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Are you creating your investment portfolio afresh? ULIP plans provide both life coverage and also flexibility to invest your funds in direct markets. With the growing uncertainties of life, it is important to have insurance cover.

Think of cases where you are able to able earn returns and get insured with good insurance plans. A ULIP plan has tremendous payback in terms of return over investments and proving insurance cover.

It doesn’t matter if you have a high-risk tolerance appetite or not. Planning your investments and important not just because the funds are expected to grow their value but because a person chooses to put most of his wealth into it. Money is invested with the sole idea of earning returns and meet future financial needs.

At one level it simply makes sense that money needs to be grown with value. And the simple principle that moves around this idea is the return on investment.

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ULIP is broadly known as Unit Linked Insurance Plans and is the best choice for investment for people looking for guaranteed returns and insurance. Unit links are framed in a way that they provide life coverage and also give the flexibility to invest your funds into direct market units.

ULIPs puts the money into various types of funds like equities, debts, money market instruments bonds, etc. The change in the value and fund performance is calculated on the basis of the Net Asset Value of the product. Although, ULIPs is a rare in investment sector it has a major role to play in the market.

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Why Investments are Good

Earning returns over your money is the most significant reason for choosing an investment plan. ULIPs because of their transparency and insurance benefits are the most preferred investment option in the market. The recent IRDA amendment in ULIPs lock-in period was to make them a good long-term investment option while it also provides risk protection.

  • E-Insurance: The emergence of online platform for all the buyers and sellers has made it a lot easier to compare the insurance and make the best investment option into it.
  • Better Health Coverage: Life insurance can be a lot more than just an insurance product. ULIPs are insurance products that also provide investment benefits to the insurance holders.
  • Liquidity: ULIP plans are highly liquid since anytime the holder can withdraw money against its unit completely or partially in case of emergency.
  • Financial instrument: ULIPs are comparable to a property with a legal status. The rights to this property can be transferred, gifted, hypothecated, mortgaged, or even sold as per applicable laws.

Below are some investment plans by leading insurance companies

ULIPs by Life Insurance Corporation of India

LIC Market Plus 1 allows the cap to loosen to an extent by allowing the investor to shift some funds so that the equities with better growth potential can also be captured.

The LIC Market Plus 1 allows to cap the losses to an extent by allowing the investor to shift some funds so that the equities with better growth potential can also be captured. It is the best investment keeping in mind the lower risk tolerance horizons of the investor with the risks best controlled and providing benefits for the long-term goal like retirement plans, marriage, education, or living expenses after any uncertain event.

This ULIP is a pension plan which provides deferred payments which you can buy with or without life insurance cover. Also, you can choose the degree of your cover considering the limits that depend on if the policy is a Regular premium contract or a Single Premium contract.

ULIP Investment Plans by ICICI Prudential Life Insurance

ICICI Pru Wealth Builder II

  • Make portfolio strategy.
  • Options on multiple funds.
  • Loyalty Benefits
  • Tax Benefits
  • Choice on premium payment frequency.

 ICICI Pru Elite Life

  • Choice on premium installment.
  • Make your own portfolio strategies.
  • Wealth creation
  • Unlimited fund switches.
  • Tax Benefits.
  • Lower Effective Fund Management Charge (FMC).

ICICI Pru Guaranteed Wealth Protector is a ULIP for that provides the potential for significant yields, by putting a bit of your cash in value, while additionally giving capital insurance and life insurance. Your assets will be overseen utilizing the Guaranteed Wealth Protector Strategy.

ICICI Pru Smart Life

ICICI Pru Smart Life is a policy that gives numerous decisions to contribute towards your money-related objectives.

ICICI Pru Easy Retirement

You have dependably worked hard towards furnishing your family with all the solaces life brings to the table. ICICI Pru Easy Retirement gives this arrangement – the advantage of value cooperation with all the comfort of capital insurance.

ULIP Plans by Aegon Religare

Aegon Life iMaximise

  • Regular and limited pay option for premium payments.
  • No premium allocation charges
  • Rider benefits: Death Benefits, Income Benefits, Additional Saving Benefits.
  • Investment fund options

ULIP Investment Plans by MetLife

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MetLife – Met Advantage Plus

This MetLife ULIP investment plan provides maximum benefits of an insurance plan to ensure that you and your family lead a hassle-free lifestyle. Met Advantage Plus has various funds options along which provides annuity so that you live a well-maintained life even after your retirement.

MetLife Easy Super Balanced II

MetLife provides the best investment plans that give the flexibility to make your own investment portfolio where you can adjust your funds so that you gain maximum benefits from your plan.

ULIP plans are more transparent and simplified than ever with better capabilities of giving returns without any unwanted deductions in their return benefits.

Recent IRDA amendments ensure that no ULIP plans are overpriced and perform outstandingly in the market to provide the best returns. Choose your ULIP investment plan after keeping in mind your own risk tolerance horizon and your future financial goals.