Best Methods to Fix Roku Error Code 020 in 2024

Fix Roku Error Code 020

The term HDCP stands for high bandwidth digital content protection. This is something that has been designed in order to prevent digital content from being copied.

One thing that needs to be cleared is that the moment you encounter the Roku HDCP Error Code 020.

The error screen is going to display this message that you are facing this error as you might have been playing the content that is pirated. As a user, you need to be calm and there is nothing to worry about as this issue is faced by most of the Roku users.

What you need to remember is that if there are issues, then there are solutions as well. Today we are going to guide our user whether how you will be able to resolve the Roku Error Code 020.

Well, fixing this error is not a big deal considering that you can tackle the issues by reading the steps that are written below. What you need to do is to carefully follow all the steps in the article. If you are not able to follow them properly, then you might not be successful in resolving this error.

Let us first understand whether it is there that is triggering this error or normally the causes of the error. 

Causes of the Roku HDCP Code 020

After various user reports, when we examined this issue, we got to know some of the common issues that might have resulted in this error. Keeping in mind those reasons, we have devised some strategies that can be very helpful for you.

There are various culprits that might end up causing the issue and some of the common ones are listed below:

  • The HDMI cable that is used for connecting the Roku device with the television might be faulty due to which it is getting faulty and it is falling to support the copy and the content protection technology which might trigger this HDCP message.
  • It can be an issue where your TV or AVR is not at all compatible with the HDMI or HDCP connection due to which it is going to fail again and you will see Roku Error Code 020 on the screen.
  • There might be a defective HDMI connector that can easily trigger this error.
  • An outdated Roku device or if you are using a weak internet connection, then this could be the reason behind the occurrence of such a message.

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Some Tips to Follow

If you are still entangled in this error and seeing the message on the screen, then you need to re-establish the connection of the HDMI cable with the television. Follow some of the tips mentioned below:

  • The first thing that you need to do is to unplug the HDMI cable that connects the Roku player to the TV. Make sure that first, you are unplugging the HDMI cable from both the devices that it has been plugged in.
  • You need to make sure that if there are any other devices such as AVR or HDMI connected with the Roku player and the TV, then it must be unplugged from both the devices.
  • You also need to unplug the power cables from both the TV and the Roku player and then take out the switches from the power socket.
  • After that, you must reconnect the HDMI cables to both devices by inserting the cables into the ports. Make sure that connections are made firm as well as secure.
  • After that, you are required to plug both the Roku player and the TV switches back into the sockets.
  • What till you see that the devices have been powered up. Then see whether you are able to stream the content you like or not. See if the issue still persists or not.

If you are still seeing the issue then there are some solutions that you can follow.

Change the Display Settings

The error could have been caused due to the display settings of the Roku player. Therefore, some new settings can easily eliminate this error.

  • The first thing that you need to do is to the settings of the Roku player that is located on the main menu.
  • After that select the display type from the settings menu in order to change the settings.
  • From the display menu, you need to select the setting that you desire according to the TV resolution that you want to apply.
  • Then stream the content and see if the error exists or not.

Replace the HDMI Cable

This is among the errors that is caused by the dysfunctional HDMI cable. If you are using other than the Roku’s official cable, then you might face this issue. It can also be when you are using a cheap cable, then it is better to replace it with the Roku’s official cable which is suited for the best performance.

If you see that replacing the cable is helping you out, then the previous cable might have been a defective one.

Plug the Wire in a Different HDMI Port:

There can be an HDMI cable that is defected, damaged, and is not working. What you need to do is to try plugging that HDMI cable into another port and see whether it has been fixed or not.

There are at times when the issue is with the cable or the port is not working. Make sure that you figure out what’s the issue.

In Conclusion:

These are some steps that can be very helpful in resolving the issues. Follow them in order to resolve the Roku HDCP Error Code 020.

If you are still seeing these errors, then you might need professional help from experts who might provide you with a proper solution.

These are some of the Best Methods to Fix Roku Error Code 020 in 2024.