How to Earn Money from Social Media? – Beginners Guide

Earn Money From Social Media

Social media has become so popular in the last decade that more than a million people are using it every moment. Even right now, as we speak of it, someone from some corner of the world is using social media. Its popularity has made it possible for businesses to consider using social media to market their products and services.

However, do you know that you too can make money online by using social media regularly? This is possible because its popularity and use have made many avenues open up for content creators and businesses to make money through social media. So, let us see the various ways you can start making money from social media in 2022.

How To Earn Money From Social Media?

The various known ways to earn money from social media are:

1. Become An Instagram Influencer

According to Google, becoming an Instagram influencer is more profitable than becoming a Quora Partner Program, which was considered a great way to make money online. In quora, you had to answer the various questions users posted in the forums. Often, rewriting texts and contents from other posts that contain similar questions ensured that you could apply for monetization from Quora.

However, becoming an Instagram influencer is far better because you will market yourself as a brand. On the other hand, it is also far more interesting than answering questions on Quora. This is because you will be able to create engaging posts on Instagram. 

However, becoming an influencer takes a long time because you need to amass an extensive follower base to identify yourself as an influencer. However, this does not mean that it is not doable. You need to consistently create engaging posts that make users like and comment on your posts. This will also make it more visible as a recommendation from Instagram when people search about related posts. 

If you become an influencer, you will get lots of sponsorships from various brands requesting you to make posts about their products. All you have to do then is create posts that showcase the benefits of using that brand’s products. And that’s it. Soon, you will see money rolling your way from various brands. You might also get collaboration offers with other influencers, which will further help boost your reputation and your money. 

2. Become A YouTube Content Creator

Becoming a Youtube content creator is one of the most exciting ways to make money from social media platforms. Becoming a Youtuber is a very creative job. You need a niche to create content out of and good speaking skills. If you have both, what are you waiting for? Start making your own Youtube video now?

But how does making Youtube videos help you earn money? Well, the answer is quite simple. This can be done using Youtube ads if your account has videos that have been watched for more than 4000 hours, along with a minimum of 1000 subscribers. Then, you can apply for the Youtube monetization program. After that, you will start earning money for every ad displayed when your video is being played on a device. 

It would help if you did a lot of keyword research using social media to make sure that your video has titles that are SEO friendly so that they appear on search results when people search for it using a specific keyword. This ensures that users will search for them faster by using a few particular keywords, no matter how interesting and engaging your videos are. 

3. Market Your Skills For Freelancing

While there are some ways to make money directly from social media, marketing your skills is never a bad thing. Note that this is not a way to make money directly from social media. All you have to do is create engaging and exciting posts that showcase your talents.

Are you a good musician or a singer? Make videos of you singing and upload them to social media to let others see it too. If it goes viral, you will soon definitely get the opportunity to perform it live in front of many people and even get paid for it. Are you a talented video editor? Then make some cool videos and reels on Instagram and Youtube so that people can contact you to edit similar videos for them too. 

4. Advertise Your Products And Services

Do you have a business? If you have difficulty marketing it to the right audience, why don’t you use social media? You can promote your products and services using social media. All you need to do is create engaging and exciting advertisements that attract viewers. 

Then, it would help if you run these advertisements on the site using its advertisement program. This is where some of the differences will crop up. This is because different websites like Facebook and Youtube have different advertisement policies and costs differently from each other. You have to invest some money on the website, according to which your advertisement plan and reach will be set. 

5. Use Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing has become quite popular recently. It refers to posting links to other products and services on the internet (like Amazon links) and then getting conversions through it. A conversion will be counted once a user clicks the link and checks the products out. Then, if the user buys a consequence, the social media website will pay a commission back to you. 


Earning money from social media has become more manageable due to the pandemic paving the way for online businesses. These social media websites can generate enough cash to allow content creators to earn money by making posts on their site that can also be used as a form of advertisement. Therefore, select your platform and start earning money now!

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