10 Best Reasons Why Candy Crush Saga is so Successful and Popular?

Candy Crush Saga

If you are a mobile game lover, then it is hard to believe that you haven’t come across Candy Crush Saga. You can start playing this game between any activity that involves some amount of waiting. While waiting for a bus or just for a timepass, bring out your mobile or tablet and dive into the game. Candy Crush Saga can help you disconnect from the disturbance of the world for a while.

The best part about candy crush is that it provides stress relief after a long day at work. And anyone can indulge in this game, whether it’s a kid or his grandma. This game is simple and fun to play. This game has over a billion-plus downloads and is continuously bringing fortune to the developers. You can easily develop a Candy Crush Saga Clone using candy crush source code.

This game was released back in 2012 for Facebook. And then eventually on Android, iOS, and Windows. But what made this game so popular among every generation? Here are the top 10 reasons why Candy Crush Saga is so popular and successful.

1. Very Easy to Learn

Today, the gaming world is so diverse. On one hand, you will find large story-driven games that are quite difficult to learn for children and old family members. On the other hand, you get a simple game called Candy Crush where you just get to rows of candies on your mobile screen. 

Candy Crush is so easy to learn and play, that anyone including Moms, Dads, Grandmas, kids, can enjoy this game very easily. Any non-gamer can easily dive into this game.

2. Great Satisfaction

Candy Crush Saga has neither PvP nor any meaningful stories like most popular games. Instead, this game feels like riding a train in a magical world.

As you start playing, you will clear three stages very easily that provide you with great confidence and satisfaction. And as you progress, the free lunch concept kicks in that helps you with booster packs, bonuses, extra moves, etc. You will start thinking of yourself as very skillful, but these are just mere scripted. That ultimately provides satisfaction while playing.

3. Progressive Difficulty Levels

This game is very easy in the beginning. You will clear the first few steps very easily in no time. You will start feeling confident about your skills and keep progressing. The game is scripted like that to facilitate users’ confidence and keep them engaged.

As the game progresses, the grid starts to become complex. New candies get introduced. With each progressive level, the difficulty level increases. And with the help of Candy Crush Clone Development Company, you will get the best clones of games like Candy crush saga.

4. Impatience and Scarcity

The Candy Crush saga provides you with 5 lives at the beginning of every stage. Life gets regained automatically after 30 minutes. And while playing at a very difficult level, you will end up losing all your lives. Then you have to wait for 2.5 hrs to regain them all.

This creates a sense of impatience and scarcity among players. And ensures that they come back every time they regain lives.

5. New Content Regularly

The candy crush team creates and tests new levels every 2 weeks. It already consists of 544 levels. There is a smart reinforcement system in the game that helps the players never get stuck in a level and leave the game.

Candy crush clone focuses on 4 aspects while developing. They are hooks, flow, pace, and difficulty. They keep changing the difficulty level to ensure they are not too easy or too challenging.

6. Tempting Candy Artwork

Candy crush Saga presents attractive candy artwork and a stylish user interface to attract new players. The vibrant colors of candies and sound designs capture the attention of the player. You can try developing a Candy Crush Saga Clonethat is based on simplicity and accessibility. This will provide the users something to relax and pass their time.

7. Sense of Ownership

Candy Crush Saga allows its users to collect some booster candies that they can use at difficult levels. Most of these booster candies are purchased with real-world money. 

Once users are investing their time and money in a virtual game, they are developing a sense of ownership. This keeps them coming back to the game over and over and using the game products.

8. Unique Experience

This game presents a unique experience to the users, unlike any other 3 match game. Users are allowed to crush candies by matching 4 or 5 candies in a  row or T-shape. Also, there are striped and sprinkled candies that interact differently with surrounding candies. These provide an overall unique experience to the gamers.

9. Appealing to Our Cognitive Process

Science has proven that human brains can easily process visual patterns. We start looking for design patterns in everything we see regularly. This is our brains’ fundamental cognitive process.

The Candy crush saga is developed in such a way that targets our cognitive process and provides an experience that is hard to put away. This game provides the same satisfaction we feel after solving a puzzle. 

10. Competition with Friends

Though this is not a multiplayer game, still players can compete with each other by increasing levels. This game is connected with Facebook. When a player links his/her Facebook account with the game, his friends can see the game level.

It develops competition among them where everyone wants to prove himself better. 


With a proper understanding of human psychology followed by a great marketing strategy, Candy Crush has managed to reach global success. It’s simple yet engaging gameplay attracts gamers of all ages from all over the world.

Sunny Chawla
Sunny Chawla

Sunny Chawla is a MD at Uber Clone App Company which is the Best Clone App Development Company helping global businesses to grow. He loves to share his thoughts on Web Development, Mobile App Development and Game Development.