Top 5 Key Features of EWallet Applications to Make it More Likable

Key Features of EWallet Applications

The Internet’s advancement makes us more prone to using personalized technologies rather than sticking with the same old things. We are tempted to purchase new things most of the time in the month. New offers and deals that showcase us on the e-commerce applications make us more starving to buy.

Being users we are always looking for some options that help us to save money. The hassle-free e-wallet app development companies are doing the same thing for us. They integrate several key features that make every user journey more comfortable and convincing.

Talking about the market, the demand for e-wallets becomes very peculiar and scalable with the integration of advanced technologies. With the 28% thriving revenue growth rate, derive new dimensions to the industry. Making the payments more feasible for the users.

Let’s discuss briefly the top 5 key features of most e-wallet applications:

  • Hassle-free registration process: this is the key attraction for the users. With the smooth registration process, users can’t feel disturbed while entering the app for the first time. Many e-wallet app development companies provide a user-friendly interface for registration and login.
  • Quick analytics dashboard: The analytics dashboard helps the user trace their previous history related to buying, paying the bills or sharing money with a friend, etc. With quick analytics, users can ensure their money with security on the platform.
  • Payment for different bills: the e-wallet app allows the user to pay for different bills, including mobile, DTH, rent, sharing with friends, insurance bills, etc. The user needs not worry about the bills, with the easy reminder notification, he can pay at the same time from a single wallet.
  • Payment for one to another account: the e-wallet mobile application would support paying from one e-wallet to another. This makes the transaction quick and scalable for the platforms. The user has no restriction to transfer from one account to another or can share their money with another user.
  • Payment with contactless technology: the e-wallet payment allows the user for quick payments without any security risk using a few contactless technologies like QR code scanning and NFC integration.

Top of the E-Wallet Mobile Apps in the Market

The wallet applications are known to deliver hassle-free payment options to users without intervening with any humans. All you need is a smartphone to install and create your first account on the platform and start paying for your recursive or simple bills.

Key elements of the apps are automated bill payments, pay to self, receive money, loyalty rewards, secure international transactions, etc. Here below are a few of the best most prowess apps in the industry are:

1. Apple Pay

The Apple Pay app is known for its security and fast transactions. The users can use the advanced features of the app and limit them from the fraud transaction if in any case the money laundering or the transaction fails or reverted to the wrong person, then the user has the liability to claim for the amount and the sum will be returned into the same account within 90 days.

The Apple Pay platform has a vast UI and UX intuitive design, with the models secured and following the encrypted advanced modes for every transaction. P2P payments can be easily possible using the same interface.

2. Cash app

It is also known as the square cash app which has a simple loaded design with an easy transaction channel for the users. The e-wallet app interface allows Bitcoin transactions to the users who want to invest in it. It is the better alternative to debit and credit cards. The UI interface is extremely user-friendly.  The app is available for both Android and iOS and is currently for US users only.

3. PayPal

Paypal is one of the oldest and most reliable platforms packed with high security. This e-wallet app offers a quick checkout process internationally. The app ensures free services to the users for micropayments and online shopping.

4. Google Pay

It is Gpay, developed by Google, the topmost search engine. The e-wallet app is responsible for doing both credit and bank transactions, offering rewards and deals for every transaction. It is loaded with multiple features that add features to its cap.

Some of the multiple services users can perform include; fast payments, in-app purchases, voice-based support, QR codes, and auto bill payments. 

Google Pay is crucial to making transactions for major mobile platforms.

5. Venmo

The e-wallet mobile app is responsible for doing global transactions for free. Users can enjoy free as well as premium services within the package of $3k/week.

Venmo plays its part in every medium including social media or P2P payments. It provides a protective shield against unauthorized transactions.

The above is the list of the top e-wallet mobile apps that play a prominent part in the industry. If you are the business leader or the investor you can connect with a good e-wallet application development company to cater their services to the audience.


With the penetration of the internet and awareness of wallet apps, the e-wallet industry will become more promising to the business in the coming years. The SME companies should take this as an opportunity and make similar clone apps that can reflect their customer values and revenue for the businesses.

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