Top 8 Escape Room Tips and Hints For Winning The Game

Escape Room Tips

Are you also an escape room fanatic like us? Are you also looking for top-secret tips and tricks on how to ace your next escape room game? Then you have arrived at your destination!

After many tests and trials, we have come up with a list of tips and hints which you can use to win escape games.

These tricks will not just help you win the game but will also give you a broader perspective on how you can handle pressure with your team inside the room. 

Top 8 Escape Room Tips and Hints 

As much as escape rooms are a great way to grow your horizon and develop a new understanding of games, sometimes these games can get a bit too daunting and stressful. It is important to keep in mind that you are playing the game stress-free and enjoying it.  

Look and Search Everywhere

Where most of the escapees go wrong is when they stop searching for clues after finding one. Most of the escape rooms are designed to introduce the clues until the very end. So, the first tip is to search the room thoroughly.

Look for instructions like switching on or off a light, a digits number, or letters that could bring you closer to the clues. Never stop at the first thing you see. Sometimes the rooms are designed to trick you at the first clue. The best you could do is divide and search. 

Communicate Better

The most essential way to find your way out of an escape room is by communicating. You must remember that the only help you can get is from your group. So, whenever you find something new or mysterious, communicate it to your friends rather than just trying to solve it alone. The faster you connect with your team, the faster you will escape the room.  

Stay United but Search Divided

To escape the room in time, you have to spread out and look for clues. Divide the team into parts and report to each other as soon as you find something important. If you stay in one place, the time will go quickly, and only chaos will be formed. Escape rooms aren’t spacious, and if you don’t use the place to its full potential, you will only be locked inside. 

Place Stuff you have Found

Find a spot where you place all the clues, pictures, alphabets, numbers, or objects you have found. Keep the communication game ON while doing this. One more tip is to check all the items upside down, and the clues can be hidden anywhere! This will ensure that the found clues are not misplaced or re-founded, thus reducing the chances of any delay.  

Make a Discard Pile

The more clues you will find, the more you will realize that many of these are useless. One great tip for managing this is by making two piles, one for ‘used’ and one for ‘un-used’ items. This will prevent your team members from examining the same object again and keep track of items that can be used again or have not been used.  

Ask the Hints

No, you are not Sherlock Holmes! So, take the help of hints if you have the option. It is always better to get out of a situation by taking help if you get stuck. You can take the hint by waving into the camera, using a walkie-talkie, or by paying attention to the host. The trainers are trained to push you in the right direction. So, keep account of the smallest of things. 

Know What and When to Ignore

While playing the game, you can get confused as to what can be used and what can be ignored. With so much information, you must use only the useful ones and ignore the rest. To ignore random numbers written in black marker on old books or furniture, drop ceiling tiles, and power outlets.  

Look at the Broader Picture

Look at the Broader Picture

Look for, the bigger picture than just getting excited about some clues. Learn about the story and what it tells. This will help you search for things in a better and much easier way. Look for things that are necessary rather than attractive. Keep the goal in mind when you start with the game. Many clues are planted to distract you, so beware of those! 

Escape rooms can look difficult, but it will get easier once you follow all these steps. Besides these, one other important thing to keep in mind is to have trust in yourself and your team.

Have faith in whatever you do. Certain things can look confusing, but you can easily win the game if you use the right pace and tactic. Try these out on your next trip to the escape room!

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