Premier Private Label Cryptocurrency Trading Platforms

Cryptocurrency Trading Platforms

Due to the rise in demand, cryptocurrency exchanges are now required to purchase and sell virtually all cryptocurrencies. More than 95% of all cryptocurrency trades does execute on exchanges. While bitcoin exchanges are extremely useful, they are difficult and expensive. It’s easy to make costly blunders if you pay attention to the obstacles. However, white-label crypto exchanges have made launching your cryptocurrency trading firm easier. This article will provide a comprehensive overview of white-label cryptocurrency exchanges, focusing on the best 13 options.

The “White Label Crypto Exchange” solution is software that may use to launch a cryptocurrency exchange with no effort and expense. White-label subscriptions or purchases can be personalized and put into use immediately. Usually, zero coding effort is required. The white-label vendor is responsible for creating and maintaining the program. Because of this, the client is free to concentrate on expanding their business’s reach.

A white-label cryptocurrency exchange is fully functional and may be used by anybody to purchase, sell, or store cryptocurrencies in exchange for fiat or other cryptocurrencies. A white-label cryptocurrency exchange service makes it easy for budding entrepreneurs to start their cryptocurrency exchange in minutes. This program is typically encrypted with high-level security features to prevent unauthorized access. With some tweaks, a white-label system can use to facilitate decentralized, peer-to-admin, or centralized cryptocurrency trading.

This article will explain the steps, requirements, and fees involved in launching a white label for a cryptocurrency exchange.

Capability to Rebrand an Existing Crypto Exchange as Your Own “White Label”

When developing a white label for a cryptocurrency exchange, it’s important to divide the features into two distinct categories. The initial onboard features are critical for establishing, launching, and running a bitcoin exchange. The second component is the platform’s ability to facilitate trading amongst its end users.

With the tools white labeling gives, you need only have the following:

Trading engine-  

Wallet balance checks, order settings for buying and selling assets (matching), counting balances, integrating with liquidity and payment gateways pools, and counting rates and commissions all fall under this module’s purview.

Interactional UI-

Branding, individualization, and modification of the platform are part of this. Name it, create a logo, tweak the design settings, add some functionality, and do everything else you can think of.

A safety mechanism-

Authorization, verification, additional security measures, privacy, and hack-proof can all be configured here by the platform owner.

Means of exchange-

This one handles the financial aspects of white labeling, including money transfers, deposits, and commissions. Combinations with the outside world. Your licensees may want API interfaces with third-party services such as social networks, partnership programs, banks, marketing tools, tax authorities, liquidity pools, etc.


If you’re working on a white label for a cryptocurrency exchange, you should consider how traders will reach out to you if they have any questions or concerns.

Solutions for Private-Labeled Cryptocurrency Exchanges

Bybit Cloud-

Bybit Cloud is a robust cryptocurrency cloud service that provides businesses with tailor-made, white-label cryptocurrency exchanges. Bybit Cloud partners with various businesses, including blockchain startups, digital asset holders, and trading brokers. Using Bybit Cloud’s offering, crypto exchanges may streamline, standardize, and automate their many procedures.

Bybit Cloud also facilitates continual iteration and the addition of new features, allowing companies to save millions in potential R&D costs. Bybit Cloud, one of the top white-label cryptocurrency exchange platforms, provides the following:

  • Absolute reliability with a lengthy history of no failures
  • Deployment that is unique to each company’s business strategy and needs
  • financial savings achieved by a modular approach to operations and asset management
  • Large sums of cash on hand
  • Market volatility early warning systems
  • Powerful capacity for analyzing data
  • professional advice


To provide the best white-label exchange solutions possible, B2Broker combines high-quality service with state-of-the-art technology. Launched to the public in 2014, it has rapidly become a top choice. This ensures that there are zero reasons not to trust B2Broker. Customers may gain an advantage in the bitcoin market thanks to B2Broker’s innovative technology. The following privileges does provide to B2Broker clients:

  • As the platform administrator, you can easily and quickly add widgets to B2Broker per your preferences and workflow.
  • The solution is made more user-friendly by its support for many API connection protocols. These methods include REST and WebSocket.
  • The matching engine can handle up to 30,000 queries per second at full speed.
  • Its features and services have earn its widespread recognition as a top white-label cryptocurrency exchange in the cryptocurrency market.
  • Moreover, you won’t have to worry about any sneaky hidden fees.


When it comes to global providers of white-label exchange solutions, ChainUp is among the best. With significant liquidity from over 300 exchanges, ChainUp offers a comprehensive suite of derivative management tools. With ChainUp’s Software-as-a-Service paradigm, implementing features like Crypto to Crypto, OTC, and User-to-Contract transactions is a breeze.

  • ChainUp’s massive and interchangeable memory can process 50,000 TPS.
  • Thanks to an in-built and algorithmically-audited process, secure, risk-analyzed, cryptocurrency-based short- and medium-term loans can provide.
  • Safe and secure online and offline transactions with other parties are made possible by Knowing Your Customer (KYC)-based onboarding and strict compliance with legislation.


