How to Grow Your Online Grocery Delivery Business

Online Grocery Delivery Business

Online grocery shopping has become a hot trend. Consumers are now enthusiastically using the web and mobile platforms for purchasing and ordering grocery items. Businesses and startups are highly interested in establishing their online grocery delivery business considering its future business scope. 

But the way the number of online grocery platforms is increasing, the market is becoming more competitive. And this makes it challenging for store owners to survive and improve their business growth on a long-term scale. 

If you have an online grocery store and want to enhance its performance, this article gives you valuable tips on how to grow your online grocery delivery business. 

1. Simplify the Checkout Process

Online grocery delivery is a part of eCommerce. The rules which apply in the eCommerce industry will also work the same in online grocery delivery. And a simplified checkout process is one of the most important things that directly affect sales. As per a market report, 27% of cart abandonment happens due to time-consuming or complicated checkout processes. 

So you should check whether your online grocery store offers a seamless and fastest checkout process or not. To ensure a smooth and simplified payment and checkout experience, try to reduce the number of steps involved in adding or removing the product in the cart and multiple payment options. 

2. Make Your Online Grocery Website Mobile-Friendly

We all are living in a mobile-driven world. People now use smartphones and mobile devices for browsing websites instead of opening their laptops or desktop PCs. So your online grocery store also has to be mobile-friendly. As per a Google survey, 61% of users are more likely to leave a website that is not optimized for mobile devices or smartphones. 

Therefore, it is important to optimize your online grocery website or web application for all smartphone variants and mobile devices so users get an easier and smoother browsing experience. To optimize your website for mobile, you should-

  1. Test your website using Google’s Mobile-Friendly Tool 
  2. Use a responsive layout or theme 
  3. Select a reliable web host
  4. Enhance your website’s loading time
  5. Make Pop-ups optimized for mobile devices and popular smartphones
  6. Focus on Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)

3.  Build Customer Loyalty Programs

Customer retention is a common challenge for any business. You need to keep them satisfied and engaged always through your quality and timely services and offers. If you fail to do so, they may lose interest in purchasing products from your grocery portal. For this purpose, a customer loyalty program is needed. 

Customer loyalty programs help you keep your customers satisfied and retained. This ensures they will come again to your website to purchase grocery items even if they get other promotional offers. Starbucks is the most famous and has built a huge customer base through a highly lucrative and engaging customer loyalty program. 

When you give exciting offers, discounts, rewards, and gifts as per a customer loyalty program, customers feel their importance and get motivated to buy products from your online grocery store on a long-term scale.

4. Create a Dedicated Grocery Mobile App

Running an online business without a mobile app in today’s digital world is almost impossible. A mobile app is essentially required for any business that sells products online. You need to develop a dedicated grocery mobile app for your store. 

Through a grocery app, you can easily and quickly connect with customers. People can smoothly and rapidly search for their required products or items and order them at their fingertips.

Therefore, a grocery mobile app is a powerful way to grow or boost your online grocery delivery business. You can collaborate with the best mobile app development company in India that can help you build a high-performing and responsive mobile app for your online grocery delivery business. 

5. Socialize Your Online Grocery Store

Social media is the new power for eCommerce and online businesses. You can take advantage of popular social media platforms to make personalized relationships with existing customers and attract new ones as well. 

Create a separate social media marketing strategy for your online grocery store for each platform. You can post user-generated content and positive customer experiences to showcase the quality of your online grocery delivery services. In addition to this, you can also reward your customers to share their buying experiences with their friends on social media channels. 

6. Use Live Chat to Improve Sales Conversion Rate

Every visitor to your online grocery store is different. He or She may come up with a unique or important question. And because today’s people are impatient, failing to provide the answer or assistance in real-time may lose the chance of converting them into your customers. 

Therefore, it is beneficial to enable a live chat feature either in your web portal or mobile app. Having a live chat can help you solve customer queries instantly and consequently improve sales conversion rate. If you consider a report, by implementing a live chat feature, online businesses have witnessed 211% improvement in their conversion rate. 

7. Provide Fast and Transparent Delivery Service

The success of the online grocery delivery business primarily depends on the quality standards of your delivery services. People still have the option to visit the local or physical store for buying the products that your grocery store offers. 

But they visit your online grocery store because they want it to be delivered at their doorsteps easily and quickly just by tapping on their mobile devices. Therefore, you should provide fast and seamless delivery services. You should also allow customers to check their order & delivery status for creating transparency. 

Final Thoughts

Growing an online grocery delivery business is not easy. But the above tips will help you improve the performance and sales of your grocery store. To ensure your store performs well, you need to identify how your customer behaves while browsing or using your services. 

And based on their preferences and interests, you can create an effective strategy. Here, I recommend creating a dedicated grocery mobile app since all business strategies are adapting to the mobile-first approach. 

Erma Winter

Erma Winter is an Android developer at MobileCoderz-the Top Android App Development Company that offers business-oriented web and mobile app solutions to all types of businesses. She works with business owners to create Android mobile apps. Apart from this, She conducts webinars with industry leaders and research on mobile trends.