Interesting facts about the rich Canadian lifestyle

Canadian lifestyle

Canada is world-famous for its welcoming, safe, and secure culture, and people usually live happier lives here without any substantial challenges.

Besides this, Canada is not just renowned for its culture but also for the variety of opportunities it offers to individuals, specifically immigrants.

Be it work, education, healthcare, or the environment, everything only gives an additional reason for people to move to Canada.

Life in Canada provides a rich and memorable experience to people, especially newcomers. Here are the most interesting facts about Canada, making it an excellent country for an affluent lifestyle.

Canadians are warm people

Canada is well-reputed for its tolerance and acceptance of people from diverse backgrounds. However, there’s also a myth associated with this, as several people feel that it might be a fabricated narrative about their tolerance to outshine the American culture. However, this isn’t true at all because Canada wholeheartedly welcomes newcomers and immigrants. This is also because Canada’s labor force and population growth are immensely dependent on immigration.

Canada is extremely spacious

Interestingly, Canada is relatively huge than the entire European Union. Besides this, it is even 33 times more huge than Italy and 15 times more spacious than France. Canadian people usually find it easier to drive five hours a day because it’s too spacious and it takes this much time to move to another place. Also, this country offers buses as the means of transport, unlike the U.S., where there is a system of aircraft.

Greyhound bus services are specifically prominent in Canada and might take up to several days to get through the province.

Canadian winters can be a bit too cold

Canadian winters can prove extremely cold and pose an unbearable situation for those not used to such chilly weather.

Ottawa’s average temperature in January can be around –14.4°C. Per official reports, in 1947, the temperature in Snag, Yukon, turned out to be -63°C. It is often considered the coldest temperature, similar to Mars.

Canada has too many lakes across the world

The Great White North, as you might call it, comprises at least 563 lakes, and they’re all more massive than 100 square kilometers. These lakes consist of over 18 percent of the entire world’s freshwater lakes. A majority of its surface area is covered with lakes and this makes for breathtaking scenery.

The Maple Leaf country consists of 10 percent of the world’s forests

Canada is famous for its lakes and capacity to cover at least 10 percent of the entire world’s forests. This also means that it has around 30 percent of boreal forest coverage worldwide. Moreover, this accounts for at least 396.9 million hectares of the total forest and wooden land. Meanwhile, it consists of 68 percent of Coniferous.

Without a Canadian job, your career will elevate at a slower pace

If supposedly, you’re not immigrating to Canada with a valid job offer, you might have to take a step back. This indicates that you can’t possibly uplift your career right away and will need to first acquire the qualification and recognized certification in the country. To enter the Canadian job market, it will be much better if you show relevant and sufficient documentation to support your experience.

Canada has an interesting and adventurous lifestyle

Canada is more of a place for outgoing people because it is so vast and offers beautiful destinations. It is because the country consists of mountains, biking, hiking, trails, winter sports, and running paths.

Besides this, even if people don’t feel like doing much, they would still have breathtaking destinations to visit. Nature lovers feel Canada is nothing less than a gem. Not just, photographers can take this to a whole new level by capturing the unparalleled beauty of its lush green, lakes, and much more.

The longest coastline exists here

Canada’s coastline is extremely and unbelievably longer and if you would cross it without stopping ever, you still need around 4.5 years to reach it. Now, that does make for an interesting Canadian fact. Apart from this, it is surrounded by three separate oceans, including the Arctic, Atlantic, and Pacific. This coastline accounts for around 356,000 km.

North America’s walled city is in Canada

Yes, and that is Quebec City with fortified walls throughout North America. These fortifications were a contribution of the French and English, built in the 17th and 19th centuries. Surprisingly, this was also considered UNESCO’s World Heritage Site.

Around six times more oil to be found in Canada than in Russia

Canada produces almost 176.8 billion recoverable oils because of the availability of crude bitumen in Canadian oil sands. Per the estimated record, around 249.67 billion barrels are available across the globe, out of which at least 70.8 percent prevails in Canada.

Canada has bigger national parks

The Northwest Territories offers the Nahanni National Park Reserve beholding picturesque waterfalls, with a spacious area of around 30,050 sq km. Also, there’s Alebrta’s Wood Buffalo National Park stands at 44,807 sq km. This figure surpasses the area of Denmark and Switzerland.

Canada also has the world’s northernmost settlement in the form of Nunavut

Alert in Nunavut is the northernmost inhabited area and is essentially home to military and scientific people who work here. It doesn’t even consist of any movie theatres. January can get really cold in Alert with -32°C.


Canada’s rich lifestyle is evident from the above facts; it certainly makes for a unique country with loads of destinations to cover. From its temperature to its rare species, everything makes it extraordinary and a dream for an infinite number of people.