Salient Features of Azerbaijan’s Visa

Azerbaijan's visa

The Azerbaijan visa requirements are easy for the citizens of 90 countries, the Azerbaijan e visa just started in 2017. The main feature is the simple processing of the Azeri visa. The whole process of the Azerbaijan e-visa is quite simple.

There are only basic documents required to process the visa. The visitors like the Azerbaijan e visa as they can get their visa by following the simple procedure.  You are still required to provide all the documents just in time, try to fulfill all the discrepancies as soon as possible.

Azerbaijan e-visa is totally online, and you need to provide all the documents through Email, try to provide a valid email ID. Try to check if you are getting your email ID easily before providing it to the visa authorities.

In this article, we are discussing the salient feature of Azerbaijan’s visa:

The salient features of the Azerbaijan visa are as follows :

A Valid Passport

Azerbaijan evisa is only issued if you provide a valid passport. The passport is considered valid if it has 6 months remaining in expiry. Azerbaijan visa requirements can be gathered if you are providing scanned copies of the valid passport. The information pages of the Passport are necessary to send to the visa authorities. Check the spelling of your name and personal information before sending your scanned copies of the Valid passport. 

The validity of the passport can be one of the major discrepancy. This can delay your issuance of the Azerbaijan visa. When you are providing the online visa make sure your passport remains 6 months in its expiry. Sometimes, when you are applying for a visa, it usually remains 6 months of expiry in your passport, but you are submitting it online after some time period. It mean your processing of the visa start after some time after your submission of the application.Your visa should remain at least 6 months, when the processing of the visa start. 

Modes of the Processing of Azeri Visas

There are three modes of processing of the visa, you can choose the processing according to your requirements. The mode of processing is designed to accommodate the applicant’s want to travel to the country on an urgent basis. 

  • The first mode is designed to process the visa in less than 24 hours, and you need to submit a processing fee of $ 105. It is the fastest mode of visa processing. It can be more than useful for the business personnels and also for the persons who need a visa on an urgent basis.
  • The second mode is designed to process the visa in less than 3 days, and you need to submit a processing fee of $ 72. It is usually best for the people, have submitted documents before the processing procedure, and you can add a fee to get the Azeri visa in less than 3 days.
  • The third mode is designed for normal processing of the visa and it takes 3 days, and you need to submit a processing fee of $ 45. It is best for the people, planned well before their travel, to provide you the option to plan your tour a week or two before their journey.

An Accessible Email ID:

You need to understand, the whole communication would be through the email address.  Try to check the email is running properly and you can access it without any problem. Important instructions and all the communications would be done via an accessible email ID. Try to provide all the personal information according to your official personal documentation. Azerbaijan visa requirements include, you need to provide a valid email ID. 

People are careless about their Email ID, it is one of the most critical documents. The whole of the communication is occurring between the visa authorities and the applicant through online channel. It also provide the options to resolve the discrepancies well before the due time. Most of the applicants are not able to provide the all the informations in the same format as it is appearing on the official documents. When you are able to provide the accessible Email ID, it makes communication easy for the applicants.

Azerbaijan e-visa Validity:

The validity of the Azerbaijan visa is 90 days,  it needs approval if you want to stay longer than this time. It can be extended for another 90 days, and you can stay for a total of 6 months in the country. For people who do want to do a job in the country, it is better to get a work permit, which is valid for a longer period. When you are getting a work permit, it is also easy to fulfill Azerbaijan visa requirements.

If you want to exceed the validity of the Azeri visa for 180 days, you need to apply for a work permit or get the help of a blood relative living in the country permanently. This would make sure you can stay for a longer period, without any further documents. It is better to know all the visa validity periods before applying for the visa. This would help to plan your visa and be able to book online Tickets.

The Last Word

There are three procedures of getting the Azerbaijan e visa, the fastest processing, fast pace processing, and normal processing. The main difference is the processing time, you can even get the Azerbaijan evisa in less than 24 hours, if submitting a processing fee of $ 105. People do like to get the visa in less than 3 days, for this it is essential to submit a processing fee of $ 75. For normal processing it takes more than 3 day to issue an online visa, its processing fee is $ 45, this type of visa is best for the people planning ahead of their tour to the country.The Azeri government is trying to make the procedure of the visa processing smooth. This is increasing the number of the tourists in the country and businesses are growing in the country.