Is It a Good Time to Invest in Silver Coins?

Invest in Silver Coins

Silver will make a great contribution to your portfolio. People who own silver items get a sense of tangibility, stability, and permanence.

Investing in silver gives you several options. Like all investments, there will be both risk and reward.

Citizens of India are discovering the value of silver coins as a profitable investment. Today’s silver rate in India is very competitive in the global market.

Get the Best from Your Investment

Decide When to Buy – While it is an educated guess like all investments, silver maintains value or increases in value during a recession. Silver has many manufacturing uses that ensure silver will be in demand while other currencies stay strong.

Gold versus Silver – Silver has more industrial uses than gold. For example, it is a common part of consumer electronics.  However, the silver price in India will increase faster than gold during a ‘bull market’ for precious metals.

A Diversified Portfolio – Invest your money in different forms of silver investing. This will give you higher gains with relative security. Also, ensure that your precious metal investments are between 10% and 15% of the total portfolio. Buy concrete examples of the real thing (silver coins). 

Owning Silver Metal – Owning the actual precious metal like silver coins and storing them at home or in a safe deposit will give you a good feeling of security. You will have to protect it in storage.

The Advantages of Silver Coins

You will have more options with silver coins than bars. Coins are more convenient and portable. They generally sell with a higher mark- up caused by minting and designing costs.

Consider Collectible Coins – These have various amounts of silver material and have been minted decades ago. They will give you a design, rarity, and historical importance. This means the price will be more volatile which will make the investment a bigger risk/reward undertaking. Essentially the value of collectible coins will be a lot greater than the worth of their substance.

The cost of antique and rare currencies has risen steeply over the past few years. A 1939 silver coin has been cataloged as India’s last ‘pure silver’ coin. In 2007, it was traded for about Rs7000 for each piece. It is now being marketed for more than Rs. 4 lakh. A British India Victoria Gold Mohur, Rs. 35,000 in 2007 is now being sold for over Rs. 2 lakh.

Investing in Silver in India

Indian residents who have bought silver have done so in the form of ornaments or jewellery rather than an investment. An educated population now has access to real-time material on the fluctuations in the price of silver. It is now being considered as an investible commodity. 

Silver coins are accessible in various strengths from many retail outlets. You should buy from a certified, well-established vendor. It is important to make sure that your silver is engraved, embossed, stamped, or marked in some way. This ensures it is pure silver. You will usually receive a certificate with the silver. Coins can be purchased from 10 grams to 500 grams in weight. The reward and risk are slightly less as the weight and amount of silver are in a lesser quantity.

The Silver Price in India

Ahmadabad considers precious metals as rewarding tradable investments. Today’s silver rate is the result of the global market’s demand and supply, inflationary factors, and movement. Silver has been the second chosen metal to invest in. The movement showed an upward trend at the start of 2021.

ParametersSilver Price in India (per kg)
February 1 RateRs42,600 per kg
February 28 RateRs41,200 per kg
Highest Rate in FebruaryRs42,600 per kg on 1&2 February
Lowest Rate in FebruaryRs40,600 per kg
Overall Monthly PerformanceDecline
Percentage Change-3.28%

The Charts demonstrate that like all investments the silver price in India will fluctuate in value but remains a lucrative tradeable investment. Today’s Silver Rate in India has risen sharply over recent years.

Silver coins offer a convenient and competitive investment tool. As with all investments, you will find the value is volatile but if you proceed cautiously you will be a winner. Diversify your investment portfolio and deal with a certified vendor. You will reduce the risk and enjoy the benefits.

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