Revitalize Business: Power of Exterior Office Maintenance

Revitalize Business

Although exterior maintenance may not be the first thing that comes to mind as a marketing strategy, it is a powerful tool to advertise your business.

Below are actions to ensure that your business’s exterior remains maintained and why this is an effective way to promote.

How to Properly Maintain the Outside of Your Business

Maintain the Outside of Your Business

The following forms of maintenance need to take place regularly to keep up with the outside of your business:

  • Update and maintain landscaping – This action may not be pertinent for every company, but it is imperative if it applies to you. If the outside of your business needs modification, then do so. Additionally, make sure that if landscaping is already there, it stays looking nice. Ensure that grass and plants are neatly trimmed, watered, and weeded.
  • Make sure outside (and inside) windows are frequently cleaned – There are many reasons to opt for a window cleaning service. Some of these reasons are that it makes the business more inviting, gives a better first impression, and creates space to put signs up for advertisement. 
  • Keep up with outside paint – When paint is chipped and unmaintained, it lessens the curbside appeal and creates a run-down look. On the contrary, an excellent paint job makes a business look much more professional.
  • Ensure proper and up-to-date lighting – This step is safer, and adequate lighting is also a great way to show off your business after dark.
  • Frequently remove trash (if any) from the parking lot, and make sure parking lines are clear. This step will look neater and make the parking lot more secure.

Why Exterior Maintenance is an Effective Marketing Strategy

Listed below are reasons exterior maintenance is an effective way to advertise and revitalize your business.

A Well-Kept Outside Allows for Smartly Placed Business Advertisements

When the business’s exterior is cleaned and well-maintained, it allows more room for smartly placed business advertisements. With proper maintenance comes more space with a less crowded look. With a clean outside, there isn’t much else to look at besides your advertising displays.

Ways to advertise include:

  • Window signs or paint
  • Door signs
  • Billboards
  • Pylon signs
  • Business chalkboards that are decorated artistically
  • Specified business vehicles in the parking lot
  • Building banners

These marketing strategies are sure to grab attention from people on the outside.

Exterior Maintenance Demonstrates That You Care About All Aspects of Your Business

You demonstrate to a client or customer that you care about your commercial space when the exterior is maintained (like the interior). This action shows them that:

  • Because you take care of your business, they can be sure you are leaving their business in capable hands 
  • Your company is on top of things
  • You are detail-oriented
  • You are conscious of what is taking place on your company’s interior and exterior.

For these reasons, exterior maintenance is advantageous for marketing and a great technique to reinvigorate your company.

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Exterior Upkeep Advertises Reliability and Professionalism

A dirty, dingy exterior look is unprofessional and may scare potential customers away. However, keeping up with outside maintenance looks clean, professional, and reliable, like those who run the business.

  • It illustrates that you respect your business and the people inside
  • It shows you have a sense of duty to protect your work
  • It demonstrates your capability to get the job done when necessary

Cleanliness in all forms, especially outside a business, is an integral part of presentation. Presentation is vital to establish that you are professional and qualified.

A Clean Outside Advertises Your Work Ethic

When the outside of the business is maintained, it displays your work ethic. The reasons for this include:

  • It shows that you take necessary measures for upkeep and security
  • It demonstrates that you aren’t lazy and unwilling to let essential tasks go
  • It proves you will do whatever is required to clean up your business
  • It illustrates that if you put work into the exterior of the building, you will also put the necessary energy into matters on the inside.

Typically, clients and customers aspire to put their money into a hard-working company. Exterior maintenance is one of the first things you can do to illustrate that you are prepared to put in the effort.

Exterior Upkeep Advertises That You Are Concerned About Safety

Lack of exterior safety is one of the most ineffective strategies for marketing. Once the exterior of a business is safe, it allows room for more effective advertisement. These are exterior maintenance steps to take to ensure safety:

  • Remove snow from sidewalks and parking lots (if applicable) 
  • Put salt on steps and sidewalks (for when there is the potential of ice)
  • Make sure the outside is well-lit after dark
  • Remove trash or excess leaves from the sidewalk or parking lot
  • Make sure there are no tripping hazards around the property
  • Build a ramp for easier accessibility (if possible)

Effective advertising begins after exterior and interior safety is insured

To properly maintain the exterior of your building, specific measures need to be taken. These include upkeep of the landscape, windows, and outside paint. Proper lighting needs to be implemented, and the parking lot needs to have clear lines with constant trash pickup. Long-term maintenance may raise property value, which may be favorable for your business in the long term.

Additionally, exterior maintenance is a constructive marketing strategy because it indicates your professionalism, reliability, and work ethic are evident in your consideration of safety and security. Exterior upkeep will also allow room for smartly placed business advertisements. For these reasons, revitalizing your business is possible through exterior maintenance.