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Salesforce is the most convincing name in customer relationship management. There is improved software that comes with user friendly features that can manage sales, marketing, customer service and also finance.

Although the main function of salesforce is communication with the existing partners, tracking the business performance is also equally important.

Personalized Communication:

You may integrate a text messaging software and a solution into a salesforce, and then business can start a personal communication with the most potential and existing customers in the most convincing way of text messaging.

The text messaging capabilities are available to make the work possible inside a salesforce and then the business initiates to personalize. The most convincing way to reach potential customers is through texting. Sales messaging capacity are integrated into the salesforce as well as the marketing teams, thereby creating specific lists based on the customer attributes.

The preference of attributes depends largely on sending messages. It is said that almost 97% of the text messages are read in almost 3 minutes. In fact, even mails are not read in this fraction of time. You cannot make it from your mails if the customer had actually read the message or not.

Multichannel Communication:

Phone calls and e-mails are those things becoming lesser effective but they are still becoming a necessary form of communication. This is known as Omnichannel communication and businesses are available through the channel they choose. About 64% of customers expect to receive real-time assistance irrespective of the customer service channel.

They can integrate the text messaging services along with a key communication for the customers that can be used any place, any time, or maybe the channel of communication. The customers would like to phone, email, chat via the website, or interact through social media having a presence providing a better overall experience.

Process Efficacy:

One of the most important task of salesforce is making easy for the businesses in managing the customer relationships much more efficiently. According to some studies, it has been proved that with the use of salesforce and text messages, the customer service agents has a 34% increment in productivity.

You can integrate a text message with a salesforce and then watch it go automated, and that is possible only when a native integration takes place. If you have noticed well, one of the most important salesforces that allow creating a custom workforce is also called a process builder. A workforce could be used to send a notification to a Vice President of Sales, only when a lead having a high value can submit the form on the website.

All the possible cases where an application can be used could be categorized as the following:

  • You can follow up with the leads after the initial phone call ends.
  • You may keep in touch with some people belonging to the top accounts.
  • There could be bulk messaging users for marketing purposes.
  • You are actually provided with a contact to know about a case that they have currently opened.

There is something more to SMS marketing apart from simply sending a text. In case you are owning a business and want to penetrate deep into the market, SMS marketing will be the best option. After all, there are some advantages of providing SMS marketing which you must note.

Advantages of Providing SMS Marketing

Providing Value:

Text messaging is regarded as something personal. While you invite somebody into that inner circle, its time you make it worthwhile. You can very well segment your clients and send them messages accordingly.

A text message is something that a person will be yearning to look at. If the customers start receiving the same messages via the website, print ads, and emails then it loses the appeal.

Paying Attention to Time:

There is a time when you should be sending text messages to your prospective clients. You should avoid sending them messages at the peak business hours. Research a bit and track the timings when the client will be the most involved in his mobile; probably then you can send the offer.

Tracking Results while Acting on Them:

Keep a track of the effectiveness of the SMS mobile marketing plans. You can fully utilize the time and then opt to send out text messages. The content will be fully focused on generating the best response.

In fact, choose tour content wisely so that your customer gets the in thing of it and starts responding to his interest. The main motive behind incorporating SMS marketing into the salesforce is that people trust their mobile and text messaging a lot.

In fact, you cannot overlook SMS marketing when you start planning business strategies. You know that by using text messaging, your message would remain in your hands and also most importantly, the hands of your clients.

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