Child Education Allowance Eligibility

Child Education Allowance

Central govt staffs are qualified for the month-to-month INR 2,250/- Children Education Allowance (CEA) per youngster.

Yet according to the Department of Personnel and Training (DoPT), this CEA will go up when the Dearness Allowance (DA) on the overhauled pay structure goes up by 50%.

As per the DoPT standards, a focal government representative is qualified for the CEA for two children just and the CEA will go up by 25% naturally when the DA rises 50% of the modified compensation structure. Nonetheless, on account of a Divyang kid, the CEA gets multiplied at Rs 4,500 every month.

Aside from CEA, a Central govt worker is qualified for a month-to-month lodging appropriation of INR 6,750/- too. So, let’s now know in detail about the Children Education Allowance (CEA)  scheme along with its eligibility criteria.

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Brief Introduction to the Children Education Allowance:

To secure the populace from taxation rate just as advance things such as education as well as medical services the division of Income Tax has laid the system for specific allowances and exceptions that you can guarantee on target acquired in a monetary year. And One such kind of allowance is the Children Education Allowance.

There’s a ton of applicable data that ought to be recognized by every individual who expects to pay a charge under this classification. Children’s education turns into a colossal arrangement for the guardians as far as an account in this way there are different advantages which can be engaged by the citizens.

The Govt of India offers an expense exception of INR 100/ – per kid for a limit of 2 children in a family unit for education purposes known as Children Education Allowance. For an ordinary kid, the greatest age ought to be 20 years under this arrangement.

Under Section 10(14), of the Indian Income Tax Act, 1961 a specific sum is charge absolved with the end goal of their children’s education. This grants Rs. 100 exception for each kid for up to two children in a family unit.

Further, if the youngster goes to an all-inclusive school a further exception of INR 300/ – is absolved per kid, for up to 2 children. This arrangement is additionally remembered for a similar segment of the Income Tax Act and is known as the Hostel Expenditure Allowance, though the earlier one is known as the Children Education Allowance (CEA).

In any case, in 2008, there are have been further allowances added particularly for people working in the public area. These people are qualified for specific repayments dependent on their children’s expenses and so on.

How Much Tax Deduction is Provided on Tuition Fees

Tax Deduction

Aside from Children’s Education expenses, a different Tax Deduction can be asserted on the Tuition expenses paid by guardians for the education of their children.

This allowance incorporates any Tuition Fee paid at the hour of confirmation or some other opportunity to an enrolled School, College, or University, which is situated in India.

This duty allowance can be asserted with the end goal of Full-time education under Section 80C of The IT Act. It ought to be noticed that this specific duty derivation advantage is accessible for both Salaried just as independently employed people.

The assessment allowance arrangement gave under Section 80C of The IT act incorporates a wide raid of speculations, for example, disaster protection expenses, Public Provident Funds, common assets, and so on alongside Tuition fees, all with a total restriction of INR 1.5 lakh.

Exclusion of Children Education Allowance (CEA)

There are some expenses that the Children Education allowance does not include under the scheme. So, the following fees will be excluded under the Children Education Allowance. Please check carefully what are the exclusions of the Children’s education allowance scheme for the employees of the Central Government.

  • A duty allowance isn’t accessible towards the installment of expenses instead of Tuition expenses, and these may incorporate Development fees, Donation Charges, Private Coaching expenses, Hostel expenses, Library expenses, wreck charges, as well as from this time forward.
  • The Fee that is paid to any unfamiliar foundation for children’s education isn’t qualified to be asserted under this derivation.
  • A duty allowance can’t be asserted for school charges paid for self, friends, sibling, mother, sister, or some other relative other than children.
  • An expense allowance can’t be guaranteed against charges paid for low maintenance courses.

Sorts of Fees Reimbursable

As per OM No.12011/03/2008-Estt (AL) dated 2nd September 2008, a child’s,

  • Educational expense
  • Confirmation charge
  • Research center charge
  • Tuition expenses
  • Library expenses
  • Admission expenses
  • Practical Expenses
  • The special expense charged for music, electronics, or some other subject
  • The expenses are reimbursed for the utilization of any type of aid or any appliances.
  • Other related expense charges for your children under this Children Education Allowance Scheme of central Govt.

