10 Personal Finance Podcasts to Listen to in 2022 (Infographic)

Personal Finance Podcasts

Podcasts are a medium that’s entered a golden age in the last five years. Although they’ve been around since the early 2000s.

Hence the ‘pod’ in the name – this era of audio production has aligned with the decline in traditional media budgets and a yearning among listeners for more authentic voices rather than the default hosts they know from other platforms.

Add to this the convenience of listening on the go, at home, or while you’re working out and podcasts make sense as go-to media for education, entertainment, and even personal development.

One niche that’s achieved particular prominence is finance. Whether it’s interviewers, founders, or individuals passionate about financial independence, this area is extra fascinating as it’s often been associated with dry or inaccessible content.

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Unexpectedly, finance-focused podcasts are actually really engaging and make major grounds in presenting information with flair, creativity, and inclusivity.

Moreover, finance has previously been a topic that’s taboo for people in their everyday lives so listening to these podcasts means they can learn from experts without spending huge amounts on meeting with a financial planner for the same information or feeling too embarrassed to ask friends.

The quality production combined with the broad scope of topics covered within the genre ensures there’s something for everyone and even more for anyone who’s interested in the broader sub-genres, too.  All Finance Tax analyzed the top finance podcasts to develop this comprehensive guide to must-listen finance podcasts.

This guide reviewed a full range of the top shows to help with getting started with the niche and the infographic shared below showcases must-listen content including tips on the shows to start with.

The shows spotlighted in the graphic cover topics including business and entrepreneurship, women’s financial empowerment, thought leadership, personal financial planning, case studies of billionaires, and, much more. Read on to discover the full graphic, learn about the shows, and embark on your listening journey!