How to Gain More Clients and Grow Your Photography Business

Photography Business

The growth of any business depends on how it attracts prospective consumers. So is the case with photography. The success of your studio relies on the size of its consumer base. Every professional photographer wants to maximize the studio foot count. However, in the absence of a focused marketing strategy, you might miss this goal.

Photography is indeed an art and it finds its admirers, but an inconsistent revenue cycle may result in demotivation. Do not worry, we got you covered with these 9 amazing marketing and management tips. Let’s find out how you can gain more clients.

Know Your Client

The secret behind attracting clients lies in knowing them. What they prefer, how they choose, their budget criteria, services expected, and more. The more you know about your target consumers, the better strategy you can build to appease them.

The whole thing begins with matching your offered services to prospective consumers. Find your niche. For instance, if your core expertise is wedding photography services, you should target people that are going to get married. Whereas, if your key service is real estate portfolio shoots, your brand should attract people from the property business.

Build an Attractive Portfolio

A descriptive and gripping portfolio is crucial to find more photography clients. It not only introduces you but also your services to the clients. A detailed portfolio will help customers make an informed decision on hiring you for projects.

Build an Attractive Portfolio

Include details like snapshots of your past experiences, your shoot photos, and your personality traits, and passions. It should reflect your profession, make it visually attractive, and brainstorm on a unique design that defines you.

Launch Your Website

Create a website. It is the most helpful marketing tool in the current digital world. No other platform can replace the role of a website. The website will be your virtual studio. So, design a structure that attracts more clients, reflects their expectations, and assists them in the further process of the contract. Equip it with chatbots, live chat support features, and email automation to make your client’s journey more convenient.

You can find many templates specifically designed for artists. They come loaded with all the tools that you may need for marketing purposes. Choose a website builder with free trial and development support. Or, take help from a website builder or hire a web developer. 

Curate Your Portfolio on Social Media

Social Media is another medium that can help you bag more clients. For instance, Instagram and Facebook are popular platforms that double up in getting business for photographers. Leverage that huge user base to engage more clients.

Ideally, you should create a dedicated account for your business, and connect it to your personal ID to improve reach. You can post photos from your projects, professionally shot images of family or friends, or a few preparatory shots. You can utilize tools like meta business suite and posting platforms like HubSpot. Experiment with the timings and types of images. You can also use tools for consumer behavior analyses. Connect accounts with your website for facilitating deal closures.

Host Photography Events

Networking is a great tool for finding business. Events are a great way to get acquainted with your target audience. As a professional photographer, you can host open-shoot events to get more attention. Here, social media can help you post the announcement and eligibility for invitees. It is also a great opportunity to showcase your talent, working ethic, and passion. Moreover, as you are in full control, it’s easy to achieve the objectives. 

For instance, you can organize an open pre-wedding shoot. It will not only get you some bridal models to add to your portfolio but will also attract prospective clients who may retain you for the wedding if they like your results. You can further increase the allure of the event by offering quick deliveries. While you are busy shooting photos and managing the event, you can use wedding photo retouching services to edit and finalize the photos you have taken. Your models and prospects will get faster outcomes and that will spread the word on behalf of your business. 

Utilize Email and Ad Campaigns

Email campaigns and online advertising are part of an aggressive marketing strategy. It can be used once you have established an initial presence on platforms, like websites or social media, and have an attractive portfolio ready for client outreach.

Paid advertising like ‘Pay-per-click’ and video ads can be run to find leads amongst your target consumers. It can be used during peak service seasons to gain more clients. You can also run ad campaigns on social media platforms along with search ads for websites.

Running an email campaign is another way to present your portfolio to prospects. You can source data from agencies to run email campaigns.

Invest on Quality Photo Editing to Get Attention

Operating a photography studio business is not a cakewalk. Multiple crucial tasks need your attention, in that case time management and work allocation to support the team will help you streamline the operations.

Outsourcing to professional photo editing services is a cost-effective option. It reduces your investment and assists in smoother administration of the studio. You can go solo and use advanced software to deliver photos with high-quality editing. But, if you want to increase your clientele, then wearing multiple hats can throw the operations off-track. Outsourcing will help you in such a case.

High-quality photo editing builds the brand and gets you recognition amongst prospects. Its an area of photography that requires qualified and experienced handling. 

Create Offers and Incentivised Packages

Competitive pricing is another important step to attracting clients. High prices or mundane pricing might be a turn-off for clients. You can offer promotional shoot packages from time to time. Offering a mini-session is also a great idea that will help you gain access to prospective clients. You can use these offers in the less loaded season of the year. Seasonal discounts can instantly get you clients. Thanking returning clients with loyalty programs is a medium to form a healthy client circle.

Volunteer for Event Photography

To improve your network, participating in charity programs can help. You can volunteer for photography in social, cultural, and charity events to get known and make contacts. Such events also offer a good opportunity to brush up on your skills and showcase your talent.


The above tips will help you sketch an initial marketing strategy, depending on your genre and client niche. It should have realistic goals and a timeline. Revisit and change it according to the responses in due time. A multi-layered approach will be the best way to find expected results.

Having said that, remember that increasing clientele takes time and effort, along with business strategy. A proper work division will help you find time to formulate and update your marketing efforts. Additionally. outsourcing helps photographers in better time management, improving focus on core jobs. For instance, if you serve people by capturing memorable moments in a wedding event, outsourcing to wedding photo editing service providers will take care of the required post-processing, thus giving you the time to sharpen your client outreach and taking up more clients during the season.

Kathy Butters
Kathy Butters

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