How Can Drake Tax Software Hosting Help Your Business Grow?

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Whether it is for personal or business needs, preparing taxes is a cumbersome yet crucial task. Even a slight miscalculation can make you lose a significant amount in taxes that could be saved otherwise. According to statistical data, the error rate of tax returns filed on paper is 21%, which is way higher than the 0.5% error rate for e-filed returns. This is one reason why tax preparers and CPAs prefer Drake tax software. 

With its built-in features, such as multi-state returns, automated data flow, and built-in forms, you can considerably simplify the tax preparation task. However, there are certain challenges that even this power tax software cannot help with without human intervention, such as:

  • Round-the-clock client support unless you have a team working 24×7 to handle client queries
  • Frequent file sharing and creation of multiple copies of the same file
  • Timely tax filing unless you do so
  • Top-notch data security, particularly when hosted in a local setup

Wondering if there is a solution that can help overcome all these challenges? You need Drake Tax software hosting for the same. Hosting this powerful tax software on a third-party cloud server lets you stop worrying about tax preparation needs while your team is working on the cloud.

Let’s get to the advantages of Drake hosting to convince you to migrate your Drake software to the cloud.

1. Top-notch data security

Irrespective of the size and scale of your business, keeping your financial data safe is of utmost importance. Many enterprises have restrained themselves from investing in system security solutions due to the losses incurred during the last few years.This, in turn, has increased the risk of security breaches and malware attacks that lead to the loss of data. If your business is still running in cost-cutting mode, investing in robust security measures might not be financially feasible for you.  

If you are looking for a solution that can provide the required data security, switching to Drake tax software on cloud is the way to go. With Drake hosted software, the onus of maintaining cloud security falls on the cloud hosting provider you select. Furthermore, their multi-level security will keep your tax data more secure than a local computer.

2. Cost savings

Maintaining a secure, up-to-date on-premise IT infrastructure requires significant capital investments. It is not just about adding a server to the existing setup or including a firewall for security reasons. Both the software and hardware implications can take a toll on capital expenses, let alone hiring an in-house team for regular maintenance of the system you establish. If you are like most businesses, you will end up not upgrading the local IT setup for years to save on the cost part.

With Drake Tax software hosting, you can easily eliminate most of these expenses. Depending on your business needs, the size of the tax team, and the virtual resources needed, you can select a hosting plan under the pay-as-you-go model. In other words, Drake hosting turns out to be an affordable alternative to keeping everything in-house.

Think of it as a way to get dual financial benefits. On one side, you get to save money by not investing in an IT setup. On the other, you can benefit from tax savings with timely, accurate tax return preparation. 

3. Remote access to Drake software

Has it ever happened to you that your client called you to prepare taxes at midnight during the busy tax season when you have just reached home? The same could happen to any of your client-facing team members. 

Not having Drake Tax software access on your personal computer may seem frustrating in such situations Nor do you want to upset your client by delaying the task to a later time. This is where cloud-hosted Drake software can make things easier for you. 

One of the most significant benefits of switching to Drake hosting is the remote accessibility of your licensed Drake software. Irrespective of your location or time, you can work on urgent tasks at hand using a compatible, Internet-connected device. It also implies that you need not stay in your office 24×7 to access tax data and get various tax preparation tasks done at your convenience. This will ultimately help you keep a tab on the business workflow.

4. Glitch-free software performance

Imagine using a system with limited RAM of 4GB and a storage space of 100GB. You then install three-four software, each of which takes the space of around 10GB and consumes the RAM power heavily when you use them. Besides this, you have the local data of around 30-40 GB saved on your system. 

Even if you are a layman technically and know less about the working of computers, you would agree that such a system will be prone to performance issues. Now, pair it up with a locally-hosted Drake software, and the inevitable result will be – reduced work productivity while preparing taxes and a high risk of data entry errors. If you are in the tax business, you know how difficult it can be to upgrade the system for the better, no matter what the cost of it will be.

By availing Drake tax software hosting services, you are making yourself accustomed to using high-performance servers while using large data sets. Even if you add several add-ons with Drake software, you will have an excellent system performance to support your needs.

5. Uninterrupted support services

When it comes to getting customer support, we all want to get it whenever we want, and we want it to be delivered as fast as possible. The same holds when you start embracing cloud technology to improve workplace productivity, particularly during the tax season. 

For seamless tax preparation and processing, it is crucial to get the software access issues addressed in the blink of an eye. This is possible when you have hired a leading cloud solution provider for Drake hosting. While you may not like to invest in a dedicated IT support team locally, most renowned cloud hosting providers give this advantage as a part of their services.

No matter how unbelievable it may be, you can reach out for assistance and call your hosting provider support team 24×7. They will ensure that your software runs as smoothly as it should.

Summing It Up

Drake Tax software hosting is no less than an ideal choice for businesses that aim to achieve various business goals but often fail because of unexpected, unrelated problems. Whether it is higher security levels, ease of scalability, or continued support by experts, you can have it all at your service by selecting the right cloud hosting plan.