What things to look for when renting a car?

renting a car

It seems like a challenging task once you start looking for a rented vehicle. There are several companies with different policies. Don’t worry; I got you covered, under I have listed all the essentials you need to check and be aware of when renting a car.


There is no point in going to the rental agency with your driver’s license. Most companies require a driving license and a valid credit guarantee. This card is used to cover any incidental costs.

Check the car exterior:

Whenever you get a vehicle, please take a look at it inside out for any damages. If anything is complicated to see, use a torch to look at it. If you find any damage in the car, make sure that the agent is aware of it and that it is mentioned on the paperwork. Also take pictures of the vehicle you are renting before using it.

Be mindful of where you park:

You do not want your license plate to be gone when you show up the next morning. This is why it’s necessary to find a parking spot where you can be sure that your vehicle will not be damaged. Do ensure that you have read about all the parking restrictions. Every company possess their own set of instructions. Make sure that you are entirely familiar with them before proceeding with the company. 

Get Full Damage Insurance:

Even if you think that you are a good driver, anything can happen. So make no excuses and get damage waiver insurance. This insurance will cover all kinds of damage caused by accidents. But you are yet responsible for the injuries of a certain amount depending upon the vehicle. In addition, some of the damage is not caused by accident but through driving, such as scratches, broken mirrors or damaged tires, which cannot be covered by insurance. You are going to pay for those damages.

What kind of fuel your rental uses:

You might think it’s unnecessary because your trip may not last long. But it’s better to know what kind of fuel your vehicle runs on in case if you have to fill it up.

Get to know your Rental vehicle:

Every car is different in from the other. You may not find the exact car for every time you rent a car. It’s better to drive it beforehand and adjust everything according to you. Do take a look that everything is working fine. Once this is done, you can take it along with you.

Select a full-to-full fuel policy:

In Australia, this is the policy that you take a full tank car and return full tank car. If you do not follow the rule, you will be charged a premium for a liter. 

Look out for Additional charges:

Car companies have sneaky tricks up their sleeves for surcharges. For example, they often use professional language in front of customers to confuse them into submitting. A few of the additional charges that can be added to your rental agreement are:

Young Driver charge: if the driver is under 25 that may come with an extra charge.

One-way charge: this can occur if you pick up the vehicle from one place and drop it off at another.

Optional Extras: Fees are charged for extra features such as a GPS map viewer or a child’s seat. Or, if you have rented a camper van, the additional charge could be for bed linens, outdoor table chairs and crockery.


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This blog is written on what to look for when renting a car. It covers all the essentials you need to be aware of while renting a car. Along with that, a good company has also been suggested to be used in Australia.