10 Tips to Becoming an Entrepreneur of success


Make sure you are passionate about what you do.

Your workday should be filled with excitement and joy. My brother would tell me, “If you do what you love… then you’ll be successful in it.”

You should surround yourself with people who will push you and not “yes, men.”

You must be able to listen to every aspect (pro and opposing) before making an informed decision. Consider those who will give honest views, not just those who only say they know what they want you to listen to. You must know the exact location of the landmines before you take a decision. I constantly challenge my employees to disagree with me and genuinely enjoy the process. It keeps us engaged and can result in exciting and fun gatherings with staff.

Appreciate your people

Your team’s performance can determine the fate of your business! Many business owners think that I treat my employees like spoiled children. However, without them, we’d never have reached the level we are today. Being a business proprietor, I drive the train only, and my employees supply steam for it uphill. Today I still search for the diamonds out of the mud!

Always think about your customer’s perspective.

This is a valuable tool in everything from marketing campaigns to problem-solving. It’s not like you are the “customer who has the final say,” However, it’s essential to be in their position and treat them as you would like to be treated if the role were reversed.

Make sure you are a valuable resource to your suppliers.

Whatever industry you’re working in whether it is Zetpo or any else, it’s crucial to build relationships with those you do business with. Consider what you’re offering to the table, and remember that you need one another. Talk to them, and meet each other. Don’t just text or email them. In a crisis, they may be able to help you.

Appreciate your competitors

This seems odd. However, our competition keeps us in the loop and challenges us to improve daily. A large portion of them I consider friends, and we came together as a team with the common goal of helping maintain the highest standards of ethics in the industry. We often face the same issues, and, in the end, there’s the power of the number of people!

Have a strategy for your exit

Consider that in the future, you’ll need to sell your business or pass the company on to the family member of your choice. Make a succession plan for your business. It is essential to realize that when that moment comes, you must protect your legacy and reap the benefits of years of work. For me, it happened two years ago when I sold my control interest within Crowcon to a $2 billion company. I then founded SLC Group Holdings to invest in and coach young entrepreneurs and assist in making their dreams become a reality!

Create a solid support system

Everyone requires a support system including necessary tools and websites since there will be instances when you can’t see the bright light. Crap happens. Therefore, you’ll need someone to help you get your energy back up and give you new confidence. I would not have been able to get to the point I am now without the help and faith of my SLC Group Holdings staff, along with the undying affection of my 22 tiny feet who come to me at the front door every night, with tails flapping four little Maltese girls as well as my cat (Finney) and of obviously Bruce! Bruce! Whatever the day or how difficult it was for them, they (and the Lemon Drop Martini) helped improve it.

Get yourself back up if you fall.

Utilize your support system, starting from number 8! You will make mistakes. We all do. Don’t blame anyone else for their mistakes. You are the one to take them. They’re yours. Making sure we learn from our mistakes fast and from our mistakes will make us more confident and knowledgeable in our future decisions.

If possible, make it a point to pay it forward.

It can be challenging to begin giving money to charities or volunteering in your local community due to the lack of funds or time, but when you’ve got some time to think about it, it’s something you must do. Businesses are the foundations of their local communities. Don’t forget to give back.

The community you serve is in need. It attracts new employees and retains those who have been there for a long time because they are proud of the place they are employed. It is never too early to know when you will need their support in a situation. Additionally, it can bring good Karma as well!