Quick Solution to Import MBOX to Outlook PST on Mac

MBOX to Outlook PST

MBOX is a file format that is used by multiple email clients like Thunderbird, Apple Mail, PowerMail, and many more.

MBOX files are one of the most popular formats for storing groups of emails that are sent or received. It contains various details of the sent or received messages, including text and any attachments. You can retrieve MBOX files by using the Thunderbird email application.

On the other hand, Outlook stores the data in Personal Storage Table format also known as PST. MBOX format is only preferable for email messages as it has a simple format. While PST format can support emails, tasks, contacts, notes, calendars, and various mailbox items.

Advanced format. Outlook PST format is very advanced and is capable of storing mailbox data systematically.

If you are searching to import MBOX to Outlook PST on Mac, then it is not an easy task without proper guidance. Outlook 365 is integrated with smart privacy and security features but MBOX files are not supported by Outlook.

Due to multiple useful features of Outlook users tend to switch from MBOX to PST. We will discuss here various reasons and methods that users are required to convert MBOX to PST.

Reasons to Export MBOX into PST on Mac

We are well known that Thunderbird applications are required to view and manage MBOX files. It does not support the PST files. Outlook enables the users to access email messages with additional features having contacts, calendars, notes, etc.

But to go with Outlook, the MBOX users need to import MBOX to Outlook, which supports PST format. There are various more factors that may affect the users to switch to PST format. 

PST files have multiple customizable features as compared to MBOX files. Below we have mentioned some of the major reasons because of which users like to prefer PST over MBOX.

  • PST supports numerous types of data like emails, tasks, notes, contacts, calendars, etc. while MBOX does not.
  • PST stores the mailbox data systematically while MBOX saves email sequentially.
  • It is possible to work offline with PST files.
  • Outlook is more customizable to users and offers various security features to users.
  • Outlook and PST are updated systematically to meet the new requirements of the users.

In the above segment, we have discussed various factors to Migrate  MBOX to Outlook PST.  Under the following circumstances, users are more likely to export  Mac MBOX files into PST on Mac. Now in the next section, we will mention the possible methods and techniques to migrate MBOX to PST.

Manual Technique to Import MBOX to Outlook PST on Mac

Talking about the methods to import MBOX files to PST, users may be stuck with the situation to choose an optimum solution. There are a collective number of websites available that claim to convert the MBOX files into PST format.

Numerous inconclusive solutions are available over the web that is not suitable to deal with your valuable data. They offer MBOX to PST converter online that may not be a wise choice to go with your confidential data.

In this blog, we are going to explore the manual trick that enables users to import MBOX to Outlook PST. You can follow these steps sequentially to get the desired conversion result. Let’s, keep an eye on the performed steps accordingly to export Mac MBOX files into PST,

  • Open the Thunderbird application on Mac and configure your Gmail account in Thunderbird using the IMAP setting.
  • Create a new folder in the setup Gmail account in Thunderbird.
  • By selecting the emails, move them into a new folder.
  • Open Office 365 and set up a Gmail account using the IMAP feature.
  • Select the emails from the newly created folder and move them to Office 365 to convert MBOX to PST.

By performing the above-introduced steps, you can import MBOX to Outlook 365 mac. Users must have some technical knowledge before performing the above steps to prevent any data alteration. After discussing the manual approach, let’s take a look at some limitations that users have to deal with.

Limitations of Manual Method to Import MBOX to Outlook on Mac

Converting the MBOX files into PST manually is not considered to be an optimum and efficient solution. Even though it can migrate Mac MBOX to PST but doesn’t deliver the reliable solution that users can prefer. It generates a risk of data loss when there is a lack of technical knowledge to the users.

Some of the major issues of manual techniques to convert MBOX to PST,

  • If the steps are not performed accordingly then data may be corrupted.
  • You must have the sound technical knowledge to perform the conversion process.
  • Users may face some problems while importing MBOX files into Outlook in bulk.
  • Difficult to migrate large MBOX files.
  • It is a very lengthy and labor-intensive process that requires lots of effort.

The manual procedure is very time-consuming and does not deliver optimum results. To avoid such limitations most of the users switch to an automated and risk-free solution. MBOX Converter Tool for Mac is a near-perfect and professional solution opted by many users to export  MBOX to Outlook PST on Mac.

By using this optimized and advanced solution, it becomes quick and efficient to import MBOX files to PST. It can support bulk conversion and maintain folder hierarchy throughout the process.


In the above article, we have well discussed the need to import MBOX to Outlook on Mac. Elaborated the various factors due to which users are required to migrate to PST from MBOX on Mac. We have also mentioned the manual process with the limitations that users may face while importing MBOX files manually.

When it comes to non-technical users and bulk conversion, it is not a reasonable solution to deal with. Users are advised to go with an automated and professional solution. The professional method is much more effective and results in a smooth conversion process with high data security and integrity.

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