Maximising Your Home Value: Expert Tips for Making the Most of Your Home

Maximising Your Home Value

We’ve all heard the saying home is where the heart is, we absolutely agree with the sentiment as when we move to a new house it may seem like just another house at first.

However, possibly without realising it, you are presented with a blank canvas; which can be manipulated to represent your personality and interests, making the house you live in – your home! Within this article, we will include practical tips on how to maximise your satisfaction and enjoyment of living in your home.

Enter Your Home with Style

Adding accessories outside your front door can provide a long-lasting impression to not only your family and friends but also your neighbours, as you are able to offer a hint of your personality with each decision you have made. For example, experimenting with house numbers on your door can be an easy but eye-catching accessory to use. You can also add plants and outdoor lighting to make your front door more visually appealing. 

Once you enter your front door you could benefit from storage solutions such as wall hooks, shoe storage racks and other cupboard options near the front door. This provides you with places to store any clutter that you may either use on a daily basis or perhaps on an occasional basis, if you are ever in a rush somewhere and you have stored your essentials in cupboards near the door they will be in easy reach, saving you time.

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Improve Your Flooring

If you already have wood flooring exposed within your house they may benefit from being shined for that additional wow factor. Wood flooring is a versatile flooring option but regular exposure to dirt and grime from everyday use can leave wood flooring looking dull and unappealing. You should aim to give your wooden floors a shine around once a year, however, if you live in a house with a lot of foot traffic you may want to consider shining your wooden floors more frequently.  

Carpets provide you with additional opportunities to project your personality around your house, as they can contribute significantly towards the colour scheme of individual rooms. Choosing a carpet colour that goes well with other decorations within your room such as wallpaper colour and curtain colours, can make the overall look of the room look more inviting. Ideally you should aim to clean your carpets with a professional carpet cleaner every 12-18 months to keep your carpets looking their best.

Update Your Blinds or Curtains  

Both curtains and blinds can help radiate character into your home, consider the colour scheme that is already in individual rooms and use this purchase curtains or blinds that would suit the existing look and feel of the room. If you prefer a lighter appearance in the room you should consider getting lighter shades of curtains and blinds. If you are veering towards blinds oxford blue is a good choice, as blue tends to go well with most other colours.

Kitchen Improvements 

If you think about it kitchens are the most used room in the house, but when decorating our homes we don’t necessarily think of giving our kitchens some love at first thought. Normally we tend to focus on living rooms and bedrooms, however kitchens offer an amazing opportunity to showcase your personality; additionally improvements within the kitchen can make cooking easier and less stressful. Here are a few kitchen improvements you can make without breaking the bank:

  • Boost Your Kitchen Storage: If you have an unused wall in your kitchen you could consider adding shelving, spice racks or even wine racks to your kitchen. Additionally you can buy shelving that fits onto the outside door of your fridge, offering more storage space for small, commonly used kitchen items.
  • Add A Sink Filter: Adding a sink filter can improve the taste of the water that comes out of your kitchen tap, so if you regularly drink tap water you may want to consider getting a sink filter. Just make sure that your under sink space is large enough to house a water filtration system.
  • Add A Backsplash: Adding a backsplash in your kitchen not only protects your kitchen wall from grease and water but can also look very visually appealing. There are a wide array of patterns,styles and colours that you can have as a backsplash in your kitchen. You probably can get a backsplash that is a very similar pattern to the cushions you have on the seats of your dining table or the sofa in your living room. Adding to the overall aesthetics of your home.    

Entertaining Guests

Once you have made improvements to your home it is only natural that you want to show your friends and family. In preparation there are things you can do to make your home even better for entertaining guests, these include: 

  • Create An Entertainment Hub: Turning an unused bookcase or shelves into a place you store items such as bottles, glasses and boardgames can make an evening with friends seem more seamless when out of nowhere you present them with a glass of their favourite beverage. 
  • Pool Table Dinner Table: If you enjoy a game of pool why not consider purchasing a pool table that doubles as a kitchen table, as putting wooden boards over the pool table itself allows you to seamlessly eat meals from your dining table. If you are thinking that this may be one of those gimmicks that promises to be good at everything, but is actually good at nothing you can be assured by the many 5* reviews that many of these tables get from happy customers.
  • Consider Getting A Projector: Projectors can be fantastic if you are having more than a couple of guests around, as you can get a larger screen size for the price than a traditional television. Projected images can also appear more crisp and vibrant. Pairing a projector with a games console that promotes group play such as a Nintendo Wii is sure to keep your guests entertained and in a competitive mindset.

Upgrade Small Appliances

Small appliances such as toasters, microwaves, and kettles are often used very frequently but it is common to purchase one of these appliances and have the same one for sometimes decades. If you are finding your old kettle is a bit slow for your liking you will be able to find a brand new one that will tell you how long it takes to boil.

Making improvements like this can help you perform common tasks within your house more easily. Additionally, why not see what all the rage is about air fryers as they tend to cook food in less time than a conventional oven?


Making eye catching improvements to your house does not necessarily mean you have to spend alot of time or money in the process. Through making use of the tips and tricks within this article you can help make your house, your home!