How to Use Skype to Promote Your Business?

Use Skype

Are you looking for ways to market your business using Skype? Read this blog and find out how to use skype to promote your business.

Covid-19 forced markers and businesses to work remotely. But it is difficult to overcome the communication challenge. However, the popular video conferencing app, Skype for Business, helps you remove that gap. And for that, you need to know how to use it properly.

Online communication becomes more collaborative and engaging with Skype for Business. Skype for Business can be used from almost any PC or mobile device, anywhere globally, with an Internet connection. With Skype for Business, you can easily make voice calls and video calls, hold meetings and attend them effectively.

So, let’s dive in to see a detailed look at Skype for business and how to use it to promote your business. Before that, you can also look at how to recover deleted Skype messages.

What is Skype for Business?

What is Skype for Business

Earlier known as Microsoft Lync, Skype for Business is a famous communication platform Microsoft developed. The Skype for Business basic features includes:  

  1. Instant messaging
  2. Voice calls
  3. HD video conference calls
  4. File transferring
  5. Broadcast online meetings
  6. Whiteboard collaboration
  7. Screen Sharing
  8. Call Recording

Why is Skype for Business Important for Business?

Skype for business applications helps raise the bar by increasing the productivity and efficiency of a business.

Solve the Queries

Through this app, you can connect with every team member of your organization, whether front-line customer service agents or back-office specialists. 

The contact center contains skill-based routing. And it diverse customer queries to those who can probably solve them quickly and efficiently.

Prioritize High-Value Customers

Collaboration with CRM allows an organization to identify when high-value customers are making contact. And they prioritize the services given to them.

By integrating customer information, availability of agents, and queue-based routing based on skills and capabilities, you can make sure your high-value customer gets only high-quality services.

Boost Revenues and Satisfaction with Self-Service

It offers multiple professional self-service tools like mobile navigators, touchtone, IVR, and corporate web directories.

The Enghouse Attendant Operator Console contains a developer platform that helps create customized self-service options for SMS, email, audio, and video, deployed from within Skype for business.

Share Knowledge to Improve the Customer Experience.

Converting the entire business unified communication (UC) solution into a contact center platform means everyone can get stuck with customer service.

So, if one team member encounters a problem, they can transfer it to someone who can solve it. 

How to use Skype to promote your business?

Skype offers more than chat, voice calls, and video calls. So, it challenges many top VoIP PBX systems. It is a VoIP telephone system. 

Using its monthly package, a business person can have unlimited calls. But that doesn’t mean Skype offers everything that VoIP PBX does.

Skype and Skype for business are two different things. You can use Skype free of cost and add up to 25 people. Whereas for Skype for Business, you have to pay monthly and add up to 250 attendees. The import-export community widely uses it.

Notify Your Customers About Important Notifications

A businessman needs to promote their business more than on paper ads. 

Skype sweet utility called “Mood Message” grabs the public attention. You may wonder what it is. 

It is the comment that you can share besides your Skype Name in a contact list.

Though they were originally intended to indicate our moods, today, businesses used to announce their offers and news. Since it appears on the contact window of every person on your contact list, you can use Mood Messages to notify press releases, sales offers, and special events. The main benefit of this feature is that people get news and stay updated about your business without communicating with you. 

You can Mood messages like “50% off sale begins today”, “Profit doubled over last year,” “Offer Offer, Offer,” and so on.

Create Skype Meetings

You can create the skype meetings and add your contact member. In the session, you can discuss the business idea and what you should do to promote your brand. People from different locations who work remotely can join you in Skype meetings and help you to make better future plans. You can also record that video and send it to those who could not attend that meeting. And the person can play that video using Windows Media Player.

Screen Sharing 

Skype has a feature that enables users to share their screens. You can share the entire desktop screen or just a single tab. 

This feature is mainly needed when you explain your major goals and plan to achieve those goals through presentation slides. Without the other person downloading the files, they can see through your screen.

These are the features of Skype that business people can use to promote their business. But Skype for Business offers many more things. 

To have a call with many people, share large files, call forward, text messages, Skype for Business is more applicable. 

Connect Directly with a Customer

You can use Skype for Business to directly connect with your customers. If you contact your customers through skype meetings, Face-to-Face meetings will make them happy and surprised.  

In video conferences and meetings, you get a chance to listen to your customer’s queries. And you can use them to make a good plan and apply it to bring new business change.

When you directly ask them for suggestions regarding what they want to experience. 

Integrate Office 365 

Skype for Business integrates with Office 365 apps such as Microsoft Outlook, SharePoint, Powerpoint, etc. 

You can schedule a meeting using Microsoft Outlook. The productivity of your business gets enhanced by using Microsoft Word to create reports and strategies.

In addition, Microsoft defender protects your organization against phishing attacks. Businesses can use “Microsoft To-Do” to plan and manage their business. 

Conduct Webinars 

By conducting webinars using Skype for Business with over a thousand people, you can promote your brands and business to a wider audience. 

You can explain your upcoming sales, offers, and products to them in a clear way.

Also, it can be a better place to listen to their queries. You can practically demonstrate your ideas by preparing a presentation and using the screen sharing option.

How to Make Video Conferences Call Using Skype for Business?

Skype for Business makes it possible to have face-to-face interaction even when working remotely. To make a video call on Skype for Business, follow the given instructions.

  1. Open your Skype for Business app and make your presence status Available.
  2. Visit the meeting tab.
  3. Tap on the “Meet now” option.
  4. A prompt with a meeting screen will appear immediately. At the top right corner of the screen, there is an “invite” button. Click on it to add participants. 

How to Screen Share During Skype for Business Calls?

Let’s imagine you have to guide someone on how to perform their task. And you might not be able to explain to participants on voice/video call without screen sharing. 

So, you can use Skype for Business and share your screen.

  1. Tap on the “Present” menu in the meeting window, which looks like a monitor.
  2. You can now see different options to share your screen. If you click on the Present Desktop, you share your entire screen. And if you choose “Present Program,” you are sharing Excel or Word files.
  3. The “Now Presenting” tab will appear on your device when you screen share. Also, your presence status will change to “Presentator.”
  4. Every attendee will receive a request to accept your shared screen/content.

If the other participant has to show something during the sharing session, you can give them control by taping the “Give Control” option. You can take the control back anytime you want.

  1. To stop the presentation, click on Stop Presenting”.

How to Set Present Status in Skype for Business?

When business clients and customers see you online, they can easily reach out to you without hesitating.

There are various statuses like Busy, Available, Away, and so on that, you can use to display on Skype for Business. 

  1. Log in to your Skype for Business account.
  2. Select the drop-down arrow in the status menu below your name in the next window.

You can also use “Reset Status” for Skype to set your active status depending on your app activity. But if you are a Mac user, use the “Automatic” option. 


Though Skype for Business is the best option to collaborate with team members remotely, Microsoft gives a hint of its end-of-life date. So, it is better to know the details of other video conferencing platforms like Microsoft teams. 

You can use social media like Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat to promote your business. Social media marketing is getting higher in popularity.