The Evergreen Benefits of WordPress for Startup Businesses

WordPress for Startup Businesses

Having an online presence is a prerequisite to sustaining a stiffly competitive business environment. And, if you are a startup, it becomes imperative for you to plan your digital presence in the most innovative and well-strategized way.

WordPress is a CMS that can offer exceptional capabilities to your website and complete control over its performance and management. The CMS giant has multiple benefits that startups can leverage to highlight their brand online and develop trust among users offering them an unforgettable user experience. 

This post will highlight some of those benefits that WordPress has offered to worldwide startups to help them transform into a successful corporate giant.

Some amazing WordPress facts you must know

Before you choose WordPress as a CMS for your business website, you must get acquainted with its popularity and the level at which it has been put to good use for worldwide businesses.

  • WordPress is used by over 43% of all the global websites that exist today on the internet, with a market share of 64.3%.
  • There are over 1500 WordPress downloads recorded every day on the internet
  • The word “WordPress” is searched over 37 million times on the internet every month.
  • WordPress is available in 72 global languages that help you to reach a wider audience across the globe.
  • WordPress powers over 293000 websites among the top 1 million global sites.

Some Popular sites using WordPress as a CMS

These top-reputed websites which are using WordPress for various benefits, which helped them to enhance their scalability, performance, and content management easily and flexibly.


Top benefits that startups can gain through WordPress development

I hope the information mentioned above has fortified your decision to go with WordPress for your upcoming website development project. Now let’s discuss some most advantageous aspects of using WordPress that can prove to be a boon for startups.

1. WordPress is open-source & thus, cost-effective

WordPress is open-source

As a startup, you always look for cost-effective solutions aiming to save as much budget as possible for your core business operations. Developing a website with WordPress will prove to be much more cost-effective as it’s an open-source platform that gives you access to free updates along with thousands of free themes and plugins to enhance your website’s functionality.

Additionally, it is backed by thousands of volunteers who form up a worldwide community to offer real-time technical support for any development-related issues. So, you get a kickstart with the WordPress development project saving time and money.

2. Exceptional ecommerce support

If you are an eCommerce startup, nothing can be as advantageous as WordPress for your eCommerce website. Whatever products or services you deal in, you will require different online marketplaces and WordPress proves to be quite handy here. Using WooCommerce, you can get seamless opportunities for sustainability in the stiffly competitive eCommerce landscape.

Moreover, if you need added functionalities for your store, there are ample premium WordPress extensions to help your online store grow dramatically. It offers ample SEO-friendly plugins through which you can rank high on SERPs and grant instant attention from your target audience. In addition to this, WordPress’ easy-to-use features also eliminate the need to hire experts for regular content updating.

3. Unparalleled scalability

As a startup, your journey is nothing less than a roller coaster ride. You experience a sudden drop at one moment while huge traffic on your site is on the other. For any startup, growing traffic and managing website resources accordingly becomes a nerve-racking aspect. Not every business has the same requirements and WordPress is known to meet versatile business requirements with its premium features and functionalities that it offers to your business website.

WordPress offers the perfect room required for startups to scale and grow their online operations in countries and continents. The CMS offers robust media management options along with high-level security which can easily be scaled up for sophisticated designs even with the most complex architecture. If you manage to get the right infrastructure, services, and resources, WordPress can prove to be a miracle for your website’s flexible performance.

4. WordPress is user-friendly

As a startup owner, you would prefer using a handy CMS that requires no technical expertise to create web pages and also eliminates the cost of hiring an expert for this specific purpose. WordPress is widely popular because of its user-friendliness, which helps you with basic coding and troubleshooting related issues. The “Do-It-Yourself” facility that WordPress offers makes it one of the most preferred CMS in the world.

You can simply code a website from scratch and transform it into a fully-functional website making the most out of the graphical user interface. It offers a comprehensive dashboard for the admin to navigate through the back-end, edit pages you like, and upload content frequently to keep it well-organized as and when you want.

5. It supports SEO-friendliness

Gaining top rankings in SERPs is a top priority for any startup or large-scale enterprise. You can stay on top of SEO results using WordPress plugins like Yoast SEO, Rank Math, and HubSpot. Additionally, WordPress also helps you to come up with a well-crafted marketing strategy to enhance your conversion rates. With its advanced and automatic content management system, you can easily improve your rankings by making the most out of its customs option panel.

Startups need to go with the latest trends prevailing trends in their segment and keeping up with these dynamic changes often becomes quite troublesome for most. WordPress allows you to make quick changes in the themes, and colors, and even incorporate new features in your business website to stay ahead in the game without any glitches.

6. Huge community support

WordPress is an open-source platform with worldwide community support where ample developers and tech experts contribute to its further development and advancements. So, if you get stuck anywhere during your development, you have the option to access instant support from these community members who will respond enthusiastically.

There are also ample helpful and informative tutorials available on the internet that you can use to get valuable insights into WordPress development, to get started with it, or successfully launch your website.

7. Umpteen themes & plugins available

Another best part of using WordPress as a CMS for your startup site is the availability of ample themes and plugins through which you can create a dynamic website to allure users. Themes are often used to make large-scale changes to your website’s appearance like design, colors, and layout, and everything is related to its appearance. Plugins, on the other hand, are used to add functionalities to your business website.

The WordPress plugin directory offers you more than 55000 plugins, among which some are free, and for some premium plugins, you have to pay. Using these plugins, you can add to the functionality of your website depending on user behaviors and prevailing trends.

End note

There are lots of things on a startup owner’s platter that they need to focus on, and using WordPress will certainly reduce the burden and set you free from website-related worries. From content management tools to themes and plugins, and from SEO to hosting and security, WordPress is the ultimate solution to enhance your startup’s reach and build robust brand value through an expressive website.

Nathan Smith
Nathan Smith

Nathan Smith is a Web & App Developer and the current Practice Head at TechnoScore- a leading WordPress development company India. He constantly brings updated information on the latest tech trends. His passion for transforming technologies encourages him to inform and educate people through his write-ups.