Best Ways for Students to Earn Pocket Money

Earn Pocket Money

Some students won’t get the pocket money, but you might get the daily expenses like travel costs. There are many other expenses in college or school. When I was in college, I got Rs.100 as a weekly expense, but that was not enough.

As students, we have many things in our college life like hanging out with friends, going on trips, doing parties, etc. For that, we need money, so the money we get as pocket money is not enough; it is also one of the reasons students want to earn money without investing a single amount of money and can earn money.

But some students are very responsible; they want to earn money because they want to help their parents financially. Some are very ambitious in their lives, so they start hustling to make their brighter future during their college days.

In this article, I will tell you such jobs that won’t hamper your studies, help you earn extra pocket money, and develop new skills which will help you gain additional knowledge to stand out in this competitive world.

5 Best Ways to Earn Extra Pocket Money

So now your search for earning extra pocket money will end here as I will tell you the best five ways to earn money and upscale your skills.

1) Translator

The companies do hire students who can write and present the data accurately. They provide audio recordings to you, and you need to listen to the audio recording and write the data and facts mentioned in that audio file.

There is no requirement for any technical skills; you should have strong listening skills and English grammar.

The data should be adequately presentable on the company’s website. The content should convey the exact message that your client wants to convey. This job pays you per word and hour.

2) Freelancing

Suppose you are good at video editing, web designing, writing, photo editing, etc. Freelancing these services can make extra income for you. What does freelancing mean?

Freelancing means working on multiple projects with different clients simultaneously, known as freelancing. The sites on which you can start freelancing are Fiverr,, Upwork, Servicescape, etc.

Firstly, you need to find your niche, and then need to make a seller account on these freelancing sites and then determine your prices, target your audience and start selling your services.

3) Online Tutor

Online tuition is the best way for students to earn money. If you have good teaching skills, you can start taking online tuition.

Many students don’t understand the concepts of their subjects and can’t score good marks in exams, so they join the tuitions so that the tutor can help them understand the subject’s concept.

But since the covid-19 hit the world, tutors started providing their services online. So if your concepts are clear, you can teach the school students and your college friends and earn good pocket money.

4) Data Entry Jobs

Many companies are looking for students who can work for them, and the students who want to earn money also look for data entry jobs on the internet. 

You should know how to use Microsoft Excel, Word, Presentation in short; you should have basic computer skills.

The company provides the raw data to write and present accurately with statistical information, etc.

5) Web Designing

Web designing means a website’s design, which will display on the internet. There are a massive number of vacancies for web designers.

If you have learned about website designing, you can grab these opportunities. The companies are looking for fresh, innovative minds and give you a lot of exposure for your career, and you can bear your expenses.


If you see the students sitting at their homes since pandemic, as they don’t have school and colleges to attend, you can start doing jobs by sitting at home and getting bored at home. There are many online jobs that will help you earn money and give you many experiences and exposures for your career.

Many students are looking for jobs, and many do other things to earn money. It is the best way for the students to utilize their time in learning new skills.