Devexperts is a company that specializes in developing innovative solutions for the financial markets. Aesthetically pleasing and commercially fruitful solutions does provide by the firm employing a proprietary set of parts. One of the numerous features offered is a white-label currency conversion option. White label exchanges can take use of several advantages, including:

  • The Devexperts marketplace can handle up to 5,00,000 TPS.
  • Customers can reach a support team anytime, day or night.
  • The ability to link up with trading software means that speculators have more access to data, both historical and analytical.
  • Users are afforded the utmost security as the software constantly monitors transactions for any indications of fraud.


One of the best white-label bitcoin trading platforms is APEX from AlphaPoint Digital Asset Exchange. In addition to its adaptable user interface and experience, APEX provides initial liquidity through Remarketer and AlphaPoint Liquidity.

The white-label product from AlphaPoint do design with a modular architecture that facilitates easy integration with leading financial institutions and payment processors. APEX is a scalable system that promotes open and honest dealings between companies, boosting profits and cash for everyone involved.

  • APEX is highly relevant and widely used because it can handle over a million transactions per second and works with twenty different cryptocurrencies.
  • Because of its built-in FX conversion feature, which allows for seamless multi-currency conversion, APEX do design for scalability, interoperability, and speed.
  • Two-factor authentication, in-memory error checking, and Know Your Customer/Know Your Customer/Anti-Money Laundering compliance are just a few of APEX’s robust risk management and mitigation features.
  • APEX customers can find the ideal balance between sturdiness and adaptability in the platform’s order routing and administration system and its uncomplicated matching engine.


Skalex is yet another great white-label crypto exchange option because of the innovative technologies it employs to provide feature-rich exchanges. When designing an exchange, they try to accommodate the client’s needs and help them achieve their business objectives. Two-factor authentication and a multi-signature wallet are two examples of additional security features that can activate in addition to the usual safeguards.


OpenDAX stands for “Open-Source Digital Assets Trading” and is a hybrid initiative designed to build a functional exchange platform. OpenDAX provides both public and private libraries for cryptocurrency software development companies to create exchanges for the issuance and trading of utility tokens and securities.

  • Commercial licensees can host the white-label exchange solution on their servers while maintaining full control of OpenDAX.
  • Robust risk management and control systems are in place to keep OpenDAX safe. Know Your Customer (KYC) functions, bookkeeping, order books, wallets, and integration with payment gateways are all part of the package.
  • OpenDAX’s sophisticated yet simple user interface can be customized by businesses with the help of the proprietary Cryptobase Library or their custom programming.


Exberry, one of the first white-label crypto exchange solutions, has always put a premium on giving its customers the most cutting-edge tools and methods available. Their matching engine operates in the cloud and may customize for any marketplace. Businesses and startups can allocate resources to the most important features without compromising safety because of the pricing model’s versatility. It is possible to expand the exchange to accommodate more traffic. 

Exberry’s technology allows for both high throughput and low latency.

Relatively New Markets

New York-based company that has opened 50+ bitcoin exchanges so far. More than forty years of collective trading experience among the team members. Enhanced software is provided, which is critical in developing a robust crypto ecosystem. The company focuses on crypto licensing and assisting other businesses in meeting all applicable legal and normative requirements, in addition to providing a robust white-label trading platform for cryptocurrencies. 

User benefits of this cryptocurrency trading solution include the following.

  • It has numerous features for both the front and back ends that are simple to deploy.
  • Bid and ask orders happen instantly, thanks to a matching engine built into the platform.
  • This platform provides compatibility with many blockchains to make deposits and withdrawals easier
  • Here, business owners can freely invest either traditional cash or digital assets.
  • Experienced in its field, it has risen to the top of users’ lists of desired features and is a must-try in 2021.

How much does it cost to build a white-label cryptocurrency exchange?

White-label bitcoin exchange software development costs for your company will vary based on factors such as the project’s scope, the number of features you require, the developer’s skill level, and the amount of time needed to create the solution.

All these factors will affect the price of white-label cryptocurrency exchange software. An inexperienced programmer’s straightforward solution, for instance, would be cheap because it wouldn’t require any expertise and wouldn’t require any specialized features.

But let’s say you’re looking for a solution that’s a little more involved but still has all the capabilities your company needs. Therefore, it is highly recommended that you seek the services of a software developer with prior experience creating software for cryptocurrency exchanges.

The estimated cost to construct White Label Cryptocurrency Exchange Software ranges from $20,000 to $60,000. Let’s say you decide to work with a firm that specializes in developing software for cryptocurrency exchanges. If so, they can probably provide you with an estimate of development costs after evaluating the complexity of your project.

To help businesses and people better manage their cash flow and transactions, a growing number of organizations are now offering bitcoin exchange software solutions.