What Effect has Technology Made on Education Today?

Online Education

Today is the world of digitalization and globalization where everyone is connected to every other person in different corners of the globe.

That itself is self-explanatory when we talk of globalization in the context of the advent of technology. This is a vast arena so to make the discussion in a direction we would like to talk specifically about the new face of Education which has evolved mainly due to technology.

Education for centuries was accessible in the traditional form where a set up at school or college was kept to make the students sit under one floor to acquire knowledge. Today the scenario has changed altogether. People now prefer having online lectures at their ease of time and availability.

This was not a one-step transformation, it took a lot of time to make the people believe that the traditional form of education can be replaced by technology-oriented online education. Today this seems very obvious but at that time, it was difficult even to compare traditional and online education.

The transformation which was going to take place 10 years later, happened today only. And the reason is the Crisis that the Covid 19 pandemic created for which nobody was prepared. The lockdown period has made speedy growth in the IT sector and subsequently, the education sector has also evolved to the face it looks like today.

Technology enables the online interaction of two people at far distant locations and via those interactions, the teacher could now successfully make the lessons understood to their students. 

The following are the benefits of online education:

Online education saves time

This is the most important factor behind students choosing online platforms to study rather than going for the routine traditional way of preparing lessons. Now students can assess their lectures as well as study materials online on a real-time basis. They don’t have to travel from one place to another just for attending lectures. They will get everything via their smartphones or laptop. This will save their travelling time and subsequently the energy and money spent during travelling.

Online education makes the courses affordable to all

Another significant advantage of online study is that the prices of courses are generally less than the classroom courses. This is because the same recorded or live lectures could be used for a large number of students which wouldn’t be possible otherwise via a traditional classroom containing only limited students in a limited space.

Now this problem is solved and hence the per head cost of students reduces because the accommodated number of students in an online batch has increased significantly. This has made it possible for the lower section of society to avail of the courses which earlier due to the lack of money they couldn’t purchase. This definitely caused a positive impact in reaching quality education to all irrespective of the section of society they belong from.

Can locate from one platform to another with just a click in search of better information and explanation

In traditional classrooms, there was only an option for the students to understand the topic from that specific teacher only. But not every student can understand the topic in the classroom itself, they need further explanation and information to clarify the subject thoroughly. 

Students could assess their progress through various platforms designed for that particular course

There are some automated progress checkers on various online educational platforms with the help of which we can trace our progress without being directly dependent as a teacher can’t keep track of every student due to lack of time. In that case, these online platforms could prove very helpful in preparing for the subject.

There are various top online platforms providing IB courses. 

Tribe Topper is a prominent online institution that works on one principle i.e. providing quality education at an affordable price. Their way of laying down the preparation of IB is well-planned and systematic. They provide you with key concepts, Question banks, Past papers, quizzes, and Mock papers which would help you improve your grades with double the speed. They believe in the three dots of success i.e. Test smarter, Revise well and Score higher.

It is basically a revision platform holding innovative ways to make the students learn and retain the content for longer durations. It provides personalized learning according to the needs of the students. This in turn saves their time and thus is highly useful in customized learning. The courses it provides can be used in flexible terms and are as trustworthy as a premiere institute working for the same. 

In short, the elaborated benefits of subscribing to Tribe Topper could be drawn into a thick line of value for money. 

There are other online platforms dedicated to the same. Some are listed below: 

  1. Pomona online courses
  2. Tutorcomp.

These are the platforms that could provide you with overall growth in your grades by tracking your progress from different perspectives which would subsequently help students achieve success at an early age.