How to Reach Out to a Recruiter on LinkedIn?

Building Self-Confidence

How can you respectfully connect with a recruiter on LinkedIn? How can you increase your chances of getting an interview with the recruiting company by contacting recruiters on LinkedIn without coming off as spam?

To begin with, you will need to learn how to contact a recruiter on LinkedIn. Second, develop the ability to write a concise but impactful message that can generate a reaction from the recipient.

LinkedIn InMail: What is it?

LinkedIn InMail is a private messaging tool on the professional networking site. It’s for professionals who want to message and connect with other LinkedIn users.

You can send a message to anyone who has selected “yes” to receiving messages from LinkedIn users by using the commercial edition of InMail.

LinkedIn InMail is a great resource for building relationships with recruiters and finding your dream job. However, if you don’t use it correctly, your messages could get misplaced in the shuffle.

How to identify a suitable recruiter?

It’s critical to select one who meets your requirements. LinkedIn is a platform that will help you meet your goal. These recommendations will help you to focus your search:

Lookup using location or sector

Use the LinkedIn search bar to find jobs in the city you’re interested in. Using the Locations filter, you may focus your search. Enter “recruiter” while keeping the city option.

On LinkedIn, you have access to the Company filter. Although you can’t perform a search for a particular business like you can with Google, you can limit the results by indicating the industry, location, and firm size.

Ask for referrals 

Has a friend recently changed jobs with the assistance of a recruiter? In that case, ask them for a referral. Even if it’s just through a friend or former coworker, connecting to a recruiter can help you establish that first contact.

Assess the Hiring Team

On LinkedIn, there may occasionally be a “meet the recruiting team” part under a company’s job description. The recruiter and recruiting manager may be on this team.

If a person with the title “recruiter” isn’t there, look for someone whose title includes “recruitment,” “talent acquisition,” or “staffing.” These are frequently used as substitute titles for recruiters.

Recruitment Consultants

There are several recruitment consultants with whom you can register. Recruitment Consultants will surely land you in a good placement. Recruitment Consultant will help you find the desired job that you are looking for. On LinkedIn, you can contact recruitment consultants, who will help you get the job you were searching for. 

Advertise Yourself

Having recruiters initially notice you is another strategy for attracting their attention. Recruiters frequently do targeted searches on LinkedIn to find applicants. They might contact you first if their criteria match your profile.

How can you stand out from others? Here are several examples:

  • Add a headline summarising your background and/or desired professional path.
  • Pick a credible picture.
  • For your “about” section, write a professional summary with keywords related to your sector.
  • Adding valuable experience
  • Include any applicable credentials or courses
  • Include a hyperlink to a resume or personal website.
  • Add an “open to work” banner (and choose whether you want your entire network to see it or recruiters).

How to reach out to a recruiter?

A connection request is sent.

It’s ideal for keeping communications with recruiters “short and sweet.” They are busy-bodies who frequently manage many positions at once and interview dozens or even hundreds of applicants each day.

When requesting a connection on LinkedIn, you should be precise and clear because you only have 300 characters. Introduce yourself briefly, describe your experience, and indicate your interest in the positions they are hiring for. 

Make sure to follow these points while sending a request- 

  • Click Connect after opening the recruiter’s profile. After that, select Add a Note to bring up a message box. You should type the message you want to include with your connection request there.
  • Introduce yourself using the message box. The likelihood that your message will be accepted and successful increases with personalization!
  • “I viewed your profile,” for example, or even a query like “Are you interviewing for this position?” could be used.
  • Describe your motivation for writing to your possible connection. Keep your message brief and direct.

Send the Recruiter a Thank You Message for Accepting Your Request

Don’t be reluctant to thank the recruiter personally after they approve your connection request. You might express your gratitude to the recruiter for considering your request and let them know you’re interested in the positions they have available, for instance. It is always a good idea to network to keep on recruiters’ radars, even if there are no available positions at their organization right now.

  • Make sure your message is concise but relevant.
  • Further, you could also add your resume to the message.
  • The majority of employers demand online application portals from candidates. Before discussing it with the recruiter over LinkedIn, make sure to apply online first.

Maintain a Successful Relationship

On LinkedIn, it’s critical to build strong relationships with recruiters. Don’t give up if you reach out; they might not be able to assist straight away.

  • Keep in touch, and ultimately your efforts will result in employment opportunities that fit your qualifications and skill set.
  • However, take care not to message a recruiter excessively on LinkedIn because doing so may make you appear to be a spammer, which may put them off and cause them to block your messages.


Searching for a job is difficult at this time. There are many ways to apply for a job and find a job. LinkedIn is one of the most popular and simple ways to look for a job. The above article specifies how you can contact a recruiter, build connections with them and ask them for a job.

There isn’t a set formula for messaging a recruiter on LinkedIn that will guarantee the outcome you want 100% of the time, but these guidelines and sample messages offer helpful samples of the tone you should aim for.