10 Web3.0 Games You Should Try this 2024

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Web3.0 Gaming has become even more popular in 2024, with all new offerings and awesome titles for people to enjoy and earn with. The best part about it is, this is only the beginning! With more innovation and progress in the world of Web3.0 coming in at the speed of thought, we can only assume what even more amazing games we’d enjoy in the coming years!

But, since it’s 2024, what better way to start gaming and earning than to find the newest, the hottest, and the most sought-for Web3.0 Games of 2024!

Let’s hop on and discover which Web3.0 games will take the top 10 spot this 2024, and explore what they have to offer so you can decide if you want to try them out for yourself!

But first, let’s talk about what Web3.0 and Web3.0 Gaming is all about for the people out there who are none the wiser about this awesome and revolutionary phase of the Internet!

What is Web3.0 and Web3.0 Gaming all about anyway?

In Web3.0, the keyword is “ownership”. In this new phase of the Internet that is powered by the ever-innovating and immutable Blockchain Technology, every user is given the opportunity to make the most out of their Internet experience and identity by claiming true ownership and gaining total power over their digital stuff, from digital assets created/bought by them, to personal data that they give out!

What’s more, this new phase of the Internet is decentralized and all-encompassing, so you can best assume that the Internet through Web3.0 will be safer, more secure, and more fun!

In the case of Web3.0 Gaming, every gamer is given all the utilities they need and deserve to earn, own, and make a name for themselves in the industry!

Alright, enough about Web3.0 and Web3.0 Gaming, let’s talk about the hottest Web3.0 Games of 2024!

10 Web3.0 Games You Shouldn’t Miss Out this 2024

Axie Infinity

The quintessential NFT game that brought Play-to-Earn to everyone’s table discussions, Axie Infinity has cemented itself as one of the most important NFT games in the industry by order of how relevant it was during its heyday.

Now far from the limelight and a little bit on the rocks compared to its bull run performance, Axie Infinity still offers the same core gameplay, now with more stunning visuals and workable mechanics unlike its predecessor, with an economy that is more capable than its previous counterpart!

If you’re a diehard NFT game fan that doesn’t mind the low payouts especially during this bear season when everyone’s practically stuck in the mud, Axie Infinity will be a perfect game for you to pass the time away.


Imagine if someone paid you just for taking steps, how awesome would that be for humans that walk upright, yeah? Well imagine no longer as Stepn turns this into reality.

More of a workout/fitness tracking app than game, it offers its patented “step-to-earn” model where you get paid in their native cryptocurrency, for every step you take everyday!

Stepn aims to incentivize working out to promote healthy living, especially for those who couldn’t quite get that little push they need to actually work out and do their things. All they need to do is to cop a Stepn NFT for themselves, and download the game that’s now available on all major mobile app marketplaces by the way, and start earning through their steps!

Elfin Kingdom

One of the most ambitious RPG Web3.0 Games out there, Elfin Kingdom sets itself apart from the competition by combining Metaverse, Community and Socializing, with Fun and Earning!

Set in an alternate universe teeming with friendship and cute but powerful creatures called Elfin, Elfin Kingdom urges the player to catch Elfins, grow and interact with them, as well as battle other Elfin trainers to covet the top spot on leaderboards and earn prizes!

The game is now available for play on major mobile app marketplaces too, so check them out and start hanging out with your Elfin friends!


A trading card game housed in the newly-built yet powerful Hive Blockchain Network, Splinterlands offer you the nostalgic action-packed card fighting strategy games we grew up with, thanks to Magic the Gathering and Yugi-Oh!

Players are urged to collect cards for their deck, build strategies around their cards’ strengths and weaknesses, and battle other players to claim prizes!

Gods Unchained

Similar to Splinterlands, Gods Unchained is a trading card NFT game that offers more than just play, thanks to its complete connection to the blockchain.

Players are able to earn and own their cards outright, and play against other players’  decks for prizes and glory! With vibrant visuals and a comprehensive in-game strategy/rulebook you would only see in established card games like MTG and Yugi-Oh, Gods Unchained is the NFT world’s leading answer to the Digital Trading Card Game Genre! 

My Pet Hooligan

My Pet Hooligan (MPH) is one of those FPS games you wish you were good at when you were young. Offering outstanding but nostalgic 3d graphics and a welcoming plethora of game modes catered towards skill, prowess, or socialization, MPH is a game for all ages that offers even more than just in-game glory. What’s even more amazing is the game is set to be Free-to-Play, well at least after you bought affiliated NFTs.

While the game is still in development as developers are working day in and day out to deliver the game as fast as possible, players are able to test the game in its Alpha Phase, available on Epic Games Store! All you need is to download the game and connect your wallet to scan your MPH NFT, and you’re good to go!

After playing, I’d really suggest you leave the devs useful feedback, so they can improve the game even more!

Habbo X

For the gamers out there who played Habbo Hotel in the past, here’s your chance to relive the nostalgia and play with your old Habbo buddies!

Habbo X, effectively acting as the successor of the previous game Habbo Hotel is founded by the same guys, and features pretty much the same things, but with earning in the mixture. Players are able to purchase avatars and rooms where they can host parties and interact with other players, much like the old game we knew and love!

The game’s still in development, but its Alpha Test stage is up and running exclusive to holders of their NFTs, so cop one now and relive those childhood memories of hanging out with your internet buddies on Habbo X!


Making its debut on the Internet back in 2021 thanks to their aggressive marketing campaign and stunning visuals, Blankos is your NFT sandbox party game where you could collect, interact, and play!
Borrowing sandbox game concepts from Indie titles like Fall Guys and games on the same boat, Blankos spices things up by adding awesome customization, in-game interaction that goes beyond emotes and in-game gestures, as well as prime earning capabilities!

With the game still far from launching in full, players are able to test the game out for free, with rewards for players who would try it out too! So download it now and play with friends!

Alien Worlds

Picture this, it’s 2021, you’re stuck inside your house cause it’s still pretty much COVID-19 period, and your friend messaged you out of nowhere telling you to try this mining game. In a few short minutes you find yourself hooked, and you found out you can earn what you mined too!

That’s Alien Worlds for you, making grounds on the NFT space back in 2021 and still running strong today having one of the most active playerbase out there, it offers a laid-back and linear take on the old Play to Earn genre. You click a button to make your avatars mine, they get back with some Trilium (Alien World’s Native Currency) and perhaps some awesome item or avatar in the process, and you do the cycle all over again.

The process is a little tedious for those gamers out there who’s looking for more action in their games, but this simplistic approach to gaming is what leads to it standing strong amidst the unforgiving tides of the market!

So if you want to earn without doing much, Alien Worlds is your go-to Web3.0 game this 2024.

Wrap Up

These are the Top 10 Web3.0 Games you shouldn’t miss out this 2024. Keep in mind that while this is an opinionated list, I curated it so well and from a gamer’s perspective too, to make sure that you enjoy these games as much as I do.

If these games piqued your interest and left you wanting more from Web3.0 gaming in 2024, feel free to explore its vast expanse for games you might like. One thing’s for sure though, as Web3.0 draws closer, more and more games like these will pop out, so stay on the lookout!