be able to deliver on its promises. Although there are many top players in the industry, this market is still far from saturated.

Netflix has created limitless streaming opportunities and is the ultimate game-changer for video-on-demand.

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