How to Solve Canon Wireless Printer Problems

Canon Wireless Printer Problems

The printing machine has become an essential part of our technical world as it is required for paperwork in homes as well as offices.

There are many different brands that are making printers. But not all of them are reliable.

One of the most reliable printers is the canon printers. There is a wide range of features that these printers are going to provide their users. The canon printers are going to provide you with the best scan services, fast printing, and copy services.

But you must not forget that these machines are of technical nature and they can get faulty over time. As they are a part of technology, they are going to some common issues that are just inevitable.

Well, in order to resolve these issues, you must get in touch with the experts who might help you with the issue. Although not everyone would like to take that road and might want to resolve the issue on their own.

Today in this blog we are going to help you resolve the canon printer not connecting to WiFi:

Well, most of the printer issues occur and can be easily traced back to how the users are using the printers. And can you blame them? Most of the users are going to place their printers in the places that might be most convenient to them but are not convenient at all.

This way their printers are not going to get the Wi-Fi signal as it has been intended by the machinery which will cause the issue of Canon printer won’t connect to wifi.

When you hide your printer away, it is going to lead to poor connection. If there is anything in between the router and the printer such as a door, wall, or anything in between, then it might weaken the signal.

Let us look at some of the common ways through which you will easily be able to resolve the Canon printer not connecting to Wi-Fi issues:

Try to Connect the Printer with a Cable:

When you connect your printer with the cable, this will allow you to figure out whether what is causing the issue in the first place. When your printer works with the USB cable, then you know that there might be some issue with the router or you have to move your printer.

This is going to allow you to understand the basics of the issue.

Find the Right Spot for the Printer:

Make sure that when you use your printer, you need to keep it not far away from the router. Though the Wi-Fi Signals cannot be seen with the human eye, these signals may resist passing from some objects which may cause you the issue of the printer not connecting to the internet.

There are various things in the house that can affect Wi-Fi. These things can be from refrigerators to pipes to walls and whatnot. When you see that the printer is under a desk or a closet, then you need to move it.

If your printer is in the room with a thick wooden door, then you need to open that door and then give the command to print. This is going to be one less barrier that might not cause any blockage in the signal.

Check the Queue in the Printer:

There may be a print job that might be holding up the line and which is the cause of the entire issue. In order to resolve this, what you need to do is simply cancel this job or delete it. When there is a large document that takes longer than expected to get downloaded and processed, then there might occur an issue that you cannot foresee.

A file requires more time to travel to the printer from the phone as compared to a computer.

Restart the Printer:

If you have been using any piece of technology for the last 10 years, then you know the drill of how to resolve any issue. Well, restarting the printer is among the most basic steps that you need to try in order to resolve the issue of the Canon printer won’t connect to wifi.

You need to unplug all the wires out of the device and then wait for a minute. Make sure that the device is switched off before you do so. When the minute is over, then you need to reattach all the wires again and see whether you are able to resolve the issuer not.

If you are still facing the same issue, then try on these steps with your router and see whether you can resolve the issue or not. 90 percent chance is that you will resolve the issue and if you still cannot, then follow the next steps.

Make Sure that the Firmware is Updated:

The manufacturer is always rolling out the updates that are going to address the bugs and the other issues of connectivity issues. There are some routers that have updates that might affect the connected printer or computers.

If you have just moved to windows 10 from windows 8, then there is a firmware update that may solve it. Just wait for a firmware update that might help you resolve the Canon printer not connecting to wifi.

Reset the Printer:

When you see that no steps are working out, then there is just one single way that is to reset the printer. This might help you re-establish the connection. The factory reset might help you get your connection back.

There is a button that you need to press for at least 5 seconds. When you press that button your printer will move to the factory settings.

In Conclusion:

These are some of the steps that will help you resolve the issues. If you are not yet able to resolve the issue of the Canon printer not connecting to wifi, then you can get in touch with official experts who might help you resolve the issue.