What is the Amazon Easy Store Franchise?

Amazon Easy Store Franchise

A franchise is the best way to earn fortunes without much of a headache. You will have a readymade business plan.

Amazon’s easy store franchise business is an advanced way of doing business. You will get ongoing assistance, guidance, and a system. It has also opened doors for existing business owners. You will have dominance over the existing customer base of Amazon.

Amazon Easy Store is a great drive for small businesses. With this program, many people can live up to their entrepreneurial dreams. This will also create job opportunities.

Brief Introduction to Amazon easy store franchise

Amazon is planning to integrate plenty of services from one touchpoint. This will allow 200-300 million clients to have an extensible shopping experience.

The Amazon easy store franchise will get ample benefits with this last-mile initiative. Mahalakshmi layout is the first Amazon easy store franchise. It is doing great in the Bangalore location. Amazon is now planning to extend its wings to other locations, like:-

  • Punjab
  • Karnataka
  • Andhra Pradesh
  • Gujarat
  • Uttar Pradesh
  • Maharashtra
  • Telangana
  • Tamil Nadu
  • West Bengal

What Makes the  Amazon Easy Store Franchise Model So Appealing? 

1. Scale Business 

You can scale and grow your small business by opting for Amazon’s easy store franchise. The store owners get to use the symbol and trademark of Amazon. Hence, your store will almost be identical to Amazon. 

2. Access to Great Capitals 

To start any new business with an existing business you may require to expand your store. But for Amazon Easy Store business, you do not need that. 

For instance, you will need additional capital to open additional stores. It will limit the pavement and cause significant delays for some people. With the Amazon easy store franchise, you can overcome such troubles. 

Benefits of Running an Amazon Easy Store Franchise

There are numerous pros to running an Amazon easy store franchise. They are:-

  • Since you are collaborating with Amazon (the leading brand), you can set up your store with minimal investments.
  • It is a good fortune to earn commissions apart from incentives. 
  • You get to manage your brick-and-mortar store affordably.
  • You can run the Amazon Easy Store business with your current business. 
  • You will be fortunate to be a part of the business community. 
  • You can sell more than 16 crore products from your store.
  • You get the privilege to earn an extra margin for registering new clients on Amazon.
  • You will be exposed to marketing training. Thus, will know the tricks for extensive sales.
  • You will get marketing support from Amazon. For example, you will get flyers, and banners, to display the offers and deals. Humans are attracted to discounts and sales. These promotional materials will help you to grab the eyeballs of consumers. 
  • Amazon Easy Store’s business account
  • Right to run an Amazon easy store franchise for a lifetime. 

Is it a Profitable Business?

Yes!! It is a 100% profitable business. 

Nowadays, it is human psychology to look for deals and values. You can lure consumers with special discounts and deals. Bargains like these will help you to attract consumers. This will help you to cement their loyalty and earn good commissions, incentives, and profits. 

How to Register?

  • Contact a credible Amazon network partner for registration. Choose one that offers 24×7 support.
  • Get training from them
  • Make your decision.
  • Once you are okay, read and sign the contract to register Amazon easy store franchise.

Eligibility Criteria to Run an Amazon Easy Store Franchise

Running an Amazon easy store franchise is a smart move that you can make in 2024!!

  • In order to run this franchise, you must be above 18 years of age.
  • You need to be 10+2 qualified
  • Must be adept at working on computers
  • Must have interpersonal skills
  • Should be adept in marketing
  • Shop space of minimum 200 sq feet

What is the Role of the Amazon Easy Store Franchise?

An Amazon easy store franchise will be the middleman between the consumers and Amazon. They will bridge the barriers for the consumers. 

1. Trust Factor

There are many shoppers who refrain from shopping on Amazon. People in rural areas think twice before trusting a third person outside their circle. An Amazon easy store franchise will be one among them, living in close proximity to the consumers. 

Let’s say “A” has started an Amazon easy store franchise in Uttar Pradesh, India.  

“A” and “B”, “C”, “D”………live in one community. “B”, “C”, “D”………knows “A” and therefore will have trust in his venture. They will purchase from “A”.

2. Language Barrier

India has got a wide user demographic. As per stats, 1.3 billion population in India speak around 720 dialects and 22 recognized languages (officially). We come across a new dialect every 40 km. Moreover, 10,000 people speak 122 languages. 

As Amazon is continuing to evolve, they need more access to the language of choice. You as an Amazon easy store franchise will break that barrier. 

3. Lack of Internet Access

Over 25,067 Indian villages lack internet connectivity. 

People in remote areas do not have access to Amazon. An  Amazon easy store franchise will strengthen Amazon’s services in such regions. 

4. Digital Payments

There are many reasons why people in India in remote areas do not adopt digital payments. Check some of the reasons (in the image).


An Amazon easy store franchise will help such people to avail Amazon services. Now, there are many Amazon network partners that render services like BBPS, Money transfer services, etc. Apart from earning commissions and incentives as an Amazon easy store franchise, they can also do side business.

For instance, they can start their career as a travel agent, insurance agent, etc. They can also earn commissions by rendering services like BBPS, Money Transfer, etc. 

Make sure you choose an adept Amazon network partner to run Amazon easy store franchise. Ask them whether they provide training. Have a detailed discussion with their other franchises. Check with them about their experience with them. Also, ensure to read their Terms* and Conditions* before you nod “Yes” and give consent.

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