Why Your Business Needs an Electronic Access Control System

Electronic Access Control System

This infographic is designed to explain why your business needs an Electronic access control system (EAC).

You can review how it uses digital networks and devices to quickly detect and authenticate entry onto your premises with 24/7 operation, so you always know who enters your facility and when.

Better yet, you can see how you maintain that control by determining the criteria for entry into each section of your site. In fact, you can even base authorization on the day of the week and time of day to accommodate special projects and access requirements.

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Your EAC is designed as a standalone or perfect enhancement to your current system. Their customizable design allows you to apply their use to any scenario.

They also offer touchless technology to overcome the hygiene challenges of the pandemic. You can quickly review: 

  • All the basics about the system
  • How the EAC system will improve your site’s security
  • What is involved, and the potential customization features they offer
  • How the EAC system works

You’ll also gain an understanding of their components, including:

  • Access Control Point (Entries)
  • Credentials
  • Credential Readers
  • Electronic Access Control Unit
  • Locking Hardware & Access Control Software

A review of the genius behind an EAC’s operation also speaks to their flexibility and smart technology, including:

  • Authentication with the presentation of the credentials
  • Authorization as the system determines if authorization should trigger entry
  • Access confirmation to trigger door-locking hardware to unlock the entries
  • Management using administrative software to sync automatically with internet-connected ACUs for adding or removing entries, user credentials, schedules, and alerts
  • Auditing to generate reports for access logs, including both user activity and entry activity

While it might seem the device is quite complicated, everything works instantly, allowing the system to read, authenticate and decide on entry without delay. You’ll learn all you need to know about an EAC to help you make an informed decision on how you can use it for your needs.

With your newfound understanding of the function, benefits, and solutions provided by an EAC, you can see why they are the ideal solution for your organization.

Business Needs an Electronic Access Control System