How to Improve Employee Satisfaction in the Workplace!

Improve Employee Satisfaction

A core element of any business is the workforce. The people that work for you are the clogs in the overall clock that is your business which keeps the business running. Happy employees equal great results. If you want both you and your employees to achieve your professional goals, it would be in your best interest to invest in the workplace satisfaction of your employees and promote a positive workplace environment.

Satisfied employees are known to be more motivated towards achieving goals that will likewise support the business, and also enhance productivity which will lead to better results. Employee retention is also an imperative part of any long-standing company, no matter how big or small. For these reasons, it is unnegotiable for all businesses to prioritize employee satisfaction as a core element for the overall success of the business.

If you are lost for ideas or your employees are worried about speaking up for what they want, here are some ideas for improving employee satisfaction at your company:

Some Ideas for Improving Employee Satisfaction

Empower decision-making

First of all, your employees need to understand their importance within the company. Employees who feel empowered and are included in the decision-making of the business are much more likely to gain satisfaction from their work.

This does not mean to say you should place all the responsibilities onto your employees, but instead to ask for their input into core decisions. For example, if you are promoting change to the services that you offer clients, ask your members of staff how they would like to see the services improve that are offered.

As the people who deal with your clientele the most, they are the best point of contact to get information from to improve the running of the business. With this, you can expect your employees to feel much more important in what they offer as employees.

Make the office a comfortable environment

Additionally, it is beneficial for employee satisfaction to make their working environment a comfortable place. Making the office modern and built for both work and taking a break is essential for employee positivity. Provide a space for your employees to produce optimal work, whilst also offering a separate space for relaxing.

This might include giving them a top-range computer so they have speedy connections to complete their work, and also make their chairs as comfortable as possible. For their breaks, consider getting a pool table and a comfy area to sit back and distress if the working day is getting ahead of them.

Offer flexible working agreements

Flexi-working agreements are now an essential offering that the majority of businesses provide. Since the pandemic, a lot of the worldwide workforce has built up compatibility for working at home.

It would be good to offer flexible working agreements with your staff to suit their at-home schedules. For example, if you have staff who need to drop their kids off at work, consider letting your staff start and finish an hour later.

Also working from home is now a priority for a lot of people, and it can offer those who suffer from social anxieties much more comfort in their professional life. Offer flexible working agreements, and see the well-being of your staff improve.

Offer freebies at work

There is nothing like a quick mood booster to get your staff feeling much more positive on the working day. Surprising staff with small freebies such as snacks and vouchers is a great way to show your appreciation for their work.

Studies have shown that employees now look more much more at workplace fulfilment than a high wage,m therefore these small gestures will contribute towards their overall employee satisfaction.

Arrange for company socialising

Company socialising is not preferred for some offices, but it can be a great way to encourage a sense of community within your business. The best thing you can do as an employer is to help your staff feel happy and like they are in an uplifting community.

Ultimately to build these relationships between staff members, employee socialising events are crucial. Consider arranging events such as a tasting event for the best premixed cocktails, or engage in activities such as bowling for a friendly yet competitive way to engage with other people in the business.

Encourage sustainable commuting

Becoming green is now at the heart of many workforces across the world. If you are not yet making sustainability a priority in your company, it is time to do so. One way to do this is to support sustainably commuting schemes for your staff.

This might be a bike sponsorship which will allow your staff to buy their bikes to get into work with or offer discounts on electric transport such as trams and underground trains. You are helping the cost of their commute, whilst showing your action towards sustainability as a company.

Have regular performance catch ups

Performance catches up might sound scary, but they are important. Employees need to feel like their work is recognised for the good and not just the bad. Performance reviews should be completed at least every 3 months to make your staff feel valued and to also recognise the great work of hard-working individuals.

If people are underperforming, make sure you find the root of the problem. Turn your attention to the actions of the company. Is there enough training? Is the staff member being overworked? Make sure you have ruled out any possible faults of the business before jumping to the conclusion that the employee is solely at fault.

Offer upskilling

Upskilling is a win-win citation for both employees and businesses. Whilst staff members are offered the opportunity to expand their skill sets businesses can utilise the newly learnt skills from employees to improve the functions of the business.

Upskilling can be done for staff members on all levels, so consider the areas for improvement in the business and start upskilling staff. You can either train them in-house or send your staff elsewhere to learn of external training providers who have a good reputation.

Bottom Line

Overall happy employees reflect on the success of the business. If you can recognise the areas for improvement to the current satisfaction of your employees and address them accordingly, you should see the working environment and work produced by your workforce vastly improve. Keep your staff happy, and your business will run itself!