How to Export from Thunderbird to Outlook Emails on Mac?

Thunderbird to Outlook Emails

Mozilla Thunderbird is a free and open-source email client for sending and receiving email messages. It is developed by the Mozilla group and supports POP and IMAP accounts for configuring email accounts.

It is used by individuals as well as various organizations. Thunderbird is widely compatible with all versions of Mac. Besides this, Outlook has more advanced features than Thunderbird that invoke the users to export from Thunderbird to Outlook.

Outlook is one of the most versatile email wizards. It can execute multiple functions including email, communication manager, and team scheduler.

It is more flexible and systematically updates itself to meet users’ requirements. Outlook offers more efficient and customized features as compared to Thunderbird. Therefore, most Thunderbird users export Thunderbird emails to Outlook.

In this blog, we will discuss the methods through which users can easily migrate Thunderbird to Outlook on Mac. If you are looking for a simple and effective solution, this post will surely help you. But before we start, let’s discuss some reasons due to which users are required to switch to Outlook on Mac.

Reasons to Export from Thunderbird to Outlook on Mac

Both Thunderbird and Outlook are the most common and widely used web-based email clients. But due to more advanced and customizable options, Outlook is the most preferred email client. It is the most reliable email application than Thunderbird due to which users like to export Thunderbird emails to Outlook.

We have discussed some major reasons below for which users need to convert Thunderbird to Outlook on Mac,

  • Outlook is integrated with an inbuilt spam filter while Thunderbird has not.
  • Users export from Thunderbird to Outlook because Outlook provides quick and systematic updates but Thunderbird does not.
  • Thunderbird has fewer security and safety features as compared to Outlook.
  • Task and calendar facilities are provided to the users with Outlook to schedule their daily tasks and meetings.
  • Users can’t configure any email client on Thunderbird without an add-ons tool but Outlook does it without any add-ons.

Above we have discussed various reasons to Outlook import from Thunderbird email on Mac. These are the major factors that induce the users to choose Outlook over Thunderbird. Now in the next part, we will discuss the measures to migrate from Thunderbird to Outlook PST on Mac.

Manual Technique to Export from Thunderbird to Outlook on Mac OS

There are multiple inconclusive solutions available over the web which are not reliable to deal with your valuable data. They might be prone to the risk of data loss and corruption. Here we will discuss the possible and trusted method to convert Thunderbird into Outlook on Mac.

So, without taking more time let’s discuss the solution through which users can convert Thunderbirds emails to PST  on Mac. Users are required to perform the steps accordingly to get the desired result.

  • Create a New Folder on the desktop with the desired name on Mac.
  • Launch Thunderbird software and Sign in using login credentials.
  • Select the emails from the Thunderbird mailbox that you want to export from Thunderbird to Outlook on Mac.
  • Right-click on the selected email and click on Save as option then select the folder that you have created to save those emails.
  • Click on the Save button and your Thunderbird emails will be saved as EML files.
  • Now, Open MS Outlook and Sign in to your account on Mac.
  • Create a New folder in Outlook by clicking the Home tab to  Outlook import from Thunderbird.
  • Open the folder that contains EML files.
  • Select the EML files then Drag and Drop those files to the Outlook folder that you have created.

By performing these introduced steps users are able to migrate Thunderbird Mail to Outlook on Mac. Users must ensure to have some basic technical knowledge before performing the manual steps. Now let’s move on to some of the limitations of the manual process.

Limitations of Manual Method to Export from Thunderbird to Outlook on Mac

Manually exporting Thunderbird emails to Outlook on Mac is not an optimum and efficient solution.  Users have to migrate Thunderbird emails in EML format and then import them to Outlook.

It is not considered a quick and reliable solution to convert Thunderbirds emails to PST  on Mac. There are some limitations that users have to face while going with a manual procedure.

  • It is a very lengthy and time-consuming technique and does not deliver effective results.
  • Any inaccuracy in performing the steps can result in data loss.
  • Users are not allowed to migrate the email attachments separately using a manual approach.
  • It requires lots of effort and it’s not easy to understand by non-technical users.
  • It is difficult to migrate the specific emails on the basis of date, subject, to, from, etc.

The manual procedure is very labor-intensive and not a feasible solution to get quality results. To eliminate such difficulties most of the users switch to a professional solution with Thunderbird Backup Tool for Mac.

It is an automated and advanced solution that is widely used by many users to export Thunderbird emails to Outlook. It delivers quick and effective results with high data security. Users can also do selective email migration and save the attachments in a separate folder.


In this blog, we have discussed possible methods to export from Thunderbird to Outlook on Mac. We have also covered the various reasons along with the limitations of the manual approach.

When it comes to non-technical users, customizable conversion, and effective results then manual technique is not suitable to deal with.

For a professional and optimized solution, it is recommended to go with an automated method. It delivers a smooth and risk-free conversion process and provides more precise and accurate results.