How can You Start a Travel and Tourism Business with GST SUVIDHA KENDRA?

The travel and tourism industry is one of the fastest growing industries all over the world. It offers various ways to initiate business like tour operators, travel agencies, etc.

Travel and tourism industries are alike, but there is a minor difference. The travel industry is defined as the movement from one location to another location. Whereas, the tourism industry is defined as an act to travel at different locations. It is either for pleasure or business.

In India, this industry has come up as one of the main factors of economic growth.

In FY20, the sector assumed 39 million jobs. This was 8.0% of the total employment in the nation. It is assumed that by 2029, there will be  53 million jobs. 

As per WTTC 2019 report, India is in 10th place in terms of tour and travel contribution to GDP. 

About Market Size

India is regarded as the most digitally advanced traveler country with digital tools. These tools are used to plan, book and experience a journey. It is expected that by 2028, the arrival of global tourists will reach 30.5 million.  

However, post-pandemic domestic tourists are expected to initiate the growth of the tourism industry.

About Investment

In 2018, the Government of India made more than 5.9% of the total investment. It was in the tour and travel industry. 

The country was globally the third largest country that made investments in travel and tourism.

About the Indian Government Initiative

There are some primary drives that are planned by the GOI. These plans are in regard to boosting travel and tourism in India. The plans are as follows-

  1. From November 2021, the foreign tourists who have taken both doses of COVID-19 vaccine are allowed to visit India. 
  2. On November 2021, the Indian Government signed an MOU. It was with the following industries to strengthen the tourism industry-
  • EaseMyTrip
  • Goibibo
  • Clear Trip
  • Make My Trip, and 
  • Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation
  1. In October 2021, PM MR. NARENDRA MODI inaugurated “Kushinagar Airport”. It was launched in Uttar Pradesh. 
  2. In September 2021, the Government inaugurated NIDHI 2.0. Scheme. It provides digital facilities in the tourism sector.
  3. The IRCTC started to run tourist trains “Bharat Darshan ” on 8 October 2021. This train promoted people to visit historical & religious places across India.
  4. On 4th November 2020, the Union Minister of State of Travel and Tourism launched the “Tourist Facilitation Center”. 

There are More Initiates done by the Government. 

However, the most important step was the approval of GST SUVIDHA KENDRA. This Kendra provides GST services and other services like Bill payment, ticket booking, recharge, etc. They also provide a chance to begin a good business.

You can easily begin a Travel and Tourism business with GSK. 


Get a franchise of “GST SUVIDHA KENDRA”. It will provide you with various benefits with minimum investment. You can earn a profitable commission with your effort. In addition, you don’t need to market your business, as GSK is itself a big name.

What is GSP?

GSP is an acronym for GST SUVIDHA PROVIDER. They are the authorized and recognized mediator between the companies. The GSP helps the companies to access the GST portal services. They play a great role in making easy and convenient GST compliance for the taxpayers. 


At present, the SMEs, businessmen, traders, etc remain in doubt to file the GST returns. In addition, they cannot afford the high-value experts like CAs’ to have GST services. So, they simply try to avoid GST registration. 

Though they can apply online the website crashes due to a heavy load of files. Often, the validation process takes more than expected time. All these things lead to delays in tax payments.

The businessmen/ individuals are unaware of the GST SUVIDHA KENDRA.

The GSK assists the customers who are with GST compliance. Through these centers, they can get other services that are not related to GST. These centers have experts who make their work quick in real-time. They eliminate all the issues faced by seasonal businessmen by reducing the prices applied to the service. 

Furthermore, these centers provide business opportunities to Indian citizens. They can get a franchise or initiate any business with GSK.

Who is Eligible?

Firstly, you should have Indian citizenship to initiate a Tour and Travel business with a recognized GSK. The other requirements are given below-

  • Anyone with commercial space.
  • Have or don’t have GST knowledge. 
  • Passed 12th standard.
  • Any person who wants to work part-time/ full time/ work from home.
  • Any person who has a fixed internet connection. 

Who can Open a Tour and Travel Business with GSK?

  • Any person who already owns a business. 
  • An individual who wishes to start a new business with minimum investment.
  • The one who has graduated and looking for a new job. 
  • Anyone who wants to make extra income. 
  • Any person who is working a 9-5 p.m job. 

How Many Types of Travel Services can you Provide with GSK?

You can provide 4 types of travel services with GSK. These are-

  • Hotel Booking- You can offer all the services of hotel booking so that customers can travel without any worry. 
  • Flight Booking- As a GSKs tour & travel business owner, you can provide all flight booking services to your customers. 
  • IRCTC Booking- A franchise owner can book multiple train tickets for customers.
  • Bus Booking-  You can easily book bus tickets as per the customer’s preference.

Note: The customer will provide all the necessary documents required for availing of the travel services. 

How to Initiate a Tour and Travel Business with GSK?

If you have Indian citizenship, you can begin a tour & travel business with GSK. For further process, follow the below-mentioned steps:

  • Visit an approved GSK website that provides tour and travel business opportunities. 
  • View all the details related to the opening of the franchise.
  • Apply for the registration.
  • Make the payment.
  • At last, you can begin your tour and tourism business with GSK.

 What are the Requirements?

  • An area of 100-150 square/meters. 
  • Printer
  • Computers
  • Basic knowledge of Microsoft software system.
  • Basic knowledge of accounts to maintain files and records. 
  • Stable internet with a minimum 4kbps speed.
  • Morphed device for fingerprints.

What are the benefits you can acquire by initiating the tour & travel business with GSK? 

  • A license from GSP.
  • Certificates, vouchers, and rewards from approved GSK.
  • High commissions.
  • Provide additional services other than travel bookings.
  • 24×7 technical support from the backend team.
  • A software to manage all your clients/ customers.
  • Proper training from GSK experts.


Q1. How much can I earn with GSKs tour & travel business?

You can earn a high profit by initiating tour and travel business with approved GST SUVIDHA KENDRA. Moreover, you will make less investment to become a franchise owner. 

Q2. How is GST SUVIDHA KENDRA helpful?

GST SUVIDHA KENDRA acts as a facilitation center. It was established to help the taxpayers in making tax payments on time. 

These centers help all the taxpayers to better understand the GST laws and procedures. They aim to improve legal compliance via trust-based communication between taxpayers and tax administrators. 

Q3. How can I initiate GST SUVIDHA KENDRA near my home?

  • Visit the websites that provide the opportunity to open a franchise of GSK.
  • Tap on the apply button for franchise owners.
  • Fill out the application form with all particulars mentioned on the website. 
  • An agent from GSK will contact you for further procedures.

Q4. Is opening GST SUVIDHA KENDRA a profitable business?

Yes, opening GSK is a profitable business. As a franchise owner, you can earn high commissions every month with your effort. 


The GSK provides a simple and easy process to initiate Tour & travel business. You just have to make a minimum investment to earn a profitable commission every month. There are some requirements that should be accomplished. These are:-

  • Commercial space to initiate the business.
  • Basic knowledge of accounts and computer software programs.
  • A graduate or minimum 12th pass.
  • The one should have computers, printer, scanner, morphed device for fingerprints.

Parvez Alam

Parvez Alam is a Senior Digital Marketing Manager working at GST SUVIDHA KENDRA. GST SUVIDHA KENDRA® is an ASPs recognized and GSTN approved GST facilitation center which offers business opportunities to Indian citizens. Satish holds extensive years of experience and loves to share information on the latest news and updates. In his free time, he loves to help self-motivated individuals to start a business at low investments.