Major Benefits of QuickBooks Remote Hosting

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Every industry has its share of risks, complications, and benefits. The accounting industry is in its own league as there is an increased risk of cyber threats, legal complications, and the delicate dance between tax season and work hours. If you are like most CPAs or accounting firm owners, the chances are that you might be using QuickBooks desktop software. Indeed, the software is capable of handling various sides of your business, be it accounting, payroll, or inventory, depending on the QuickBooks version you select.

But for many businesses like yours, installing QuickBooks software on local computers to let your team work on the premise is just not enough. If you want to grow your business along the lines of technological advancements and benefit from the power of the cloud, you’re in the right place. Here, we will explain how QuickBooks remote hosting can make your worklife better and more efficient.

Catch These Six Benefits Into Your Lap by Switching to Intuit QuickBooks Hosting

1. Highly cost-effective

Normally, the first step to adopting cloud technology for your business is whether it is suitable for your business-specific needs. However, with QuickBooks remote desktop hosting, it overlaps with analyzing its financial feasibility before diving in.

At the time of adopting new technologies for business, the cost is mostly a concern, particularly for small businesses. In some cases, it involves the existing IT systems, software, and hardware for advancements, which can be quite costly. Intuit QuickBooks hosting solves the puzzle of technology upgrades without letting you worry about the cost. Budget-friendly cloud hosting plans are easily available these days. You can select the one that is best suitable for your business needs.

For example, if yours is a small business, you can start with QuickBooks Hosting Plans offered by Ace Cloud Hosting – a leading application hosting provider. It is priced at $34.99 per user per month and is billed annually for all the cloud benefits it entails.

2. Easy scalability of your hosting plan

If your business involves seasonal spikes in the demand, the accounting tasks grow equivalently. If there is no cloud backing your QuickBooks desktop software, you would need to invest in upgrading the on-premise IT systems to deal with the increased demand without fail. With QuickBooks remote access backed by the power of cloud, you can easily avoid such costlier requirements during the peak season.

Think of upgrading your cloud hosting plan to be analogous to hiring more men to do various manual tasks temporarily during the high season. You can simply switch back to the original hosting plan with reduced computing resources once the peak operational period ends. Once this is done, you will only need to pay for the cloud resources per user per month. 

With such an understanding of cloud solutions, you can plan to increase your profits while reducing operational expenses while navigating the ups and downs related to your business. 

3. Better security and regulation compliance

In many cases, the switch to QuickBooks remote desktop usage arises from the need for a more secure work environment. For example, if you handle a large volume of customer data or business-specific financial details of your clients (in case you operate in the B2B segment), you would want to ensure the complete safety of such information when handled on your side. However, in the case of an on-premise IT setup, this would require you to invest in multiple types of security measures. Firewalls, intrusion detection, anti-malware, you might already know what all is needed. 

With QuickBooks desktop remote access, the cloud solutions will be complemented with the enhanced security of data and applications without having to deploy security walls in-house. Besides this, the cloud solution provider will also benefit you with their certifications of compliance, such as BBB accreditation and others. Another crucial aspect that matters here is the right selection of a cloud solution provider.

4. Simplified IT infrastructure management

If you do not have any idea what simplified IT management means here, it is recommended to re-read the pointers detailed above. When you switch to a cloud-based QuickBooks remote desktop access, you will work on the software using a device of your choice. Underlying the smooth working of QB applications, there lie high-performance computing servers that are owned and managed by the chosen cloud hosting provider. While you will be utilizing the servers and their computing resources, you will not own them. 

Since the ownership lies in the hands of the cloud provider, so does the IT management part. If you are quite familiar with the hurdles of setting everything in-house, you would agree on how difficult it can become sometimes to deal with technical glitches and IT manpower handling. A QuickBooks hosting provider will take away all the responsibility related to IT setup management. 

5. Streamlined collaboration between teams

For almost every type of business including yours, achieving revenue and/or profitability goals is based on team effort. The more your workforce feels connected while at work, the more efficient they can become. In a traditional IT setup where the QuickBooks application is installed on individual desktop computers, this collaboration side often gets a sidekick. If you were to get things done this way a decade ago, you would be in the top companies using business applications. But nowadays, profitable business is all about ensuring that your team members do not face any issues while collaborating for work.

Seamless collaboration may seem like a distant dream in the traditional manner of software deployment, but not with QuickBooks remote hosting. You can also think of switching to the cloud as the right type of advancement as it is bringing multiple users to work together simultaneously. As a result, you will witness business benefits in several different ways.

6. No stress of workforce mobility

Another way to look at the benefits of QuickBooks remote access is the workforce mobility it provides without causing any hindrance in its utility. Many businesses find it quite frustrating when they are unable to use QuickBooks at urgent times except when they reach the office premises. One of the core benefits of QuickBooks remote hosting is that it allows the users to access the application irrespective of where they are.

Envision a situation where you are stuck in traffic jams while on the way to your office. One of your clients calls you suddenly, asking for an urgent change to be done in the accounting file as the deadline draws nearer. This is something you cannot work on unless you reach the office and access the computer where the QuickBooks application is installed. A better alternative here is cloud-hosted QuickBooks which is accessible from anywhere, any time, and from any device of your choice.


QuickBooks desktop software is a feature-rich application for different types of businesses. By integrating it with the cloud through leading cloud hosting providers such as Ace Cloud Hosting, you can unleash its true power and benefit from remote accessibility, better security, and team collaboration. What are you waiting for? Pick the right cloud hosting plan for QuickBooks today!

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