All About Hiring & Retaining Quality Staff for Your Cleaning Business

Starting a Small Business

It is not a difficult task to start a cleaning company. But it’s tricky to understand how to recruit staff and hire the right talent for running a cleaning business smoothly.

We are here with all the answers. Your employees are one of your most significant assets.

So we will also throw some light on how to retain good employees. Let’s get started!

Following are the traits to look for when you are hiring new employees:-

Previous Experience

Hiring someone with experience saves your time and energy for training your new employee. There can be some less-experienced people in your team. But they must have a passion for cleaning. Most of all, your team should be aware of the hard work this business demands.


When your staff is in the field, they are on their own. So you need people who are self-motivated and independent. They should be able to do top-quality work without anyone intrusting or supervising them. Your goodwill depends on the cleaning quality they deliver to your clients.

Friendly & Pleasant Personality

Apart from their work, their client interaction also matters a lot. There will be many instances where they will be communicating to the client on your behalf. Thus, your employees must be polite, friendly, and pleasant with other people. Your client will make an impression of your company through their behavior.

Integrity & Commitment

Experienced and hardworking staff doesn’t matter if they don’t show commitment towards their job. Their seriousness of showing up every day at work and doing their best is crucial. Also, your staff has access to client’s belongings. Therefore you need them to have a strong sense of integrity.

Helping & Caring Nature

When you think about hiring talent for a cleaning business, you think of all the qualities. But most people forget that you need staff members who genuinely feel the need to help others in the cleaning business. Their helping and caring nature will be visible to the clients. Ultimately it will boost the image of your company in terms of customer care.

Step-by-step guide on how to recruit staff for your cleaning business:

Now that you know what traits to look for when you want to hire or recruit talent for your cleaning business, here’s a quick step-by-step guide on help you out:

  1. Create an optimal job listing and post it on major portals and social media.
  2. Review the job applications you got. Mark your preferences on each one of them.
  3. Set up Initial Interviews over call to get an idea of their capabilities and aspirations.
  4. Call the selected candidates for a detailed personal Interview. Remember the required personality traits while evaluating their suitability for the job.
  5. Run a background check on the selected candidates for any criminal record.
  6. Take the candidate’s feedback from previous bosses and co-workers.
  7. Send the offer letter to the selected candidates. The candidate might want to negotiate the compensations and benefits mentioned in the job offer. Never cross your designated budget to hire anyone. However, you can promise them performance-based raise in the future.

How to retain good talent in your cleaning business:

It’s vital to retain your good employees. In our last section, we are providing some proven tips to keep your employees happy and satisfied in your cleaning company:

Recognize Them on Measurable Parameters

With the right kind of cleaning business software and systems in place, you can easily evaluate your employee’s performance. Your appreciation for their efficiency, positive client feedback, regularity, and other noteworthy qualities will boost their trust in your company. Everyone likes to work in an encouraging and positive environment.

Don’t Overwork or Underwork Them

You can take the help of cleaning services software to manage your employee’s schedule effectively. Be consistent in providing them work which they can comfortably complete in their shift timing. Overworking them some days and keeping them free on other days represent less organized management. This might motivate them to look for alternatives in the market.

Share Your Vision With Them

A cleaning job might be looked down upon by some section of society. Therefore you need to reassure your employees from time to time that how important is their job. They are not only mopping the floor or cleaning toilets. They are saving the world from diseases. Making them look at the bigger picture will defiantly inspire them to do their work.

Value Your Quality Employees

One of the best ways to control employee turnover is to keep your quality employees. They will maintain a favorable atmosphere in your company.

Also, explain the cost of constant hiring to your workforce managers. Ask them to adopt all the correct practices to retain good employees.

Akhil Rajan

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