What Things are Covered Under Hero Bike Insurance Policy?

Bike Insurance Policy

Having 2-wheeler insurance for any Hero bike is now a compliance necessity in India. If you haven’t yet purchased bike insurance, here is a guide to help you out. Following this guide will help you get the right two-wheeler insurance that adheres to Indian driving laws and gives your bike complete financial protection from unforeseen damage or accidents. So let’s begin!

Two Primary Hero Insurance Plans

Hero 2-wheeler insurance plan is classified into two primary types:

#1 Comprehensive two-wheeler insurance

The Comprehensive Hero insurance plan is bundled with the compulsory third-party 2-wheeler insurance plan. When you purchase a new Hero 2-wheeler, you can avail of this type of insurance and a third-party insurance plan. The main advantage of this type of insurance plan is that it covers all financial losses due to the bike’s accidental damages. The damages can be from minor or major accidents or natural calamities. This plan is customizable, as you can opt for add-ons to increase the primary plan’s insurance policy coverage.

#2 Third-party two-wheeler insurance

As per India’s Motor Vehicles Act, the third-party bike insurance policy is compulsory for every bike or two-wheeler owner. Whether you buy a new bike or you have a bike, you must purchase third-party two-wheeler insurance without having second thoughts.

The third-party insurance covers your bike against any third-party life loss or third-party property damage. Even though this policy adheres to all Indian driving laws, it does not cover the bike’s financial expenses due to accidental or artificial damages. You can combine this policy with the type-1 Hero insurance plan (comprehensive two-wheeler insurance) to gain additional benefits. The comprehensive plan includes both accidental damage protection and third-party coverage.

Available insurance add-ons for Hero bikes

The following add-ons can be added to the essential comprehensive Hero insurance plan to enjoy the maximum 2-wheeler insurance benefits.

  1. Personal Belongings Protection: It covers the expenses for replacing or repairing different bike parts damaged due to unforeseen events. It also covers replacement costs if you lose any personal belongings, such as the helmet, due to theft or robbery.
  2. Engine Protection: This add-on covers rare cases when the water enters the hero bike’s engine and damages it. You get a complete repair or replacement coverage for the entire engine or parts, such as the gearbox.
  3. Roadside Assistance: If you need immediate roadside assistance, you can get this add-on with the bike insurance plan. It covers fuel-filling costs, minor repairing expenses, and emergency towing assistance.
  4. Consumables Cover: This add-on offers the expenses of engine oil, bike lubricants, gearbox oil, nuts, bolts, and other consumable items. 

Hero bike insurance claim procedure

Follow the below steps to register your insurance claim against the Hero insurance policy:

  1. Visit acko.com or download the ACKO app.
  2. Log in to your account through the registered mobile number or email.
  3. Select the insurance plan against which you wish to file a claim.
  4. Answer security questions to confirm a few details about the bike.
  5. Mention the damages for which you need coverage/assistance.
  6. Submit the supporting documents and wait for the admin to verify the details.
  7. Get instant claim settlement after admin approval.
  8. Get additional guidance about the next steps from the insurance experts.

In conclusion

Buying Hero insurance online is the wisest decision to make, as it offers the following benefits:

  • Purchase the customizable policy online and pay minimal charges based on the policy add-ons.
  • Get immediate claim settlements for minor damages.
  • Consult with online experts about the process of submitting policy claims.

Besides all the above benefits, you can custom-create the insurance plan by adding additional benefits. You can also opt for bike insurance auto-renewal as per the policy end date. So get the policy today and enjoy great discounts!