5 Core Types of Questions for an Effective Employment Reference Check

A reference check is very important when it comes to employment and it helps one to understand the competencies of a candidate more deeply. It also helps to verify all the claims that a candidate makes in an interview or while submitting his application or CV. 

You can do this physically or in the other case online reference checks can also be done.  If you are speaking with the manager of a candidate for a reporting employee then you are supposed to ask the question strategically to get an idea about the knowledge of a candidate and his abilities.

If you want to know the types of questions that you are supposed to ask for an effective employment reference check then read the article till the end 

1st Question

The first thing is to ask a question that makes clear the relationship between the candidate and referee because it is very important to get a clear understanding of this.  This is very helpful to judge the reliability and relevance of their feedback and how it is related to the abilities and potential of a particular candidate for the new role. The questions can include such as for what period have they worked together and you can also ask the nature of the working relationship and some questions about the reporting line

2nd Question

The second type of question that you should ask is the question that verifies the previous role of the person. This is because the candidates who need the job can be prone to a little exaggeration so for this reason, it is very important to make sure that every piece of information mentioned on their CV is accurate.  Such kinds of questions also help you to get an idea about the candidate’s previous experience before hiring.  you can ask about his job title and his general duties and responsibilities

3rd Question

The third type of question can be related to the insights into his previous performance.  you need to know that the CV of a candidate can be considered perfect for a job when you ask ok the candidate different questions about his previous performance and this will help you to get a big picture of his abilities and you will be able to assess his skills properly and this is how you will be able to know that how efficiently will the candidate perform in his new role in future.  so in this case it is recommended to ask about the strength and weaknesses of a candidate and you are also supposed to ask him about the areas of improvement

4th Question

The fourth type of question can include a reason for leaving his previous job.  ask about the reasons why he was not able to fit in his previous role and what changes would he like to have and has a new role

5th Question

The fifth type of question can be asked to explore some kind of additional information. It is very crucial that you allow the referee to give any further information which they might feel that is relevant to accept the questions that you are asking and at last you should ask if the person is the candidate is happy to be e contacted in future