Why Do Startups Prefer React Native for Mobile App Development?

Mobile App Development

Do you want to build an app for your Startup? Want to engage your target audience with your app? In this case, it is necessary that your app provides a seamless user experience across various platforms, including Windows, iOS, and Android. 

Moreover, if you own a Startup, then developing and launching your app in the market at a low cost must be your priority. 

Choosing the right technology stack is necessary if you want to develop a cost-effective application that provides a rich experience. React Native is a widely-known platform used to create an application for various industry giants like Facebook, Instagram, Walmart, Wix, Discord, Puma, etc. 

React Native is an open-source, cross-platform framework used to develop hybrid apps that effectively run on both iOS and Android platforms. 

So what benefits can React Native offer to your business? Read this blog to know the top reasons why choosing React Native for app development might be right for your Startup. 

Why Choose React Native for Developing Mobile Apps?

1. Single JavaScript Codebase

React Native uses a single JavaScript codebase to develop applications for Android and iOS. Thus, developers can save time and effort from writing code again for different platforms. 

Moreover, because of its code reusability feature, React Native apps cost less than other native apps. 

Since React Native uses JavaScript, finding developers to develop your application becomes effortless. React Native is free, easy to learn, and easily accessible, so any developer can develop apps using it with a little more effort. 

2. Reusable Code

With React Native, you do not need to write separate code for building the same for iOS and Android. Since React Native supports a number of pre-built libraries based on JavaScript, your developers can boost the application efficiency and reduce development costs & time.

Moreover, your developers can reuse the same code to build the application’s features for multiple frameworks, including iOS and Android.

3. Launch Your App Faster in the Market

Because of code reusability and single codebase features of React Native, this framework is a top choice for developers who want to build and deploy an app quickly. 

The ability to share a single codebase of React Native enables Startups to release the MVP of their application having core functionality. Thus, Startups can quickly launch their application in the market, attract an initial user base, get user feedback, and grab investors for their product. 

4. Hot Reloading

React Native enables quick iteration to make the changes to the code, reflecting the developers immediately. Therefore, developers making minor changes to the UI will be visible to them directly, increasing the development speed even more. 

Since developers can see the updates on the front end for the changes on the backend code, developers can effortlessly find out the required modifications in the UI and implement them immediately. 

5. Maintain the Native Feel of the Mobile App

For an app to be successful in the market, offering a seamless user experience is crucial. If you want to ensure your target audience visits your app repeatedly, you need to confirm that your features stay relevant as per the market standards and are easily accessible to your users. 

React Native supports many native libraries, helping developers build applications exactly like Native apps specifically for iOS or Android platforms. It also provides Native components like View, Text, and Image.

With React Native app development, Startups can be assured of quality, as the code written in JavaScript is rendered with native code, ensuring native-like UI components. Thus, you can get the benefit of just like Native apps despite its development using React Native. 

6. Easier and Faster Debugging

Since React Native uses a single codebase, not only does it enhance the app performance while minimizing the development process, but it also makes the debugging process relatively faster.

QA testers only have a common codebase to find the bugs for iOS and Android mobile platforms. This eliminates the need to test the code on two different code bases. 

When the testers find and fix the bugs in the application, it will also resolve that error in other platforms automatically, delivering consistent behavior across platforms.

7. Large Community Support 

Since React Native is founded by one of the top-rated software companies Meta (formerly known as Facebook), it automatically enhances the credibility of this framework. They keep on working to improve the performance of this framework by providing timely updates. 

In addition, there is a strong community of developers from various big platforms like Github, Microsoft, Google, Intel, Red Hat, etc., supporting React Native. During app development, they can continue to assist your developers with any issues they might encounter.

The following are the number of open-source contributors to React Native:

  • Microsoft: 7k
  • Google: 5k
  • Intel: 2k
  • Red Hat: 3k
  • GitHub: 2k

During the app developers, a large community of developers ensures your queries get resolved and offer insights on new versions or patches.

8. Effortless Third-Party Integration

For any app, it is necessary that its functionality executes in sync with its third-party services like Cameras, access to the gallery, GPS, etc. If your application runs smoothly on additional services, it can enhance the user experience. 

React Native offers a number of third-party libraries, which you can plugin to sync the data of third-party services. The third-party libraries of React Native can be plugged in to access that service more efficiently. 

This third-party plugin of React Native is an open-source, fully functional small database library that assists your application in accessing a lot of data and modules.

Developing apps with React Native that integrate external applications more effectively reduces the developer’s workload and the programmer’s effort.


You can choose React Native app development and upscale your business cost-effectively. It has a code reusability feature that makes the overall app development process quick.

Apart from it, React Native will be used to create more future-ready apps with advanced features that will deliver an excellent user experience. So, if you want to turn your app idea into reality, consider hiring the best mobile app development agency and get the expected app results.