The extraordinary expense charged for

  • hardware
  • music
  • horticulture
  • or some other subject
  • Useful work

The charge paid for the utilization of

  • any guide or machines by the youngster
  • Library charge, games/sports charge and
  • The charge for extra-curricular exercises is reimbursable anyway dependent upon the condition that the charges referenced are imposed by the institution straightforwardly from the understudy.

Plus, repayment for the acquisition of one bunch of course readings just as journals, two arrangements of garbs endorsed by the institution where the kid is examining, one set of shoes, in a scholastic year is reimbursable too.

Uniform incorporates all things of dress recommended for a day, as uniform by the institution, independent of colors/summer/winter/PT uniforms.

Children Educational Allowance/CEA for The Central Government Employees

The Children Education allowance has to be paid to the Central Govt workers including residents of Nepal and Bhutan, who are staffs of Govt of India, and whose children are concentrating abroad” for their children.

In any case, there is a requirement for a declaration by the Indian Mission in the particular nation affirming the acknowledgment of this educational foundation by the educational body which has a locale over the territory where the establishment is arranged.

CEA Eligibility Needs for Children Allowance

No base age endorsed for repayment of CEA is considered concerning children conceded in the nursery classes. Yet, for genuinely tested or uniquely abled children the base age of 5 (five) a long time is recommended for crippled children going through non-formal or professional education.

Nonetheless, from 21.02.2012, the base age specified as 5 years for impaired children stands eliminated. Thus, there is no base age of the youngster for whom repayment is guaranteed independently of the reality if the kid is impaired.

The greatest age is 20 years of a typical kid however for truly tested or uncommonly abled children the most extreme age is as long as 22 years.

Qualification for Institution or the School your youngster is Going To

The school establishment must be perceived by the Central or State Govt or UT organization or by the University or any perceived authority for education having locale over the zone where the foundation is arranged.

This additionally applies in regard to children concentrating in two classes before Class-I. for example nursery/LKG/UKG, and so on, OM No.12011/03/2008-Estt. (AL) dated 23.11.2009″ according to data delivered by the Government.

Tax Deduction under Section 80C: Eligibility Criteria for Tuition Fee

Taxpaying people who wish to guarantee a Tax allowance on Tuition Fees under Section 80C should fulfill the conditions for qualification given beneath. In case they do not fulfill the eligibility criteria then they will not get the tax deduction for tuition fees from the Children Education Allowance scheme.

Only Personal Assesses:

This Tax allowance must be guaranteed by individual surveys and not by the HUF which stands for Hindu Undivided Corporates or Family. In case they don’t fulfill this criterion then they will not get the tax deduction benefit.

Associated Institution:

The institution, school, or college the youngster is examining ought to have an important connection from the vital educational body. Otherwise, you will not get the tax deduction from the Children Education Allowance scheme.

Only Full-Time Courses:

Tax derivation on Tuition charges must be asserted for full-time courses either for school, or graduation, or maybe post-graduation. The expense that is reimbursed towards education with low maintenance cannot be asserted as the derivation.

Youngster Education Only:

Tax Deduction can be guaranteed towards instructing the children solely. The expense-paid towards teaching any other person, including life partners and the actual individual, can’t be asserted as derivations.


The greatest allowable breaking point under Section 80C of the Income Tax Act 1961 is Rs.1.5 lakh with derivations qualified distinctly for two children for each assessee.

For the situation that the two guardians are citizens, they can guarantee an assessment derivation for up to 4 children. Something else, an individual assessee can’t guarantee for multiple children.

Bottom Line:

In the event that you are a staff of a Government perceived organization, you can guarantee Children’s Educational Allowance under Section 10(14), just as Tuition Expense Tax derivation under the Section 80C of The IT Act, 1961, and thus you, should guarantee them both for additional advantages.

While the Tax derivation can assume an instrumental part in setting aside cash in the early stages of your kid’s education, remember to make a drawn-out arrangement for advanced education also.