7+ Best Destination for your South India Tour

Top Best Places to Travel

South India connects me with the magnificently built ancient temples as well as the stunning environment where South Indian women are seen dressed in traditional silk sarees that are beautifully draped.

And the men wearing the white sarong-like garment (Lungi as well as Mundu to be precise in Kerala) and white shirt, are laid-back and friendly towards one another as well as tourists.

The palm-lined canals and beauty and spirituality are just a few of the factors that give the most discerning tourists an opportunity to experience the unfailing peace and tranquillity of the beautiful places within South India.

1. Visit the God’s own Country – Kerala

Imagine palm trees, stunning beaches, gorgeous waterfalls, breathtaking mountain ranges… This is Kerala. You can book your Kerala trip package from the internet and must go at least one time in kerala. Kerala is a favourite vacation spot throughout South India due to its famous places offering Ayurvedic vacations and health centres.

If you plan to visit Kerala exploring the Backwaters is an absolute must. It’s a series of lagoons that connect five lakes, and the scenery is stunning. If you’re looking for other activities within Kerala, Kochi is an excellent option.

Kochi is a city on the coast and has a central area with old-fashioned houses and enormous fishing nets anchored at the shoreline. The best thing you can do in Kochi is explore Kochi by boat that travels through the canals.

2. Kodaikanal for Honeymooners

Located in Tamil Nadu, Kodaikanal is one of the most well-known locations for honeymoons in India.  It is a Lakeside resort town in Tamil Nadu. Kodaikanal has an idyllic climate characterized by mist-covered cliffs and mist-covered manicured waterfalls that make the perfect setting to enjoy a memorable getaway. Kodaikanal refers to ‘the forest’s gift’.

In the rolling hills that make up the Palani Hills, Kodaikanal stands at 7200 feet over sea level, and when you step foot into this hill town, you’ll discover that everything you thought it was is.

Kodaikanal is a place where you can go to get some time away from the stress of city life, and the hill station lets you relax at your leisure and enjoy the natural world as you venture out on bike trails or hiking trails or stroll through the vast forest that surrounds the town.

3. Bandipur National Park for wildlife adventures

The park is regarded as the most stunning and one of India’s best maintained National Parks. Bandipur National Park (part of the vast Nilgiris Biosphere Reserve) was created in 1974 as a Tiger sanctuary under the Tiger Project and is located along the Mysore-Ooty Highway.

When you arrive, you’ll find a diverse array of fauna and flora as you travel through beautiful and tranquil forests, as well as amazing indigenous wildlife. Bandipur National Park has many tigers together with other animals such as Sambar four-horned antelopes.

Gaurs for sightings (Indian bison) and elephants and deer are commonplace in the national park of Karnataka. If you’ve been looking for a safari holiday spot located in South India, then I would like to say that you can stop here.

4. Mysore – The Historical

If you’re a history lover, you will enjoy visiting Mysore, which is among the most beautiful cities in South India. Famous for its glittering majestic monuments and rich royal heritage, It is also full of tradition, with an enchanting bazaar full of the spices of India and sandalwood.

It is one of the ideal locations to go when planning your family’s vacation. Don’t leave Mysore without sampling the delicious sweets made with ghee, called Mysore Pak (something that I cannot take enough of), as well as a trip to the stunning Mysore Palace, which is India’s most stunning royal palace.

5. Kanyakumari in Tamilnadu

Kanyakumari is the city with the highest elevation in India. Because of its position, it is among the few places in the world where the sun sets and rises over the ocean. Just in front of the coastline, you will find the memorial stone to Vivekananda, the spiritual master who brought Hinduism to the west.

Kanyakumari is a well-loved destination with locals, and however, there aren’t many foreigners. It’s, therefore, the ideal destination to find something authentic as well as off the track.

The perfect blend of culture of the region is evident in architecture, art and even in the cuisine of Kanyakumari. Make sure to visit Kanyakumari’s Kumari Amman temple and the Vattakottai fort. Also, take some time to unwind on Sanguthurai Beach or Sothavilai Beach.

6. Udupi

Another coastal town to visit, offering meticulously constructed temples, stunning structures, unexplored forests and beautiful beaches. Udupi is an incredibly well-known tourist destination for Indians because it has the top South Indian Restaurants.

The city is called the centre of pilgrimage in Karnataka, with beautiful temples showcasing various architectural styles. The city’s beauty makes it an ideal popular tourist spot. Additionally, it is the calming and relaxing beaches that attract the attention of tourists and prompt them to take many beautiful photos.

7. Pondicherry the French Riviera of the East

Pondicherry is also known in the popular press as “French Riviera of the East,” a beautiful beach town located 160km south of Chennai. It is renowned for its stunning beauty and tranquil environment.

It is known not because of its tourist attractions but for its unique and unique vibe because of its French colonial past and location. The town is ideal for those who cycle and enjoy taking long walks.

8. Rameshwaram Tamilnadu

As a part of the Char Dham pilgrimage, Rameshwaram draws Hindu devotees from across the globe. The island situated at the southeastern end of Tamil Nadu is home to one of the twelve Jyotirlingas dedicated to God Shiva in India, The holy Ramanathaswamy Swamy Temple.

The sacred town is one of the most famous tourist destinations within South India. It is where we begin the legends of Lord Rama’s quest to rescue Lady Sita from Asura King Ravana.

The bridge called Rama Setu was made up of floating stones and was constructed to connect Lanka as well as there is evidence that can be found here. Visit the holy sites. Feel blessed as you do the rituals.