Best Google Chrome Extensions for Bloggers

Google Chrome Extensions

Blogging is great, but blogging takes extraordinary efforts to skyrocket the reach. Today, there are numerous bloggers around the world who have taken up blogging as their career and hustle.

Apart from the SEO services list and types of social media marketing.

In this article we will be discussing various tools of chrome extensions that will be highly useful for bloggers.

The extensions may result in faster blogging techniques, as the extensions are designed in such a way that it has the potential to make your work travel at the speed of light.

Extensions are great especially when it makes the workload less and much speedier than before.

Who doesn’t want their workload to reduce and become a lot easier than before?

This article here will help you explore several google chrome extensions to enhance your blogging experience with the help of relevant extension tools for your content and its speedy generation and many more.

Nevertheless, you will be able to grasp a lot of information on the extensions as the article aims to provide only important and the most reliable chrome extensions to build your hustle over blogging with more enlightenment and generate higher income.

Let’s dive into the world of Chrome extensions!


If you are a passionate blogger, who always wants to deliver crisp, fresh, and to the point content without any grammatical errors, Grammarly is just made for you. In fact, each and every blogger must adapt to Grammarly as delivering excellent, clear, and sharp content must be the goal of everyday bloggers.

No bloggers would compromise on the quality of the content being delivered to their potential target audience. Lazy and shabby written articles in most cases fail to generate the desired revenue for the initiative.

Me as a content writer, I use Grammarly to make my content look pleasing and well written. Grammarly is my personal favorite and helps me to give me a new perspective on the sentences.

Nevertheless, the extension here also helps in finding spelling mistakes, punctuation, commas, etc.

Grammarly is a  free extension, but upgrading to premium will take your blogging experience to the sky, therefore Grammarly is one such extension, as a blogger it is a must-have to enhance the overall writing skills and enjoy the benefits of making your content much more appealing than before.

So why wait, get Grammarly right away and climb the ladder of success with your crisp content.

Color Pick Eyedropper

Blogging requires skills, not just in writing but must have the ability to make the blogging site look pleasing to the ones who are your potential audience or readers.

Sometimes, keeping your site blank without any images or colors, you tend to lose readers.

In most cases, the bloggers deliver excellent content to the target audience, but it fails to attract many.

The sole reason is that the site is devoid of vibrance and has only contents. Bloggers must make use of colors to enhance the overall look of their blogging site.

Using colors in the right way will make your site adorable.

Color pick eyedropper is one of a kind, this extension is easy to use, the extension allows you to sample the color of your choice from your competitor’s site.

In short, the extension is handy to use, as helps you to pick a color of your choice easily.

Have you ever come across color and do not know which one is it?

Well, it is quite difficult to get the exact same color, as the colors have their own unique identity, to which the computer recognizes them with a color code.

Color pick eyedropper is such a tool that will recognize the color code and save it for future use. Therefore, you are able to work with the same color that you have once got attracted to from other sites.


Blogging does not just mean delivering information to your potential audience. For the content to reach your target audience you must first get your site listed on the Google search engine, it is you will be able to influence your audience with your writing.

Blogging requires skills, it does not only mean that you should have skills in delivering crisp information. That’s not just enough. You should be knowing what keywords will help generate traffic to your site.

Moreover, you must also be freshened with the ever-increasing trending keywords.

SEOquake is one such chrome extension, which does your work. SEOquake is a handy tool for bloggers to acquire.

It helps you to check your competitor’s website reach and traffic generation, with that data you will be able to improvise your site’s reach by using new Incrementors SEO strategies and tactics.

Not to mention, the extension, SEOquake also helps you to choose to trend keywords based on the nature and scope of your content being delivered.

Stay Focused

Everyone gets distracted, distraction is in human nature. But, wasting a lot of time may cost your work less. To deliver, crispy and clear content one must stay focused and dedicated to the content.

Distraction is everywhere around the PC, you may end up on websites like social media platforms and lose all the potential time of working hours. Distraction may drain your energy which results in a delay in work.

To tackle this, stay focused chrome extension is just made for you. The extension blocks other sites within a given time. This enables you to work on your projects on time without getting distracted.

Get stay focused to focus on your project on an increased level.


Chrome extensions are useful for bloggers and others as well in day-to-day life. The above mentioned are the chrome extensions for bloggers to skyrocket their working experience.

It should be noted that the aforementioned extensions are used by plenty of bloggers to enhance their blogging experience. The extensions are very important to ease your work instantaneously. To adopt those extensions today itself and upgrade your writing standards and influence your target audience much effectively.

Good luck!

Shiv Gupta

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