Best 8 Mobile Security Applications for Android and iOS

Mobile Security Applications

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Everybody loves their mobile phones in this technical era. Mobile phones store more personal data of the user than their wallet have. So, nobody wants to breach the security of their mobile phones and lose important data. That’s why security applications come into play. Keeping a single security application can protect the device to a great extent. Apple has provided more security to its iOS devices with some hidden hacks than the Android operating systems Because Google is more interested in third-party applications. Still, we have collected the security app options for both platforms to make them fully secure. 

Everybody is very busy in this digital world, So they don’t have time to search for the right security application. Don’t worry, we have sorted this problem for you and gathered some of the best apps to secure Android and iOS devices. 

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Best Mobile Security Applications for Android and iOS


Our first pick on the list is a parental control application available for Android and iOS. In this digital education era, this app is developed for parents to control their child’s mobile phones or tablets. As per the rising popularity of online education for children, you can’t be available 24*7 by the side of the child. So, keep an eye to secure and protect your child’s activities and make them risk-free. It helps you to control the screen time of the child’s device from anywhere. 

Key Features:

  • Easily filter websites and set time limits on your child’s device.
  • You can even block the applications you don’t want them to use.
  • Get a real-time view of your child’s browsing history and social media uses.
  • Track the calls and SMS of the device and block anyone whom you don’t want to connect with your child.
  • Quickly locate the family members on the map with this app.
  • Get daily, weekly, or monthly reports of your child’s activities. 

This is one of the best-recommended applications to save your child from cyberbullying and unnecessary online content. You can easily get their 30-day trial for even schools and businesses. 


One of the ways to get secure from all online activities is to set passwords for different services. But the big problem is to remember them every time. So, our next pick ‘1Passowrd’ is to solve this issue. The applications assist you to generate different passwords for these services and store them safely. You can automatically log in anytime with the stored passwords. The only thing you need to do is to make a king password to access this application. 

Key Features:

  • You don’t need to remember plenty of passwords for your various applications or services.
  • Sign in to various applications in just a few clicks with automated stored passwords.
  • Easily create strong and unique passwords.
  • Offers you to store passwords as per different categories like credit cards, logins, bank notes, etc.
  • Easily create multiple vaults.

The application is based on end-to-end encryption technology, so you are the only one who can see the passwords, for others they are decrypted. Your app on the phone will be automatically locked which provides you security even if the phone gets stolen. You can easily try the app by taking the trial option. 


The next security application picked for this list is DuckDuckGo to secure your browsing sessions. Privacy on the internet is one of the important things now a days and this application does so for you. DuckDuckGo also provides you with a browser that doesn’t store your browsing data. 

If you have noticed if you search for something on the internet and it comes automatically on your Facebook or social media ads. This application will save you from this sort of security breach. 

Key Features:

  • Make it possible to show you only the safe websites.
  • Offers you a very comfortable and safe browser to do internet activity.
  • Get hassle-free protection from third-party trackers. 
  • It easily blocks the tracking cookies to prevent the sites to save your data.
  • Enables Email protection and blocks the email trackers to avoid spying on you. 

You can use DuckDuckGo on Android and iOS devices and easily block your trackers. The application just makes your privacy simple. DuckDuckGo never tracks you, they just block the hidden trackers.  


Dashlane is another security application available for both Android and iOS to reduce your burden to memorize passwords. The application is a little different from the 1Password app discussed above, as they don’t want you to remember a master password. You can just use fingerprints, a biometric reader, or iPhone’s touch ID. A very few apps of password protection offer this feature. 

Key Features:

  • Storage for an unlimited number of passwords and access whenever you need it.
  • Easy synchronization of the Dashlane data with any of your devices.
  • Strong and secure password generation and storage.
  • Easily change the passwords whenever you want to.
  • Log in easily with Touch ID or Face ID.
  • Get easy alerts when your security is compromised.

Dashlane application uses patented and best encryption methods to protect your privacy. You can easily start with their 30-day trial period. It has both free and pro versions, but in the free version, they offer the service for one device. If you want to access it on multiple devices, then get the premium version. 


The next choice for the security application is Avira which is basically a virus scanner and remover. Avira is available for Android and iOS both. The platform offers more than one feature. It gives you the benefit of features such as Find My iPhone, detection of attackers, and also optimizes the device’s battery and memory performance. 

Key Features:

  • Easily detect your leaked Email.
  • Allows you to track and locate your lost or stolen phone.
  • Easily block unwanted or spam phone calls and texts.
  • It secures your phone through an advanced free VPN.
  • Blocks malware, spam, phishing, and any online fraud to five secure browsing sessions.

Avira offers you to protect from so many online breaches, thus making your phone a safe place for you to do internet surfing securely. It provides a secure connection between your device and your online activities. 


The next security app choice is to protect your digital conversations through encryption. You can easily send high-fidelity messages and HD video or audio calls without any security issues. It is based on an advanced privacy-preserving to make you share your important moments easily with your friends or family. Like a normal network signal works for every message or call, So is this Signal app. 

Key features:

  • Quick and reliable delivery of messages even on not-so-good networks.
  • They operate without ads, trackers, and any disruption.
  • It offers you enhanced audio, and video quality feel.
  • You can choose customized alerts for messages or each contact. 
  • They even offer you a text tool to add words to your pictures.

The information and data shared by you don’t store on servers. The signal application is available for both Android and iOS. 


Another security application addition to this blog is Lookout, a more advanced anti-virus. The platform offers you mobile security and identity protection for all of your devices. Lookout protects your data, your mobile, and your identity. You can stay secure from phishing attacks with this mobile application. It helps you to protect the device from viruses, malware, spyware, etc. 

Key Features:

  • Offers you free mobile security and system advisor. 
  • You can easily locate your device on the map which lets you automatically save your location when the battery is low.
  • Gives you information about unsafe wireless networks.
  • Give alerts or reports about the apps or services which breach your data.
  • It scans every URL link you visit and detects any suspicious activity.
  • It can remotely lock the device and immediately remove the data.

Lookout has many more features to offer you. The availability of this app is for Android and iOS both. It has a subscription facility for one month until you use auto-renew.

Kaspersky Safe Kids

Our last pick is a parental control app which is a must-to-go app in today’s time. You can easily protect your child from any inappropriate content available on the internet. The app is available for both Android and iOS with paid and free versions. It helps to block unwanted websites, applications, or files that you don’t want your children to use. 

The paid version of the app even monitors your child’s location and activities. You just have to install it and track your child, no matter wherever you are.

Key Features:

  • Easily set screen time limits for the child as per your requirements.
  • Effectively block access to inappropriate data.
  • Block unsuitable youtube search requests.
  • Control over games and other applications usage.
  • Get real-time alerts and detailed reports.

As this is the era of online education and activities for children, So we have included some options for the parental control security apps. You can give a safe online experience to your child while keeping an eye on them. 

Wrapping Up: Be Secure With These Apps

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We have collected these options for security applications to save and protect your device. We have suggested all those options which are available for both Android and iOS. So, what are you waiting for….Choose a suitable security app and protect your device from any sort of online threat to you or your children.

If you need more information, then you can connect to us freely…We will assist you happily!

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