Anthony Constantinou Explain How to Plan Christmas Celebration During Covid-19

Stay Organized

Hosting the Christmas celebration during the Covid-19 pandemic has been no small feat.

This year, planning for the Christmas celebration needs a little more effort to keep visitors happy and healthy.

The COVID-19 pandemic might mean your Christmas won’t seem precisely the identical as it normally does, but you can be creative and find some unique ways to celebrate.

Anthony Constantinou (CEO of CWM FX firm) brought some helpful suggestions to plot a route for Christmas celebration during Covid-19 Year.

Anthony Constantinou

Make sure you follow the suggestion and enjoy the festival as safe as possible.

Check Government Real-Time Updates for Christmas

Everyone aware that Christmas will surely look different this year, but that doesn’t mean you can’t celebrate the day, just plan to keep everything as close as possible. While the government doesn’t presently have a restriction or advice on the number of visitors allowed per party, however, the fewer guest you invite, the less risk you have for yourself and society.

Of course, that suggests crowded indoor gatherings should not be in your planning. You can have a small family dinner party and experience precious moments with your loved ones! Although you will be inviting fewer guests, sending Christmas invitations (offline or online) will make this festival feel special.

In an unexpected era, one thing is expected by everyone i.e. change. As Coronavirus patients are rising everywhere, it’s good to check the status of your area on the government portal and follow the local guidelines.

Assessing current conditions in your society can help you best make the ideal call for how to celebrate the festival during covid, whether that’s canceling the whole event or restricting the number of guests you’re inviting, you will have a complete picture in front of you. Don’t forget to consider the location and the duration of the party too.

Send Online Festival Invitations

Share your protection plan before time to keep visitors in the loop with online festival invitations. Everyone’s comfort zone and tolerance of risk are quite different, so transparency will be the key. Digital Christmas invitations help you instantly set ground rules for your party, and also convey the right messages to the guests.

Use your festival party invitation to let visitors know what precautionary measures you’ve put in place, how many guests are invited, or what social distancing norms you are going to follow during the party. The more information you can offer upfront, the your guest will feel safe when they arrive.

Set Proper Space

Since indoor gatherings have more risk than outdoor gatherings, it’s good to host the party outdoors. If you are not able to host outside, pick a well-ventilated space, or open windows and doors completely.

Winterize Your Garden

While previously have decorated the front yard, now this year add winterizing the garden to your to-do list. If you are looking to host outdoors, you have to invest in the right equipment, which will go a long way to keep your guests and family happy and relax.

Keep temperate with an outside tent, wearable blankets, warm hands, a fire pit, and outside heaters. Place blankets on every seat for all the visitors, place string lights, or place pillar candles to add an amount of hygge.

Serve Hot Foods and Drinks

Stay hot from the inside out with warm cocoa, warm toddies, hot soup, fresh baked foods, or roasted chestnuts. Rather than serving-yourself, it’s good to offer individual servings. Also, take thermoses and flasks to serve drinks.

Stay Organized with a Covid Christmas To-Do List

Stay organized

Decorations are not the only crucial party while hosting a Christmas party this year. Some important aspects such as cleaning supplies and sanitizers must be added to your budget. Prepare the essential item list and shop ahead to avoid the vacation rush. Some important essentials include:

Hand sanitizer: Setting up hand sanitizer stations is important at all entrances or exits. Even you need to put hand sanitizer in the kitchen, and in bathrooms. Particularly when you are organizing a party outside where access to flowing water is limited, ensure you offer alcohol-based hand sanitizer, which contains at least 60% alcohol.

Paper towels: Don’t put regular hand towels; replace them with single-use disposable paper hand towels, so that any kind of infection doesn’t get spread.  

Disposable tableware: Though it is not considered eco-friendly, 2021 is the exception and it’s good to use disposable tableware such as paper plates, cups, napkins, etc. instead of regular tableware.

Face masks: Ask visitors to wear a face mask. Also, keep some extra face mask on hand if anyone forgets. You can even offer festive Christmas masks as a new era friendly party favor to everyone out there.

Make it Easy for Guests to Social Distance

Together with hosting outside or avoiding overnight parties, there are more ways to lessen exposure and maintain social distance when you are all together.

Omit welcome hugs: Don’t hug friends or any family member, instead go for elbow bumps. If you have to hug, both of you need to wear a mask for limited exposure.

Restrict surface exposure: Restrict how many surfaces visitors have to touch. It’s important to wipe down tables frequently. Also, the use of disinfectant must be continuously done on the surfaces throughout the event.

Keep personal items separate: Skip the huge pile of coats on your bed during the COVID-19 era. Keep your personal belongings such as bags, coats, etc. as separate as possible.

Clean linens: It’s important to clean any reusable linen after every meal, or use comfortable disposable napkins.

Follow the Food Safety Norms

Food safety is the most crucial part of how to plan a Christmas festival this year. You can yet pull off the family buffet with a few small twists and do everything safely!

In place of an attractive cocktail party punch, go for single-serving options such as cans or bottles. You can also bottle your classics way before serve. You perhaps not always go back.

In place of potlucks, family-style, or buffet-style, designate one individual on each stall to handle and serve food to every guest.

In place of passing around condiments, you should offer single-use options for salt and pepper, spices, or dressings.

In place of plentiful cheese boards…

prepare small snack boards for each family or individual. The same you can follow for bowls of nuts or candy. In place of going direct for the appetizers…

Encourage each guest to wash their hands ahead and after they eat.