Importance of Drake Tax Software for Tax Preparers and How Cloud can Help

Most tax preparers depend on Drake tax software for their day-to-day operations. It is a reliable solution with specialized in-built tools. For most tax preparers, it is their go-to option for tax software. However, using Drake tax software on a local desktop is not enough. It lacks the edge you need to overcome modern challenges such as data security, accessibility, etc.  

Hosting your Drake tax software on the cloud enables you to overcome these obstacles. 

Let’s look at some ways in which cloud-based Drake tax software can help a tax preparer: 

1. Improved Availability 

Workplace boundaries have become flexible after COVID-19. Many tax preparers now prefer working from their homes. It makes them much more productive and efficient. However, traditional Drake tax software has limited accessibility. It cannot be accessed remotely. 

You can only access it from the particular device on which it is installed. A laptop might work for remote access, but what if it breaks down? How will you access your data? The answer is the hosted Drake tax software. It can be accessed from anywhere, anytime. 

Any device with internet access will solve the purpose. Your entire data is stored over remote data servers. You don’t even need to worry if anything happens to your current device. Everything is accessible from a different machine without facing any data loss. 

2. Data Protection 

Tax preparers are at a higher risk of cyber-attacks than other industries. They have to deal with confidential financial data regularly. It includes sensitive information such as bank details, SSN, etc. In the wrong hands, hackers could easily misuse this information. 

That’s why a tax preparer must have top-notch data security. Drake tax hosting from a reputed cloud provider comes with modern anti-hacking measures. Their servers are guarded round the clock and constantly monitored under CCTV. 

Tax preparers also get the latest cybersecurity tools such as high-grade TLS 1.3 and SSL data encryption, IDP system, network and multiple firewalls, and anti-malware software. It is challenging to implement such measures on traditional Drake tax software. 

3. Team Collaboration 

Tax preparation is hectic. This is why tax preparers work in teams when undertaking big projects. However, conventional collaboration tactics often undermine their efficiency. Just think about it!  

Suppose you’re working on an extensive project with your team. How will you feel when you have to share the files each time you make changes? Your teammates will have to wait as they cannot make their edits to it. Moreover, repeated sharing of the same file creates multiple copies and confusion. 

With Drake Tax Software Hosting on Cloud, you will not face such problems. You get a centralized database that reflects data edits in real-time. It also facilitates multiple users to access the same file simultaneously and work together.  

4. IT Workload & Uptime 

Working with desktop-based Drake tax software makes things easier for a tax preparer. However, it carries IT responsibilities. You must manage the entire IT infrastructure and handle every update or upgrade. Eventually, you might get distracted from your core tasks. 

For instance, you’re working on a crucial project, and your device breaks down. You will have to handle such problems without a dedicated IT team. Even if you hire one, what about the downtime? 

Hosted Drake tax software from a reputed cloud hosting provider can give you up to 99.999% uptime availability. This means facing barely 6 minutes or less downtime in a year! Moreover, your IT responsibility is significantly reduced. Your hosting provider handles any update or upgrade. You only need to manage the end-user devices. 

5. Economical Value

You may have often advised your clients about their financial liabilities during tax preparation. But have you ever considered yours? Traditionally, using Drake tax software has multiple cost liabilities, such as workplace maintenance, IT expenses, etc. 

Switching to laptops might work for remote access, but you will still need to invest substantially in them. Moreover, you will also require an IT team for software updates and repairs. 

You don’t need to face such liabilities with a hosted Drake tax solution. It is remotely accessible. You can save money on office maintenance by implementing remote working. As for IT expenses, your hosting provider already manages the bulk of them. You only have to oversee end-user devices. Allow BYOD, and you can save even more on it.


Hosted Drake tax software carries numerous benefits. It allows you to augment your tax experience and provide better customer service. You can easily overcome conventional restrictions, such as remote unavailability, tedious IT management, etc. 

So, if you are a tax preparer, make sure you don’t miss out on the hosted Drake tax solution.