How to Wash an Electric Blanket in a Correct Way

Electric Blanket

Many people have a concern about how to wash the electric blanket in the correct way. This guide will tell you how to wash your electric blanket.

The internet provides unlimited information on how to wash your normal blankets. But when it comes to electric blankets, there is less. Any guide you will find might have some of the information you need, which is frustrating for many people.

But don’t worry. We have got you covered. There are many ways to wash the blanket, and in this guide, we will show you how to wash an electric blanket in the correct way.

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How Often to Clean an Electric Blanket?

Let’s face it; electric blankets are the best when it comes to just the right heat during cold seasons. No one would have imagined that we would have such a technology in the past. With electric wires set perfectly within the fabrics, these blankets allow the users to adjust the warmth level.

And with that in mind, it’s common to find the need to wash them much faster. So, the frequency of washing depends on how much you use it. Here are some ideas to follow:

  • Do you think the blanket needs washing? Like any other fabric, you will sometimes feel the blanket needs some cleaning.
  • You use it too often. If you cover yourself in the blanket every night while watching your favorite movie, consider washing it at least once after a few weeks.
  • Infrequent washing. Is the blanket on a bed that you don’t use too often? You may wash it infrequently then.
  • For a nightly user, you can include it in your normal washing routine when washing other bedding.
  • If you want to pack the blanket, wash it before storing it. And if you store it for a long time, consider washing it at least once a year.

Note also that there are times when you should not wash a battery-powered heated blanket. If it has chords still connected, do not attempt washing it. Or if the washing instructions suggest you handwash instead of machine-washing.

What You’ll Need: Tools and Materials?

We do a lot of laundries and cleaning here at Zonelihome, which is why we provide detailed tips on how to wash electric blankets. The first and most important step is finding the right tools. This will make your work much easier when everything you need is within reach.

Here is what you will need:

Laundry detergents

Finding the right detergent for your fabric is crucial. There are many options on the market, some of which might need to be corrected for the material or for the users. Tide’s Hygienic Clean Liquid Laundry Detergent is one of the most recommended choices by pros.


You will also need a highly efficient washer. There are many options too. We found this Whirlpool Top Load Washer a more compelling one. It has 2 in 1 one removable agitator and the capability to handle the blanket’s size and weight. Besides, it has passed all our tests to come at the top as an excellent wash. 

A dryer

How you dry your blanket after washing is another crucial consideration. Set your search antennas to find the perfect drying rack. Amazon offers several options, so it should be easy.

How to Wash an Electric Blanket in a Washing Machine?

Now you are ready to wash your blanket. Follow these steps for washing:

Step 1: Read the instructions

Always read the label instructions before putting your battery-operated heated blanket in a washing machine. Even though most electric blankets are machine washable, ensure you confirm the instructions. If the labels say you handwash, please don’t use the machine.

Step 2: Unplug the cords

 Electric blankets use electric current to function. They feature removable cords or control panels to give the heat. Unplug them before washing the blanket since you don’t want accidental short-circuiting.

Step 3: Use the right washer

Now that your blanket is ready, it’s time to put it in the washer. Your normal laundry washer may not be cut for this kind of task. You need a large capacity washer and dryer. Using a front-loading washing machine or a top loader is recommended. One without an agitator should give you more room to avoid damaging the wires.

Read the specific instructions on your blanket, if any. For instance, some would require to use of a delicate cycle with cool or warm water. 

Step 4: Dry

Your blanket should have specific drying instructions. But if you don’t see any, lay your blanket flat on a rack and set the heat low. Let the blanket dry completely before using it again. 

How to Wash an Electric Blanket by Hand? 

If the instructions say no machine washing, you can still wash your electric blanket by hand. Here are the instructions:

Step 1: Unplug the cords

Unless you have a cordless electric blanket, ensure all the cords are removed before putting it in water.

Step 2: Soak the blanket in cold water and detergent 

Fill the bathtub with cold water. Add in a small amount of mild detergent. Place your blanket in the tub and let it soak for a few minutes. Agitate the water using your hands until your blanket is clean.

Step 3: Rinsed

Drain the water you have used for washing, and then fill the tab with clear water. Rinse your blanket by swishing and squeezing thoroughly. Repeat this twice as necessary to remove all the soap and water.

Step 4: Squeeze out excess water

Gently squeeze the blanket to remove all excess water. Use some towels to absorb some of the water, ensuring you don’t affect the wires.

Step 5: Dry

Use any preferred drying methods according to your needs. We recommend tumble drying it on low heat or laying it flat until dry. 

Steps for Drying & Storing an Electric Blanket

Drying a battery-heated blanket is easier than it might sound. You can use a normal dryer – but very carefully. Follow these steps:

Step 1: Use the right dryer

We recommend avoiding commercial dryers that tend to emit too much heat. This could damage the blanket’s wiring. Electric blankets require a low setting to dry. 

Step 2: Partially dry on the dryer

Pros suggest using the low setting on the dryer for about two minutes. Ensure you leave it on for only a short time, as this will also affect some of its mechanisms.

Step 3: Put your blanket on tumble dry for 10 minutes 

Also, ensure the tumble dry is set on low heat. Keep it on for about 10 minutes, and then remove it. 

Step 4: Hung dry

Hang your blanket out to dry. If the weather conditions are favorable, this should take a little time.

What if you can’t use a dry?

You may choose to use something other than a dry, especially after handwashing. The steps above should still apply. However, ensure your blanket is stretched to its original shape and size first before hanging it on a cloth line. You don’t need to use clothespins.

Note: Do not use the blanket until you are sure it’s thoroughly dry. Connecting a dry electric blanket to power might damage the wiring.  

Additional Tips on Caring for an Electric Blanket

Electric blankets are becoming more and more popular today. Due to their complexity, proper care must be taken when handling them. Here are some additional tips for you:

  • Always read the label instructions before washing or using an electric blanket.
  • Unless instructed so, avoid dry cleaning or using bleaches or other strong chemicals on electric blankets. The wiring can be easily damaged.
  • Always use low heat. High heat will damage the wiring, so it must avoid. Set your dryer on low setting. Dry your blanket on a rack far from the heaters.
  • Replace the blanket immediately when you notice any wiring issues. A good indicator is brown spots, which show an overheated blanket. Also, stop using a blanket with exposed wires. 

Proper care of your electric blanket also means personal care. Washing it carefully ensures the wiring remains intact and your blanket is safe to use. Hence, keeping these tips in mind is a vital investment. 

Related Questions

How to treat stains on an electric blanket?

Treating stains on electric blankets can be a bit tricky. You need to take extra precautions not to damage the wiring while carefully removing the stains.

Start by unplugging the heated blanket and use a kitchen towel to blot the stain. Lift off any debris on the blanket. Next, apply a mild laundry detergent with warm water directly to the stain. Now, gently rub it on the blanket. Use clean dumb fabric to rinse and air-dry it flat. 

When can’t you wash an electric blanket?

If your blanket has attached cords, do not wash it. And if the instructions suggest avoiding machine washing, then hand wash it instead. Do not wash the blanket if it has any naked wires. 

Does washing a heated blanket ruin it?

Yes and no. It all depends on how you follow the instructions. Most electric blankets today are safe to wash gently without affecting them. However, ensure you read the label instructions very carefully.